Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2867-2868

Chapter 2867

Xu Linglong’s long, wavy hair dyed blonde was draped behind her, dressed in a fashionable and international style, more mature than back then, more classy, her temperament was even more domineering and imperial, she was like two different people from the mischievous and naughty girl back then.

The viewers in the studio were shocked and wondered, “Who the hell is Lin Hao? Even if he is a friend of Nan Ge, how come he even knows Xu Linglong, an international celebrity who is always overseas filming? And he seemed to be on good terms?

After being confused, Director Chen didn’t even care about this, he hurriedly walked into the camera and excitedly shook Xu Linglong’s hand: “I’m really honoured to have Miss Xu here, it’s a great honour, it’s a great honour, on behalf of the Life Experience Officer team, I’d like to thank you for coming, welcome!”

Xu Linglong smiled and shook hands with director Chen, and spoke very imperiously, “I’m not here to give you face, I just heard that my friend and my brother? I just heard that my friend and my brother? I heard that my friend and my brother?” “I had to come over to take a look at the show, besides, I haven’t eaten my brother’s cooking for almost ten years.

Nan Ge walked over in surprise, still in some disbelief, “No, Brother Lin Hao, you, you and Sister Linglong still know each other?”

The corners of Lin Hao’s mouth twitched, “I should be asking you that, if I knew your friend was her, I would have sent her back halfway, what’s the point of her coming to the party?”

“Uh, I was introduced to the circle by Sister Linglong, and it was all Sister Linglong’s help initially.” Nan Ge shrugged her shoulders, she now realised that she was afraid that her acting career was able to go so smoothly because she had taken advantage of Lin Hao’s favours.

It was only after mutual introduction that she learned that Xu Linglong and Lin Hao had known each other for a long time, and then Xu Linglong left and somehow got into acting on a whim, no longer working as a bodyguard for the Skyfall Justice financial team, and then after watching Nan Ge’s live broadcast at that time, knowing Nan Ge’s relationship with Lin Hao, she simply helped her out.

Xu Linglong knew she had no chance with Lin Hao and eventually ran off to film overseas, becoming even more internationally famous, but no one in the circle even knew about her relationship with Lin Hao, let alone her identity as an illusionist.

But no one in the circle knew that she was related to Lin Hao, let alone that she was an illusionist, and that she was an even stronger illusionist than Chen Haobei.

Nan Ge was speechless, she originally thought that she had achieved what she had today because of her own hard work, but now it seemed that it was mostly because of Lin Hao’s friends that she had achieved what she had today, her hard work was only part of it.

It’s no wonder she’s had a smooth ride since she joined the industry, and hardly any of the capitalists even dare to lay a hand on her, trying to submarine her or whatever.

The audience can Chen director are a little confused, are wondering, who the hell is Lin Hao, actually know so many big players, before Lin Hao want to use Nan Ge to enter the circle to make money, is completely bullshit, just these contacts, Lin Hao want to enter the circle, that is simply a matter of words.

“Alright, since everyone is here now, let’s read out the rules of the show.” Director Chen stood out.

Lin Hao and the others sat in the small pavilion, crossing their legs and looking at Director Chen with squinted eyes.

Lin Hao, on the other hand, greeted Lin En, “Lin En, hurry up and get all the guys out for me, if he makes demands that are too excessive and customises the rules too harshly, beat him up first.”

The corners of director Chen’s mouth twitched and said stiffly, “Originally, the thing that was determined before the start of our show was that the only broadcast rights, and the right to broadcast each episode, all the money gained, were donated, and no advertising was taken.”

“But now this situation as you can see, advertising we still have to take, but all the products sold through our channel, one third of the proceeds, will all be used for public welfare, the money does not follow through our hands, advertising fees we do not want even more, these money has a professional department for supervision, and open and transparent.”

“This is no problem, I agree.” Lin Hao thought this was feasible, the money did not go through their hands, the advertising fees they did not want, simply doing good, this manufacturer was also able to get a reputation of doing good, not bad.

Chapter 2868

“I hereby promise that the products we endorse will first be professionally inspected and qualified by our team before we endorse them, and the items donated will be open, transparent and fair, although the money does not go through our hands, we have to be responsible for the viewers and fans who support us.” Lin Hao said seriously to the camera.

This was something that the viewers in the live broadcast room clapped their hands, they kind of saw that this was a real public welfare program, paying out of their own pockets and still not earning any money, and the invited guests didn’t have any appearance fees or film fees, even the endorsements didn’t even need advertising fees.

And every person who buys the product, are equal to do the charity no money, the manufacturer does not have to pay for advertising but want them to donate money, the more they sell the more they have to donate good, participate in this, this everyone participant, simply make everyone is enthusiastic, have asked to promote out quickly.

“Okay, now on to the requirements and rules of this show!” Director Chen’s voice suddenly sounded serious.

“Here we go, it looks like the programme team has thought of a good idea to screw us.” Xu Linglong said with a smile.

Nan Ge hurriedly nodded, “From what I know about the variety shows I’ve participated in, they must be making very pitiful rules to make things difficult for our guests and MCs and create something to watch.”

“Ahem, be quiet for a moment and let me finish.” Director Chen instantly felt very humiliated, but could not do anything about it, he could not afford to mess with anyone in the room, so it was a pain in the ass.

“Since we call this programme Life Experience Officer, we are here to experience rural life, so everything you need to live here needs to be exchanged for labour, including planting rice seedlings, which can be exchanged for the supplies or ingredients you need.”

As soon as director Chen finished speaking, everyone was disdainful: “Che, I thought it was a big deal, that’s fine.”

Guide Chen said smugly, “This is a very big deal, you are not allowed to use any currency, you can only barter, if you want to exchange for money you can do so, labour for labour.”

“What’s the use of asking for money.” Lin Hao bristled and looked at the crowd, “What have you brought with you?”

“I brought quite a lot back home? Xi Fu Zha Lu loves to pick up the ground Yi? vegetables, chopped peppers and old pickles.” Nan Ge was the first to raise her hand.

Lynn had brought all sorts of seasonings, for both Chinese and Western meals.

“Well, not bad, I don’t need to worry about the ingredients even more here, that the best roast meat, I have enough here.” Lin Hao nodded, this was enough, there was no need to find the programme team to exchange or buy at all, he had plenty of space in his consciousness.

Yun Qingya was embarrassed to say that she had just brought clothes and cosmetics, she didn’t know it was like this.

“What about you? You came all the way here, don’t tell me you didn’t bring anything.” Lin Hao raised his eyebrows and looked at Xu Linglong.

“Of course I couldn’t come empty-handed, I brought two king crabs, a large oolong, and Spanish ham, as well as a whole bunch of other things. I reckon there’s enough for just us to eat for ten days or so without a problem.” Xu Linglong laughed, “Have someone send it up later.”

Lin Hao stretched his hands and looked at Chen, “Look, we don’t lack anything, so let’s change the request, do you have Oolong and Spanish ham for it? Or do you have king crab?”

Chen’s face turned black.

The viewers in the live broadcast room were even more delighted, saying that Director Chen had met a group of scoundrels who had come here to break the rules.

Chen said, “No private ingredients allowed, all ingredients confiscated!”

“If you don’t allow it, then you don’t allow it. Lin En, lead someone to take all these things to the old folks and tell them that they keep one third of it and two thirds is given to us in their name. The ones that give it away won’t be the ones they brought with them.” How hard could this be to beat Lin Hao?

“Alright, I’ll get on with it.” Lin En smilingly dragged Yun Qingya and Nan Ge to go to work with them.

Director Chen was dumbfounded, you can’t play like that!

Seeing Director Chen’s tense face, unable to cry if he wanted to, and laughing if he wanted to, Lin Hao and Xu Linglong went crazy with laughter.

“Fine, count yourselves tough! The programme team still has rules! Whether it’s the guests or the hosts, on average, they can’t toil for less than five hours a day.” Director Chen was furious, but there was nothing he could do.