Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2865-2866

Chapter 2865

“Turn it on!”

Soon, the live feed resumed once again, and as a result, both sides who were arguing and discussing were a little confused, as Lin Hao’s handsome face directly disliked the camera.

“Hey hey? Can you hear me? Hello?”

Director Chen couldn’t help but spit out, “Don’t pretend, you can hear it, pretend to be like the village chief going up to speak at a village meeting, should I give you a microphone, you can shoot again and then feed two sentences?”

“What do you know? Can’t you see they’re about to do something? I’m just regulating the atmosphere.” Lin Hao laughed and scolded, then smiled at the camera and said, “What about this live broadcast? Give a face and watch it properly, and I have just watched it, everyone has a point, what both sides said, all belong to real friends.”

“What I just said is also just my personal opinion and thoughts, not to mention that what I said, is a matter of willing to lend or not, want to lend, while what you all said are true friends, there is no need to argue ah. The reason why I didn’t hesitate to lend money to Xiao Ya, that’s because I don’t think restaurants are a sunset industry, I’ve done it and investigated it, it’s doable, so I don’t agree with her friends that this industry doesn’t work this problem only.” Lin Hao finished, both sides are a little confused, what do you mean? It felt like they had argued for half a day and argued about loneliness?

And at this time someone came forward to relieve the situation, the program team found that Yun Qingya’s friend, the other party is also willing to connect to explain the situation, but not willing to reveal his name and show his face.

Soon, that friend of Yun Qingya’s sent a request to connect with the live stream, and her voice rang out in the live stream, “I am the friend that Xiao Ya said, now I want to say sorry to Xiao Ya, I only just found out about this, I am very sorry.”

“Although the restaurant industry is not as booming as it used to be, but it’s not as bad as I said, the reason I made an excuse to say that is because I spent too much pocket money, I don’t have that much money and I don’t really want to borrow it, I know about everyone’s discussion, I guess I’m not really Xiaoya’s friend, Xiaoya, I’m sorry.”

Xiao Ya’s friend went straight off the mic after she finished speaking, covering her mouth and crying in her boudoir.

The audience in the live room, all confused, really fucking argued a lonely ah.

This discussion was only really over at this point.

Lin Hao laughed and scolded at the camera: “Director Chen, not I say you ah, from now on less whole these scripts ah, careful to be sprayed to death.”

Director Chen was furious, “My Lin Da Jie, I didn’t even know about this, it’s a bullshit script, I didn’t even know things would turn out this way.”

“Look at you, you’re so anxious you’re cursing, even I don’t believe your words, can the audience believe them?” Lin Hao bristled and turned around to go back to the small pavilion.

Many people in the live broadcast room laughed and cursed, although there were still some viewers who insisted that this was a script by the programme team, just to use a hot issue in society to cause a controversy and thus contribute heat to them, but the fact that Lin Hao said it so openly made them feel more comfortable, and no one cared anymore whether it was really a script or not.

The others got up one by one, Lin En, Nan Ge and Shen Xiyan finished washing up and came down, while Yun Qingya also went back to wash up.

When they saw Shen Xiyan and Nan Ge, the audience got lively again, Nan Ge’s face is capable of fighting, and has been fighting in the circle for ten years, that fame can be placed here.

The company’s reputation is well established. The company’s development is not to mention the fact that it has a very good temperament, with a mature charm and the vitality of a young girl.

Shen Xiyan and Nan Ge stay together, just like sisters, and Nan Ge looks more like a sister.

As for Lin Hao and Lin En, two handsome men instead, some people even think, this is sure? It’s a lifestyle show? It’s a lifestyle variety show? It’s not some handsome and beautiful talent show?

“It’s almost time, I’ll go make you guys a breakfast to go, by the way, Ling Yun is not coming, then who are the remaining two guests? Making a mystery out of it.” Lin Hao saw that it was almost time to go and make breakfast.

Chapter 2866

The friends that Lin En invited, as well as Nan Ge’s friends, he hadn’t met either, and now he didn’t even know the guests who would be attending, not even the show’s bib had been made public.

They were curious about what kind of celebrities Nan Ge would invite, whether they were handsome or beautiful.

Lin En shook his head, “My friend said he wasn’t coming, he just called me, he watched the live stream and got up in fear to carry the train and run away, the audience was too big and scared him away.”

“Pfft, it’s okay to just get up and run away carrying a train?” Lin Hao are amused, the key platform late also very cooperative p a picture, a handsome man carrying a locomotive running p picture, simply image and vivid.

Nan Ge side mysterious: “Lin Hao brother, now can not tell you, but I can only reveal a little news, is definitely a big player, start to give you a king bomb, just she called and I said, there is a little while to arrive, let us must wait for her to eat breakfast, she is hungry, carry the plane overnight, ah no, overnight ride in the plane to come. ”

“Haha, carrying a plane is not bad, what are you doing learning from that guy Linn for nothing.” The crowd was amused.

The audience was also so happy that their stomachs hurt, before there was Lin En’s friend who ran away against a train, and now there is Nan Ge’s friend who came here against a plane, are you doing this to rhyme or to make up a pair?

“Anyone? Come on, I’m here to work for you. ……”

The crowd was laughing their mouths off when a woman’s voice came from underneath the tall building, her voice carrying no small amount of air, but very nice to hear. “A guest has arrived? The only guest of this issue has arrived?” Lin Hao and the rest of the group leaned over the railing to look down, how did Lin Hao feel that this voice was still somewhat familiar? It had changed quite a lot, but it still felt somehow familiar.

However, with this action, the camera also followed and swung down, causing the more than 20 million people in the live broadcast room to tilt their heads and look down, only to see a bin full of tissue paper balls next to the computer desk, and then they cried and laughed as they realized they had been tricked by the program team.

“Haha, what are you looking at, here here here.” However the woman’s voice rang out from the other side of the doorway and everyone subconsciously turned back.

“Sister Linglong you’re here.” Nan Ge ran happily towards the woman at the door.

Director Chen was dumbfounded, the staff was dumbfounded because they didn’t know who Nan Ge had invited either, and now after seeing her in person, people were dumbfounded, hell, Nan was right, it was really a king bomb.

The viewers in the live stream also recognised the man and were all in an uproar.

“Holy shit, Da Gezi really wasn’t kidding, it’s really a king bomb, this isn’t just a big shot anymore, this is an international superstar!”

“My god, what kind of divine operation is Nan Ge, such a big shot can be invited!”

“My goddess is coming, howl haha, this show is definitely going to be a fire, Da Gezi has put in a lot of money, ah, even international superstars have been invited, you know nowadays people’s status is much higher than Da Gezi.”


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

Lin Hao was the only one who stood still and said in wonder, “Why are you here?”

Nan Ge and the others couldn’t help but be stunned, what, what do you mean? Lin Hao even knew this kind of big shot? Even Shen Xiyan was full of doubts, her husband was getting more and more mysterious with age, huh?

“Hello sister-in-law.” Xu Linglong hugged Shen Xiyan, who was still confused in place, Xu Linglong had already run towards Lin Hao and hugged him, “Brother Lin Hao, long time no see, did you miss me?”

“Scatter your hands, hurry up and scatter your hands, don’t you hokey me, at night? The ground love to cover the ground Shan zero intention? If your sister-in-law makes me kneel durian or even kneel iron nails, I can’t escape.” Lin Hao pushed Xu Linglong away without good grace.