Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2875-2876

Chapter 2875

Unfortunately, he understood a little too late, otherwise he wouldn’t have made such an ugly scene.

“Actually ah General Lin, I just feel sorry for General Lin ah, after making so many contributions but no one knows about it, I don’t deserve it for you ah, they should know and should remember you ah.” Liu Mou was still over there trying to persuade Lin Hao with bitterness.

“Alright, don’t give me all this nonsense, let me tell you clearly in one sentence, just because I don’t go back doesn’t prove that I’m not contributing and considering for the security of China. And there’s even less need for you to test me, there’s a saying that Zhuque wasn’t wrong, if I want to take your place, there’s nothing for you to do, I don’t need them, I’m fine on my own, understand?” Lin Hao had already considered it a warning.

With all the commotion this time, it wasn’t surprising that the other side would take out his direct lineage in a big way next, like Jun Wu Ren and the others, and Vermilion Bird and the others.

It was true that Vermilion Bird and the others had gone a bit too far this time, but Jun Wu Regret and the others hadn’t been involved, so it would be wrong to be implicated.

“I understand General Lin, I am very sorry for what happened this time.” Liu was embarrassed.

“This time the matter vermilion bird they owe, private activation of the war reserve level, this is a matter of great importance, all relevant personnel even demoted two levels, the commander canceled authority for three months, for the observation period, failed to continue to observe! As for my generalship, it is directly withdrawn.” In addition to punishing Vermilion Bird and the others for disobeying orders, Lin Hao took the opportunity to step down from his post and become unofficial.

Besides, he wasn’t going to be in charge, so what was the point of hanging on to a post all the time? Wouldn’t that be occupying a latrine without shitting?

“General! We don’t even care how many ranks we are demoted, even if we are beaten into a big head soldier, but this matter has nothing to do with the general, you can’t step down from your post, general, this is the greatest recognition of your merits!” Vermilion Bird became anxious at hearing this, it was true that she had even been demoted two ranks, but the actual command of the Dragon Group was still hers, but Lin Hao stepping down from his post was something she could not afford.

Lin Hao glared viciously at Zhu Que, you stupid girl, don’t give me a hard time!

Liu was equally shocked: “No, General Lin, Zhuque is right, this position is absolutely reserved for you, this is the greatest recognition of your outstanding contribution, anyway, I do not agree, even if this position remains empty for you here you do nothing, unless you can convince Elder Qin!”

“Don’t you fucking bring me up! I don’t want you to take the blame, that’s your business.” Qin Lao just happened to come back when he heard this, he was furious enough, he had already come down and still fucking pulled him out to block the gun, how could he stand it?

“It’s useless for anyone to disagree, in any case I’m stepping down, you’re on your own.” Lin Hao had a headache, these two shit stirrers, dammit.

“Hello? What did you say, General Lin? I don’t have a good signal here, hey, Elder Qin’s phone is running out of battery, I’ll hang up first, ah.”

“My special? steak Italian closed steak yi yi di? What ……” Lin Hao cried and laughed, childish not childish ah, the hall dragon master play this play, Lin Hao no good put the phone away, vicious glare at Zhuque.

However, Vermilion Bird stood straight and held her head high, without the slightest awareness of having done wrong.

Seeing this girl’s temper, Lin Hao was equally helpless, so he could only give her a harsh word: “Next time you do something like this, you’ll all be my soldiers!”

“If you’re a soldier, you’ll be a soldier. I’ll quit and go to your house every day to eat and drink.” Vermilion Bird was not scared in the least, and was as proud as if he had won a battle.

Lin Hao had a headache and waved his hand, “Alright, get lost, hurry up and get lost, there’s nothing more for you to do here.”

“Cut, roll, but not now, what’s the hurry, we’ve come here, wouldn’t it be a pity to leave without a meal, brothers, what do you think?” Zhuque looked at Lin Hao with a smirk, knowing Lin Hao’s temper well, she understood that Lin Hao was over his anger, and this matter was considered to be over.

“Sir is right!” The surrounding Dragon Group warriors followed suit, these were all old members of the Dragon Group and were familiar with Lin Hao.

Chapter 2876

“I owe you guys!” Lin Hao headache, again became the caterer, to the gang a person all prepared a point of roast meat, anyway, is a big pot of stew, even the gang of staff have a mouthful, that tempting aroma out, immediately let everyone greedy straight drooling.

It was hard to get everyone’s meal ready, and two hours had passed, so the food was served and eaten.

The crew and Zhuque naturally went to eat off camera, and Lin Hao and the others sat in a small pavilion to eat, with no one fiddling with the machines at all.

Director Chen, however, insensitively came over with his rice bowl, “Mr. Lin, isn’t it time to start the broadcast, the viewers in the live broadcast room are waiting impatiently.”

“Yoo hoo, I’m not anxious you’re quite anxious, also okay start the broadcast, anyway just one shot can encompass, you go carry the machine to start the broadcast, you resist!” Lin Hao didn’t have the good grace to glare at the other party, what a spoiler.

The information about Lin Hao on the internet was quickly erased on a large scale, the information about Lin Hao was still just that little, not much could be found.

Director Chen was very aggrieved but could not do anything about it, but still ignored this food, carrying the camera with one hand, eating with the rice bowl in the other, the camera was shaking badly.

After waiting for more than two hours to finally start the broadcast, although the live room is still in a state of embargo, no one to send a pop-up screen, but the real more than 20 million online viewers can be here, are forced to 30 million viewers, in order to wait for an explanation.

The audience also noticed how the camera was not quite full and shaky, but soon everyone started to salivate at the sumptuous meal on the table, which was full of colour and flavour, never mind the taste, just looking at it was delicious.

“You guys eat first, I’ll explain to the audience don’t be polite.”

Once Lin Hao opened his mouth, no one was polite anymore, they all picked up their chopsticks and were in a hurry, even Xu Linglong and Nan Ge and others, they didn’t even have a hint of girl’s reserve, afraid that if they were slow, they wouldn’t have enough to grab, just like the hungry ghosts that were throwing themselves into the world, which really made the spectators fall in disbelief.

Oh my God, is this still the goddess in their hearts? The image has collapsed!

“Holy shit, you guys are really not polite at all, now the broadcast is on, don’t you guys pay attention to your image?” Lin Hao looked at them speechlessly.

Nan Ge looked like she didn’t care: “In front of the dry rice people, any image is worthless.”

“Old Mother is the most beautiful in the world, so do what you like.” Xu Linglong waved her hand in an imperial manner.

“I am convinced of you.” Lin Hao rubbed his temples and looked up and scolded with a smile, “And you, Director Chen, can you put the bowl down first? Don’t you know what the camera is shaking into? The ground covers serve er Lu Ai Yi Shan?”

“No, nothing, it will be, it will be fine, it’s delicious ……” director Chen spoke vaguely.

The viewers in the live room could not send pop-ups, but they laughed out loud ah, director Chen actually gave the camera a shake like this for a bite of food? And they also wondered, if director Chen was going to resist the camera himself, then what were the other staff doing?

After all, Xu Linglong and Nan Ge are the only actors here, the others are just vegetarians.

In addition, most of the audience had watched the video before and knew that Lin Hao’s food was really delicious.

“Forget it, no matter what you guys do. Hello live viewers, the camera is shaking a bit, after all, director Chen is not a professional anti-camera, the other staff are too busy eating to pay attention to us, so you can just watch it, after all, I have become the whole show’s caterer, I didn’t even say anything not.”

Lin Hao’s humorous opening remarks dissipated the resentment of the audience who had been waiting for more than two hours, instead they wanted to laugh a little and felt a little sorry for Lin Hao.

Even if he cooked for the gang, he even had to manage the crew’s meals, no wonder it had taken so long for the show to start.

“Everyone is very curious about what happened before, so I’ll explain. I am actually the former top controller of the Tianhai Group, Jun Wuhui and Mo Tianji are my good friends, and it was a piece of us that established the Tianhai Group together.”