Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2877-2878

Chapter 2877

“As for Xu Linglong and Nan Ge, they also met at that time, then I retired, I just want to be an ordinary person, so there is almost no information related to me on the internet, it’s actually nothing, after all, that’s all in the past, I’m just an ordinary person now.”

Finally Lin Hao laughed, “You don’t know, I spent a lot of money to delete the information related to me, it hurts me a lot, now everyone knows about it, didn’t I spend the money for nothing?”

“That’s what happened? I don’t know what to say. Love, well, let’s eat, damn it …… red meat leave some for me!” Lin Hao a low, directly found are almost only leftovers, almost did not cry out, did not do so ah.

While he was explaining, each one buried his head and dried his rice, you guys are really mean!

The platform executives had been following every move of this live stream, and almost the entire platform was currently dedicated to this live stream only.

Upon hearing Lin Hao’s clarification, the ban on the live stream was lifted straight away.

Instantly, pop-ups were flying all over the screen and rolling!

“Pfft hahahaha, Mud, Master Lin you’re trying to laugh me to death inheriting my buckle are you? Not to mention being the whole show’s team mate, while Master Lin was explaining, all the mc’s and guests gave their lives to dry rice, and when Master Lin finished explaining, the plate was almost licked clean ……”

“Damn yeah, it’s too funny, I’m sure I’ll catch this show, I’ll definitely spread it to everyone around me, even though now Master Lin has chosen to be a normal person, but forever in our hearts! I will always remember the help that the Tianhai Charity Foundation established by Master Lin has given to our hometown, and our family!”

“Our hometown is no different, the Tianhai Charity Foundation is by far the most open and transparent, and contributes the most to charity!”

“Indeed, Master Lin is still the same Master Lin, the former Tianhai Charity Foundation, now the Life Experience Officer, all the time, still working for charity, since then, Master Lin no matter how much money I have I do not envy, not to mention jealous, I do not hate the rich even if I hate the rich Master Lin!”

“Upstairs deeply in my heart, I appreciate you, would you come to be my lapdog?”

“We are all members, smile arrogantly! You’re not even qualified unless you laugh your head off! Haha, Master Lin has become a caterer, Director Chen has become a camera-resistant crew, what kind of godly programme team is this!”

…… Outside Cishan Village, on top of a tree on a small hill, a black mist-covered Tian Lao Ba stared coldly at the tall building where the programme crew was located.

Behind it, a blood-red shadow fluttered, vaguely visible was the form of a woman, crimson like blood long skirt surrounding that delicate body, only the appearance was somewhat blurred, the only thing that could be seen clearly was the hideous face, her eyes gazing with fierce and resentment.

This was none other than Qing Ya who had been refined into a blood grudge, at this moment, she no longer had any sense of self, all she had was endless resentment towards Lin Hao and the others, she was completely reduced to a tool for revenge, becoming the sharpest gun of the Heavenly Elder Eight, a complete and utter tool person!

“I’ll kill them, the happier they are, the more I hate, I hate na!” Qing Ya’s voice was cold and piercing, as if her voice was filled with a terrifying penetrating power.

As she looked at Lin Hao and their side, talking and laughing happily, she became more and more indignant, her anger igniting her completely, the long skirt of her blood clothes draped over her body fluttered in the wind, again like blood surging, a hideous ghostly face constantly surging around her blood clothes.

“Oh, since you want to take revenge, then do it, remember, don’t kill those ordinary people, it will be useless for you to take revenge.” Heavenly Elder Eight laughed coldly, but still did not forget to caution Qing Ya that she must not wantonly slaughter ordinary people, otherwise when the time comes for heaven’s wrath, no one will be able to suffer, much less run away!

“Understood.” The temperature of the entire Cishan Village began to drop wildly, and a piercing wind blew so furiously that the roofs of some of the hanging foot buildings were lifted off the ground.

Chapter 2878

The atmosphere was terribly oppressive, the dark clouds seemed to be pressing down on people’s heads!

The villagers shouted in panic that the typhoon was coming, the typhoon was coming, and they fled in all directions, but before they could run a few steps, they were put into a coma by the terrifying Yin Qi, and although it would not be fatal, they would wake up and be very ill all the same.

“Quickly, pack up your things, how come the sky is faster than a woman turning over a book, changing at the drop of a hat!” Chen couldn’t help but mutter, just a moment ago the sky was clear and the sun was shining, how could it be like this after only a short while? The wind was howling and dark clouds were covering the sky!

“Hey, Director Chen can eat but not talk, do you think we don’t exist?” Nan Ge and Shen Xiyan, as well as Yun Qingya and the others, looked back at Director Chen with great dissatisfaction, causing the viewers in the live stream to burst into laughter.

At the same time the viewers kept urging them to hurry into the house, watching the commotion was not small, looking at that body of the petite Yun Qingya, as if she was about to be blown up into the sky by this gale.

The gusts of wind were piercing, emitting ear-splitting calls, like ghosts and wolves crying, which was creepy to hear.

Lin Hao and Xu Linglong rose up with a start, as if they were facing a great enemy, while Zhuque and all the members of the Dragon Group also rose up with a start, their eyes staring intently at the surroundings and quickly dispersing to form a defensive formation.

This time, the ordinary people like director Chen also finally reacted, although they did not know what was happening, but something was definitely wrong.

“Viewers, please understand that the recording is suspended due to the weather, the weather is too unpredictable and this is something I have no control over.” After Lin Hao said that, director Chen’s side immediately understood and quickly turned off all the machines.

Everyone had seen the situation on site, so no one complained about anything, after all, how could the live broadcast still go on in that kind of weather?

It was just that everyone was quite puzzled as to how a typhoon could suddenly hit at this time of year. And it also came so suddenly and without warning.

“Vermilion Bird, listen to the order! Team one, protect your sister-in-law, team two use the tall building as a position, give me a solid position! If something goes wrong,? Lu closed the ground zero zero yi yi? I’ll take you to task!” Lin Hao’s expression was serious, what was coming was always coming, only Lin Hao didn’t expect that the other side would come so quickly!

“Yes!” The second group of people quickly dispersed and summoned their own warriors, all kinds of modern weapons with different glowing lights were directly manifested by them in the form of aura condensation.

This scene stunned Shen Xiyan, Chen and other ordinary people, was this the legendary Dragon Group?

Could it be that there are really immortals in this world? In the eyes of ordinary people, this is a real immortal coming down to earth!

The three men in the special operations team were in one combat team, both offensive and defensive, guarding the entire perimeter of the tall building, keeping a vigilant eye on the surroundings, so far, they still didn’t know who the enemy was and where they would appear from!

Shen Xiyan covered her mouth in shock: “Oh my God, what kind of people are they ……”

“So the Chinese Dragon Group, are they all troops made up of gods and immortals?” Yun Qingya muttered as she looked at the scene in front of her.

Nan Ge was not too shocked, after all, ten years ago, she still knew that these people existed.

Xu Linglong’s long golden hair fluttered in the wind, her sleeves flipped, and she waved her hand towards somewhere in the void in a royal manner, “Sword come!”


A sword sounded from the sky, a three-foot green mane came from the sky, from afar to near, and finally landed steadily in Xu Linglong’s hand, the sword was not yet sheathed, but a powerful sword sound was emitted.

At this moment, Xu Linglong looked like a heroine of her generation!

It was so handsome!

Lin Hao looked at Xu Linglong and shook his head helplessly. Today’s international big shot, once a disciple of the Huashan School, Xu Linglong, the daughter of the Xu family, had not lost any of her style back then.

On the contrary, he himself, after several ups and downs, as in this day, he couldn’t even move his sin sword.


Lin Hao summoned the Heaven Shaking Hammer out, and the blackened hammer rose against the wind and hovered beside Lin Hao. Although the ram’s horn hammer was quite strange as a weapon, Lin Hao’s aura did not lose out to Xu Linglong in any way, and the energy of the surrounding heaven and earth was within Lin Hao’s control.