Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2871-2872

Chapter 2871

“Crap, I’m numb …… No wonder Da Gaozi has known Master Lin for ten years, it turns out that when Da Gaozi was a host ten years ago, he was live at Master Lin’s inn!”

“Haha, I feel that the big singer insisted on writing to Master Lin for ten years and reserving VIP seats for the family for the concert, I don’t think it’s for people to come to the concert, it’s for Master Lin’s cooking, to put it bluntly, it’s a mouthful!”

“You are really killing the heart, but what I am more concerned about is, what exactly is the identity of this Master Lin? You can’t see the people who go to Master Lin’s inn for dinner in the video? The actual people who are now retired are the real bigwigs, so why are they like Master Lin’s minions? ”

Many people’s attention started to drift away from the food and started to focus on Lin Hao’s specific identity, after all, in the video, Jun Wu Regret, Mo Tianji and other bigwigs were in it, and even the Tianhai Charity Foundation, the head of Tianhai Group, were all in it, and they seemed to have a simply great relationship with Lin Hao.

“Holy shit, bull shit ah Zhu Xiaochu, which big brother is this? Surprisingly, there is still a video, I said how Lin Daqi always feels familiar with it, it turns out that ten years ago I watched this live, only later on the Internet can not find a trace, feelings are cleaned up ah!”

“Me too, I’ve seen it too, can’t quite remember, this has given me a wave of memories, I tell you, Master Lin is a real big brother, Zhu Xiaoque brother take care, you may have to be invited to tea.”

Sure enough, after only a few minutes of work, that Zhu Xiaochu’s account was banned and logged off, but this discussion didn’t stop at all, the live stream was about to explode, and there was even more curiosity about Lin Hao’s identity.

Many of the netizens who had seen the live broadcast back then still had some memory of it, and they all came forward to tell the story, and there were all kinds of speculations, and all kinds of things to say.

The platform reacted quickly and immediately opened a full ban mode, but the hot search about this matter, has begun to rise rapidly at a terrifying rate, after all, more than 20 million people online to top the heat, that can still be?

In a short while, the search disappeared without a trace, but the more it did, the more people’s doubts and discussions became more enthusiastic, and there was no way to ban the spread and discussion of the matter.

Of course, it seemed that someone had deliberately opened the door, and although both the hot search and the live broadcast were banned, it did not stop the news from circulating even more widely.

Lin Hao was fixing braised spirit meat, that is, braised meat made from spirit beast meat, when Director Chen rushed over to inform Lin Hao that something had happened, forgetting even the matter of having a headset contact with each other: “Grand Master Lin, something has happened, you have to hurry and come and see.”

“Since when did I become Master Lin?” Lin Hao cried and laughed, but at the same time he was also a bit depressed: “How long has this been on air, why are things happening one after another, what’s wrong again?”

“Xiyan, help me watch this meat, I’ll go for a while.” Lin Hao greeted Shen Xiyan to help watch the roast meat, and walked off camera with Director Chen.

Director Chen told Lin Hao to turn off the mike.

The first thing you need to do is to tell him to turn off the microphone. The first thing he did was to tell Lin Hao to turn off the microphone. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Even director Chen was very shocked: “That, Mr. Lin, can you reveal a little bit, who exactly are you, I was shocked to see them discussing me.”

Originally, Director Chen felt that since Lin En’s family was so polite to Lin Hao, he guessed that Lin Hao either had a certain amount of weight, or was of some higher status than the Lin family, either powerful or rich.

But now, Director Chen suddenly felt that his guess didn’t seem to be very accurate.

Just then, a few helicopter gunships suddenly flew in the distance and were rapidly approaching.

Lin Hao froze, he didn’t need to think to know who was coming!

“Director Chen, immediately notify the live viewers and suspend the recording and live broadcast, I will personally explain to the live viewers later.” This identity of Lin Hao didn’t want to be exposed, as it would have too much impact.

Chapter 2872

When he saw the helicopter gunships coming straight here, Chen was dumbfounded, this was coming for Lin Hao?

Chen even thought that Lin Hao had done something wrong, even the helicopter gunships were deployed, so he couldn’t even run away!

The platform was a bit confused as to what was going on, the show had been on air since it started.

Lin Hao sighed, “Have all the staff, all mobile phones turned off and all machines shut down, if half a word of today’s events leaks out, you won’t have to worry about food for the rest of your lives.”

“Understood.” Where did director Chen not understand Lin Hao’s words, the rest of his life was spent in jail, naturally he didn’t have to worry about eating ah.

Those staff members were equally confused, and the villagers of this village were even more confused, but they all obediently obeyed, and all of them were asked to turn off their phones and shut down the relevant equipment.

Soon, well-trained soldiers, fully armed, descended quickly from the helicopter down the ropes.

This was something Lin Hao had expected, not calling but arriving in person, which in itself was quite a big deal.

Vermilion Bird came in formal attire, and just after he came down, he immediately ordered: “Team one, seal off the perimeter, no villagers are allowed to come near, and no photos are allowed! Team two, seize all the mobile phones and camera equipment of all the staff here.”

“Yes!” Dozens of Dragon Group warriors, divided into two small teams, moved swiftly and incomparably.

The commotion here was not small, and Shen Xiyan and the others had all gathered over.

Yun Qingya’s face was full of worry, but Shen Xiyan didn’t worry much, because this Zhuque she had seen before and was still on good terms with Lin Hao, only she was very surprised that Zhuque had such a great authority to fly helicopter gunships directly and bring over fully armed soldiers.

“Officer Zhuque, it’s been a long time.” Lin En smiled and waved at Vermilion Bird.

Nan Ge also smiled and waved, while Xu Linglong smiled and said, “This girl has grown so big, ten years has changed a lot.”


Director Chen and the surrounding staff were dumbfounded, how come it seemed like they all knew this officer? And it seemed like they were on good terms.

Chen wiped a cold sweat, looking at the seriousness of the other party, there was something serious going on, but I don’t think he was here to look for trouble, right?

At the same time, he was helpless, no wonder Nan Ge and Xu Linglong were developing so smoothly in the circle, with such a relationship in place, it would be a hell of a thing if they didn’t develop smoothly.

Zhuque led the two squad leaders quickly towards Lin Hao, walking up to him and standing straight with a snap, and the soldiers around him did the same, saluting Lin Hao.

“Report General Lin! Dragon Clan Chief Instructor Zhu? Ai closed grasping Yi dyed Yi Wu Yi? Bird, leading Dragon Group Special Combat Team 1, Dragon Group Special Combat Team 2 report!”

Director Chen stumbled and almost didn’t stand still, crap?

He had thought of everything, but he had never thought that Lin Hao was actually, actually a general, or the chief of the Dragon Group’s chief instructor, damn!

You know, the chief instructor of the Dragon Group is at least a major general, right?

The staff next to him was even more alarmed, secretly saying that it was not a false trip ah.

“General, General …… Lin Hao brother is a general?” The next Shen Xiyan was equally surprised, her husband was a general? He, isn’t he just a middle school teacher? He had a good relationship with these big stars and big bosses.

Now, director Chen understood why Mo Tianji and Jun Wuhuo, the bigwigs behind the scenes, were acting like Lin Hao’s little brothers when they were having dinner with him in the video.

Moreover, Lin En’s family, the way they treated Lin Hao, they simply hated to be Lin Hao’s lapdog, so now everything was completely clear.

But he couldn’t figure out how Lin Hao had reached such a high rank at such a young age, and how he was suddenly so laid-back? Could it be the legendary rush to retire? He had just become a general and resigned to run away?