Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2879-2880

Chapter 2879

Controlling it wasn’t natural though, there was a terrifying force around him that was fighting him.

“The enemy is not to be underestimated, be careful.” Lin Hao warned, and all of a sudden the ghosts cried out around him, the gusts of the gloomy wind swept in, and Qingya’s shrill, icy voice swept in with the fierce wind, “All of you will die! You are the ones who have caused me to lose everything, I will make you taste me too!”

A red light sped out of the rolling black mist! It came straight at Lin Hao’s position with the force of a thousand bullets.

“Let me meet you!” Xu Linglong gripped the scabbard in her left hand and the hilt in her right as she shouted angrily, “Draw Sword Style #3! Chopping Dragon Sword Qi!”


The sound of an earth-shaking dragon roar rang out, Xu Linglong’s momentum suddenly gathered and disappeared without a trace, she stood still, her hands still maintaining her original sword grip, and her sword blade did not even come out of its sheath, it was as if she was frozen in place for a moment!

In fact, she had gathered all the momentum in her body into one point and delivered an extreme sword with great speed.

In front of Xu Linglong’s body, a golden cold aura turned into a golden dragon and met the red aura that came hurtling towards her!

The black fog around her receded like a tidal wave, and under the golden light, the black fog formed by the condensed Yin Qi was like snowflakes falling on old iron, instantly dissipating into nothingness!

Xu Linglong’s third sword-drawing stance, the Zhan Long Sword Qi, was the most restraining to Yin and evil things, how could these Yin Qi resist!

“D*mn it! The Huashan School is a sect from the High Martial Era, how could it be that after several changes to this day, there are still remnants?” From outside the mists, Tian Lao Ba also saw this shocking sword and jumped in shock, this thing was a great nemesis of blood grudges.

A red and a gold cold aura clashed violently together!

The golden cold mane did not lose speed after the collision, treating it as if it were nothing, still charging forward exquisitely, while the speeding red mane was violently struck by the blast, and was then carried away instantly by the terrifying sword qi of the golden cold mane, which sped off into the distance.

After the golden cold aura had dissipated, the terrifying sound of the collision, as well as Qing Ya’s ear-piercing scream, then came.

Lin Hao looked at Xu Linglong approvingly, “I haven’t seen you for ten years, I didn’t expect your sword-drawing style to have reached such a level? It is worthy of being called a sword qi that can cut down a dragon with a single sword.”

Xu Linglong blinked, “It’s far worse than your Heavenly Punishment Sword, brother Lin Hao, but it’s just a vast Golden Dragon Sword Qi that just restrains this evil creature, although it looks like I won, the opponent wasn’t hurt too badly, I could feel that she wasn’t hurt that badly.”

Lin Hao nodded, his brows locked, he had felt it just now, this monster was really a bit tricky, and he had felt a bit familiar just now.

“It’s her!” Lin Hao snapped in shock, that red aura just now, no wonder it felt familiar, it was Qing Ya’s soul!

“Strange, those b*****ds from the Heavenly Dao Palace? Dyeing Yiwu Serving Lu Yiwu Shan? By what means, exactly, were they able to turn an ordinary person’s soul into such a terrifying weapon in such a short period of time.”

“The Heavenly Dao Palace?” Xu Linglong was somewhat taken aback, “What is that thing?”

“Some calculator who borrows from the Heavenly Dao, like a sneaky rat in an underground waterway.” Lin Hao casually explained, not delving into it.

Xu Linglong, on the other hand, brightened up and leapt to his feet, “This is fun, it won’t be so boring later! It’s been a long time since I’ve met an opponent, Brother Lin Hao, leave this D*mn thing to me!”

The corners of Lin Hao’s mouth twitched, come on, was Xu Linglong starting to go down the path of loneliness too? But it was understandable, now she wanted to find someone who could match her and fight her soundly, but it was hard to find.

She hadn’t fought in ten years, so how could she not be excited to find a formidable opponent?

“I want your lives! I want you all to die!” Qing Ya’s piercing scream rang out again, and the blinding red aura came back again from far and near, swiftly and incomparably.

Chapter 2880

“Don’t measure yourself, come and fight!” Xu Linglong lightly stepped on the ground, and her whole body flew up in the air, like a female sword fairy holding an immortal sword, not advancing but retreating, charging straight towards Qing Ya.

In a moment, black fog rolled in, red light and golden light flashed incessantly amidst the dark clouds, and the booming sound was like thunder, rolling incessantly.

“Tsk, Sister Linglong is too powerful, isn’t she, like a fairy, imperious and valiant! It’s so handsome.” Nan Ge looked at the movement in the sky with envy, although she couldn’t really see it, the roar and light showed what a fierce battle was going on up there.

Yun Qingya, Shen Xiyan was shivering, doubting life for a while, it was too subversive, what they had seen and heard today was really too subversive to their perceptions.

Director Chen had already fallen to the ground, his mouth trembling as he watched the scene, but no one laughed at him, after all, like Director Chen, there were not a few people who were so scared that they fell to the ground.

He could understand how Lin Hao was so close to these people, but they were from the same circle, a circle that was even more terrifying than the biggest circle he knew.

It was an existence that was above all ordinary people, no wonder Lin Hao had dared to curse directly when he called the Dragon Master before.

Lin Hao looked around and found no trace of the Heavenly Old Man for the time being, but it was clear to Lin Hao that the other party must be around at any moment waiting for an opportunity to strike a fatal blow at him.

So far, Lin Hao had never met the other party, so Lin Hao had no idea of the depth of the other party.

“Foot on Yin and Yang!” Lin Hao fiercely stamped his foot on the courtyard ground, and with a buzzing sound, a huge Yin Yang fish pattern spread out with him as the centre, enveloping the entire courtyard in its scope in a flash!

Lin Hao saw that Shen Xiyan didn’t look quite right and walked over to him and asked with concern, “Xiyan, Xiaoya are you all right?”

“Brother Lin Hao is so powerful!” When Yun Qingya heard Lin Hao’s voice, she suddenly gave a thumbs up and shouted excitedly.

Lin Hao ……

“You still need to say that?”

“Brother Lin Hao, can you not be so biased, can’t you see that I almost peed my trousers?” Lin En looked at Lin Hao speechlessly, there’s no such thing as you being so eccentric.

“Go away, what’s your business. You’re a disgrace to me.” Lin Hao brushed aside his mouth, not bothering to pay attention to him, and took hold of Shen Xiyan’s cold hands: “Don’t be afraid, your husband isn’t a monster, and the person you once were is not the least bit weaker than me.”

Shen Xiyan was stunned: “Am I that powerful?”

“Of course, you will know later, after all, we have fought side by side many times, like today, small scenes, just get used to it.” Lin Hao smiled very happily.

Shen Xiyan wiped the cold sweat from her forehead: “This is too upside down, how important a memory have I lost? Jie Xi Di Serving Yi Lu Lu? Ah.”

“It’s alright, it will be recovered, just don’t tell Xiao shi about this for now, this is a good chance to get, let her be an ordinary little girl.” Lin Hao sighed, but it seemed like some things were going against his wishes, now the little girl didn’t even really want to go to school anymore.

Shen Xiyan stared at him intently, “You, don’t tell me that our daughter also ……”

“Yes, the little girl will be able to fight alongside us when she is three years old.”

“I go …… little poem actually also …… got, dragon born dragon, phoenix born phoenix, mouse son born to hit a hole.” Yun Qingya stunned, how did not expect that the same table with their own age, but also have such a glorious history, suddenly felt no reason to frustration, too D*mn blow.

Lin En and Nan Ge looked at each other, this is something they did not know at all, this information is really a bit too much.

Next to them, director Chen and the crew were completely afraid to speak up, they were regretting what a great thing they had heard.

“One can imagine how wonderful our days used to be.” Shen Xiyan sighed, just this commotion today alone was evident, raising his hand could cause heaven and earth to change colour, shaking the heavens and earth with his hand.