Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2869-2870

Chapter 2869

“No problem, Linglong, have you seen this yard, it’s quite dirty, I’ll give you a task, you ah, just clean this yard, it doesn’t take long, just five hours to clean it, it won’t be too difficult for you, right?” Lin Hao gave Xu Linglong the first task.

Xu Linglong frowned slightly, simply unbelievably cooperative, “This, I’m afraid it’s a bit difficult, I don’t think I can finish it in five hours, brother Lin Hao.”

“It’s quite difficult for you, this workload is too big, it’s alright, if you can’t finish it today you can just continue tomorrow.”

Chen was about to cry this time, you are really a rule-fixer, you can make a difference in everything you do! “Brother, brother, I’m kneeling down for you, okay …… can you not break the rules so much, so messed up, this show can not play ah, not so messed up.” Director Chen really almost didn’t kneel down for Lin Hao.

The audience in the live room is laughing like crazy, they are still the first time to see the program director to the whole into this way, what rules are not useful, say anything Lin Hao can find a way to give you the whole deviation.

“You’re still the master, look at other people, the end of the rules, look at the director’s aggravation, I feel sorry for the director.”

“I’m sure I’ll follow this show.”

“That’s right, even if I have to watch Master Lin lying in his rocking chair listening to a little song every day, I’ll still watch it!”

“Don’t grab it from me, Master Lin is mine! Back off, all of you!”


“Then why are you still doing all this useless stuff?” The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem.

“Yes, Ms. Xu is right, otherwise we will be off-topic, right? We need to spread the word. We need to spread positive values. We have to spread positive energy values, we can’t pa*s on salty ideas, right?” Director Chen hurriedly took up the fight, but this time Lin Hao’s face darkened.

The audience laughed out loud: director Chen, you can directly read my Lin Da Jie ID card.

“Good guy, you can just say my name directly.” Lin Hao stretched out, got up and went to the kitchen, and started preparing breakfast.

Saying that, everyone was joking, when it was really time to work, no one was idle, Lin En started the fire, Yun Qingya went to scrub the dishes, wash the vegetables and so on.

Shen Xiyan and Xu Linglong came to play second fiddle, each busy with their own work, but Nan Ge looked around, it seems that there is nothing for himself, helplessly shook his head: “That Lin Hao brother, I see that we have brought all the meat, I will take some meat to exchange with the villagers for some vegetables.”

“Da Gezi, we have a vegetable field, you can pick them yourself, these are the ones that were in the vegetable field before.” Director Chen couldn’t help but remind him.

“Is that so? I’ll go and pick some then.” Nan Ge picked up the vegetable basket and rushed off to a large vegetable field under the tall building, seeing a field full of greens, all kinds of greens, Nan Ge was so excited: “How nice and green are these greens, they just look even better than the greenhouse greens.”

After saying that, he also naughtily rushed the camera and said in a grand manner, “See, this is the mountain I have laid down for you!”

The netizens have laughed and teased: the big song son guarding an acre of land are happy bad, living like a landlord old money, who rare na.

“To be honest, I’m used to seeing Da Gezi’s pre-screen image, suddenly she’s carrying a vegetable basket to pick vegetables in the vegetable field, it’s simply earthly and real, high, fairy-like fairy suddenly came down to earth one day.”

“Guys, you are not watching, over there international big shot Xu Linglong, but she is crying while peeling onions, laughing my a*s off.”

“What’s so great about peeling onions, my god is so handsome, look at his knife work, it’s dazzling.”

The viewers were discussing, while the main characters of the show, were busy with their own things, especially Lin Hao, who showed some knife work, which gathered many staff members to watch, and those cameramen even ran to watch with their cameras up.

Chapter 2870

A kitchen knife inside Lin Hao like waving arms and fingers, almost waved out of the residue, da da da landed on the cutting board, emitting a rhythmic and moving sound, the sound is moving and beautiful, and quite rhythmic.

Lin Hao put the shredded potatoes into the water and they instantly spread out like flowers in bloom, and gave a close-up of the shredded potatoes, each one almost as thin as a hair and incomparably neat without the slightest difference.

“The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time. You want to close the door and dye the food?” Yun Qingya ran over to hold the bowl of shredded potatoes soaking in water and sighed in admiration, but Yun Qingya also had some doubts, “That, Brother Lin Hao, will this shredded potatoes be too fine?”

“After all, such fine shredded potatoes, if you make shredded potatoes with spicy and sour taste, first of all, the crispness will be greatly reduced, and if the fire is slightly mismanaged, it will be overcooked, and not only will it not have a crisp taste, but it will rot.” After all, Yun Qingya’s family owns a restaurant, so she still understands these basic common sense.

At this time the camera also gave to Yun Qingya, especially with a serious face, said the head of the look, let the netizens praised, not only is the person beautiful, know a lot, is really some circle of powder, many viewers are beginning to like this little sister.

Lin Hao shook his head and put some salt water into the water: “It’s okay, you’ll know when you eat it later.”

“Good bah, brother Lin Hao can I learn how to cook from you, especially when you were so handsome when you were hocking the potatoes on the cutting board just now.” Yun Qingya’s eyes were glowing, having this opportunity to come to this show felt so rewarding, she could learn a lot and also toil with these big stars that she could only see on TV before.

“Haha, when I heard Xiao Ya say that, how come I felt that potato was kinda pathetic.” Next to her, Xu Linglong couldn’t help but laugh and tease, and the group of people in the kitchen burst out laughing along with her.

Yun Qingya smiled embarra*singly, “I, I didn’t mean it like that, I feel that the potato should be quite honoured to have its most perfect side brought out under Brother Lin Hao’s knife work.”

“That’s fine, I’ll just make two dishes, you guys do the rest, I’ll make another one of your favourite braised spirit meat, you guys do the rest yourselves ah.” Since it was an experiential programme, everyone had a chance to experience it, not to mention that it was fun to get together and make food together!

As soon as they heard about the braised spirit meat, everyone’s eyes lit up and their mouths watered, even Chen, the director next to them.

The viewers in the live broadcast room were a bit confused: “What’s going on? What kind of meat is braised spirit meat? It can’t be a braised meat, can it? Is Master Lin’s braised pork that good?”

“I feel like it’s scripted, in fact the cooking skills might be average, just for the effect of the show, people hailed it, plus the show’s filter, usually as long as it’s made to sell pretty well, it can blow them out of the water!”

“Upstairs, watch my main industry video, this is the video I risked my life to upload, after watching it you will know why they are so greedy for Master Lin’s braised spirit meat.”

This netizen named Zhu Xiaoque posted a pop-up that attracted the attention of countless people, and soon, countless people began to flock to her main business, and sure enough, they saw two videos, and they were not short in length.

Both were from ten years ago, when the live feeds from the Remorseless Inn were taken from Nan Ge and Lin En’s live feeds, both edited, along with some footage of the fight for a spot at the time.

After all, that was ten years ago, and the audience back then actually lasted a few million viewers, and this matter, coupled with the total blockade from above and the pa*sage of ten years, has been largely forgotten by most people.

Although there is no leakage of Lin Hao’s specific identity inside, but just looking at the people who went to dinner in the video, these bigwigs talked and laughed with Lin Hao, it already made these people who ran to watch the video dumbfounded.

These live viewers people were dumbfounded.