Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2873-2874

Chapter 2873

Lin Hao’s expression was cold and his gaze was unkind as he stared at Zhu Que in a cold voice, “Murong Yunque, I, Lin Hao, have treated you quite well, haven’t I? What exactly are you doing by doing this? Don’t tell me that Zhu Xiaoq’s account is not yours? The fact that I was once the president of the Tianhai Group can be made public, but how much trouble would my general’s identity cause if it leaked out? And how big is the impact?”

“Brother Lin Hao …… really didn’t do it.” Zhuque laughed bitterly, “I was doing garrison training nearby, where would I find the time to watch the live broadcast, after all, Brother Lin Hao you are here, I think those guys want to get at you, they will definitely come over to look for trouble, so I specially moved my troops to nearby garrison training.”

“I was the first one to come over after I got the news, I called the top, but I didn’t get through.”

The people present, even the most ordinary staff, understood exactly who they were referring to when Jubilee said the higher-ups.

“Report General, I have ordered all the warriors of the Dragon Group to activate their level two battle readiness, the four divisions of the Dragon Sect and all its branches, have likewise been ordered to do so, Chen Kai has even personally raised the battle readiness to level one, and Shadow is out of the gate and is on his way at top speed.” Vermilion Bird’s gaze was firm, his voice serious and resounding.

It was these words that really scared Chen Guiding and the others enough to want to cut their ears, ah, why did it feel like military advice? Was it so fatal? They knew something big, but they felt like they had stepped into a bottomless pit, what a great thing they had heard.

This time it was Lin Hao’s turn to be dismayed and sternly questioned, “Zhuque! What do you want? This is nonsense!”

“I’m not fooling around! The Dragon Sect and the Dragon Group only take orders from the General! Last time Liu wanted to take advantage of the turmoil in the fish circle to spread the news about you and force you to return to your post, but I stopped him!”

“But now he’s still doing it, so what if the military advice! That position was already yours, General!” Zhuque looked serious, her voice full of anger, she knew better, Lin Hao had wanted to live a leisurely life, and that Lin Hao had things that Lin Hao had to deal with, for Liu to do so was simply immoral, what was the difference between that and being unreasonable?

And from the beginning to the end, several of them believed that that seat was originally Lin Hao’s, but it was only Lin Hao’s turn to sit that it was Liu Mou’s turn, so who was he to tell Lin Hao what to do?

He was really sorry this time, he shouldn’t have come here, but no one was going to care about him now.

“I order! Dragon Group, Dragon Gate, all of you, lift your war readiness, also, tell Shadow to go back and do what he needs to do!” Lin Hao was a little bit frustrated by Vermilion Bird, even the position of General was a titular position, he had never acknowledged it himself from the beginning, let alone going back to be the Dragon Master, Ma De, was it because he was too idle and giving him trouble?

“General, you are only a titular general and do not have the authority to order the lifting of the state of war readiness unless you are reinstated.” Vermilion Bird’s pretty face was serious and her voice resounding as she stood motionless in place.

“You damn …… believe it or not, I will make a phone call and remove you!”

“I believe! But even if removed, I will not change.” Zhuque raised his head and looked at Lin Hao with a firm gaze.

“Shit!” Lin Hao no longer cared about Zhu Que, took out his mobile phone and called Liu Mou, it belonged to the off state, same with his private mobile phone, Lin Hao had to call Qin Lao.

The call was answered in a short while: “Lin Hao ah, how did you remember to call me, an old man? I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that. Up?”

“I’m not looking for you! That bastard Liu must be at your place, right? Put that bastard on the phone, I’m looking for him!” Lin Hao was so angry that he cursed.

What happened to the Dragon Lord, the Dragon Lord disliked him as usual.

Lin Hao guessed correctly, the four branches of the Dragon Sect, as well as the Dragon Group, had suddenly activated a state of war readiness, how could he not know about such a big deal, and Liu Mou knew that he had played things out, and had no choice but to run to the old Dragon Master here for refuge.

Chapter 2874

And the only one who can solve this trouble is Qin Lao, Liu Mou is now remorseful, although he is well-intentioned, for the greater good, isn’t it just to get Lin Hao back.

“Explain to this kid yourself, whether this matter can be resolved or not, that’s your problem, if this matter is not handled properly, I can’t save you, choose the next successor before it’s too late.” Elder Qin was also quite annoyed about this matter and threw the phone at Liu.

Elder Qin knew Lin Hao’s temper the best, don’t look at him not returning to his post and hanging around as a salty fish all day, but within China, whenever there was a bit of wind and movement and the Dragon Group couldn’t handle things, he would immediately go out.

Not to mention how much trouble Lin Hao had secretly solved for China when no one knew about it, who knew?

Liu Mou took a deep breath, smiled sarcastically and picked up his phone, “General Lin ah ……”

As a result, before he could finish his sentence, he was given a scolding from Lin Hao: “General, you bastard! I’m asking you, what exactly is it that you’re doing? Are you happy with the current situation?”

“I’m asking you, what the hell do you want! Do you think I can go back just because the information gets out? No one can influence me, including Elder Qin, ask Elder Qin if you don’t believe me!” Lin Hao really had a fire in his belly, he had known that this matter would have a big impact, but now it had a much bigger impact.

The four branches of the Dragon Sect and the Dragon Group had created such a big commotion, if it was any more serious, he, Liu Mou, wouldn’t even be able to cover up the situation.

“Lin Hao is right, if I had the means to sway him, this position would not be your turn to sit, I will go out for a stroll, you explain to people properly.” Qin Lao’s off-picture voice came over the phone.

Liu Mou wiped a cold sweat and laughed bitterly, “Lin Hao you don’t misunderstand first, listen to my explanation ah, I really don’t mean to force you ah, and through just talking to Qin Lao, I am even more guilty, knowing that you are not idle at home doing nothing, and have been dealing with the troubles we can’t handle ah.”

Liu Mou explained, before he did think of taking advantage of that time to clean up Qingya and the others, and incidentally find a reason to publish Lin Hao’s information, dare to slander the country’s great general, looking for death?

But he was stopped by Zhuque, but Liu still didn’t give up, and he believed that Lin Hao’s contribution to China should not be buried, let alone unnoticed.

How could this be worthy of the outstanding contribution Lin Hao had made, and of course there was a selfishness and a desire for Lin Hao to return.

As a result, a word from Elder Qin just now woke Liu up. Firstly, Lin Hao not coming back is more than coming back to help China deal with some enemies it cannot deal with, which makes Lin Hao and his family safer, people are not idle at home doing nothing.

Second, if Lin Hao comes back, there is still you Liu Mou what matters? Liu Mou? 意染零閉染零五陆? The things that can be done are very limited, after all, Lin Hao a word, Dragon Gate and Dragon Group, the highest end of China’s force, instantly all troops on standby.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

Only then did Mister Liu really know that things had gone terribly wrong! In fact, Mister Liu naturally knows the measure, this time put out this information, is to test Lin Hao’s reaction.

If the reaction was not intense, the relevant information would be released gradually, but who would have thought that such a little information would stir up a hornet’s nest?

Liu believes that the three giants have already noticed the news and are ready to take action. Although they have retired behind the scenes, the three giants are in control of a huge business circle, involving all walks of life, which really affects the whole body.

It was not until this moment that Mou Liu understood that he could provoke anyone, Jun Wuhui, Mo Tianji, Zhuque, or the four guardians of the Dragon Sect, all could be touched.

But only Lin Hao could not be touched.