Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2863-2864

Chapter 2863

“I go, you silly girl, you cry a hammer, I’m the one who should cry, okay, who said I have 10 million, you must have counted it wrong.” Lin Hao hurriedly said to the camera, “Don’t listen to her nonsense, I don’t even have enough money in my card for a thousand dollars, what we just said was the script given by director Chen to build my persona, don’t believe it.”

“When did our show have a script?” Director Chen said that he would not take the blame.

Yun Qingya, who was still wiping her tears, broke into tears and laughed: “Brother Lin Hao, to be honest, I even think it’s a bit fake.”

The viewers in the live broadcast room were also laughing miserably: “D*mn, I was so heartbroken when I saw the goddess wiping her tears just now, but now I’m laughing like I’m having a stroke!”

“Hey, don’t mention it, I was laughing so wildly just now that my mother rushed in and slapped me twice, thinking I was having a sheepish fit!”

“Haha, Master Lin, don’t pretend, now all the 20 million people present know that you are a multi-million landlord and a rich man!”


“Is that so? Is it that fake? I think I’m acting quite naturally, what a lack of appreciation.” Lin Hao bristled and frowned in search of half a day, “Count the balls, just know it, just hire a few more bodyguards.”

“Let’s not talk about that, girl, actually I want to tell you, this matter of yours, you have to think about it yourself. It’s true that borrowing is a matter of love, not borrowing is a matter of nature, but if there is no love, who would ask you for it? To put it bluntly this statement is not just self-congratulation and self-deception.” Lin Hao patted Yun Qingya’s head whose hair was a little messy.

“Of course, I’m looking at it from my personal point of view, my personal opinion, so don’t take it the right way, I’m talking about my personal opinion. In my opinion, she just simply doesn’t want to borrow, there’s no need for all the haves and have-nots, it might as well just be two words, no!”

“As long as the question is asked, I have, I will borrow, I do not care what you do, even if it is turned to the street to scatter money I do not care, when it is still your business, I can lend out, it is determined that you can afford to pay back, other things are your business, and I have nothing to do.”

“Of course, if I don’t have it, I’ll just say no, don’t need to find all these twists and turns.” After saying this Lin Hao once again turned to the camera, “This is my personal opinion, but everyone should make up their own mind if they encounter something like this.”

Although Lin Hao said so, the live broadcast room was still divided into two camps, insisting on their own views for discussion.

In the end, it was basically divided into two camps, one was those who supported Lin Hao, two-thirds of the people said that Lin Hao was right, because there was love before opening his mouth, that if he could trust it, he would borrow it, if he couldn’t trust it, he wouldn’t borrow it, no second thoughts, as for what the borrowed money was used for, that wasn’t the concern of the person who should borrow it!

The remaining one-third of the audience thought that Lin Hao’s statement was right, but not entirely right, and that Yun Qingya’s friend’s consideration was not useless, because borrowing money without saying a word and ignoring it was not helping a friend, it was harming a friend.

If a friend loses money, he will have to pay back the money he borrowed!

And according to Yun Qingya’s description, this friend’s family should be much richer than theirs? What does that mean? What does that mean? It means that this friend stands taller, sees things more clearly, knows that the industry is not working, and reminds his friend to stop throwing money into the bottomless pit.

This question has gone from lending or not to lending to what is a real friend, a good friend!

The entire live stream was like a wheel rolling, frantically running upwards, faster than a wheel on the highway.

This time, director Chen was also dumbfounded, how could this matter be brought to such a state because of Yun Qingya’s borrowing money? Chen had to close the live broadcast temporarily and hurriedly explained the situation to Lin Hao.

Chapter 2864

The key thing is that this matter is very involved, and? The key question is what is a true friend? And it is also a critical question, what is a real friend? The money should be borrowed or not!

The actual fact is that the actual number of viewers did not decrease, but the number of viewers went upward.

Even though the live feed was pitch black and there was no sound, no one had the heart to care about that right now, they were all involved in this heated discussion.

Lin Hao was dumbfounded after hearing this, “No, didn’t I f*cking say that this is my own opinion, how come both sides are still on the same page?”

“Brother Lin Hao, did I do something wrong? If I had secretly returned the card to you in private, this wouldn’t have happened.” Yun Qingya spoke weakly.

Lin Hao waved his hand, “This has nothing to do with you.”

Director Chen said even more excitedly, “Yes, this is just right, this is a hot issue nowadays, and it’s the kind of issue where the public says it’s justified and the public says it’s justified, this heat is simply barreling all the way up, this is a good thing.”

Lin Hao scolded, “Don’t use this kind of stuff to generate heat, we don’t need this stuff.”

“But we have this kind of buzz right now, what can we do? The money earned from the buzz can be used for charity. You don’t have enough, even if we shut down the live broadcast, the advertisers are calling like crazy.” Chen was so excited that the show was no longer playing by itself as originally expected.

It is possible to play, but the heat has to be generated, too.

“Forget it, you go handle this matter, and, no matter what, the quality and safety of the products of these endorsement ads, you must give me a clear investigation, if they fail, you are doing harm to people, forget it, you are responsible for the brand contact, audit this aspect, I will let the dragon team side handle it.” Lin Hao know, especially some product endorsement, if it is product cla*s, if there is a safety problem, it is in harm’s way!

“Dragon, Dragon Group …… Mr. Lin, there are people you know within this Dragon Group? It’s too much of a fuss, isn’t it?” Director Chen was startled, he had only recently learned of this existence of the Dragon Group.

Many people next to him heard it and were scared enough, no wonder the fish circle had made such a big fuss recently, everyone with a clear eye knew that it was Qingya who didn’t know the sky was high and had messed with Nan Ge, thus giving a jerk off and also dragging a whole bunch of people into the problem of being cleared.

At first they all thought there was a big brother behind Nan Ge, but now they understand that the real big brother is here.

“They have time to come out, the various local Dragon Sects can just cooperate, they I trust, don’t ask blind questions, hurry up and go arrange it, also, turn the live stream back on, dammit, it’s only been less than half an hour since it started and you suddenly turn it off, what are you doing?” Lin Hao interrupted them, lest they continue to ask, it was pointless.

Director Chen had no choice but to open the live stream, and was already scared enough to see it again, “That, Mr. Lin, do you really open it? The live stream can almost be a fight, there are already over thirty million viewers gathered at this moment.”

“Holy sh*t? Let me take a look.” Lin Hao rushed over, Yun Qingya was also very curious and went over, only to be shocked to see the number of viewers online, there were really so many people?

The platform was so happy that their mouths grinned to the back of their heads, while they were busy and sweating as they kept streaming and adding servers, otherwise they would have exploded by now.

And all the other hosts on the platform were forced offline to make room for the live streams on this side of the platform, thus reducing the pressure on the whole platform.

“Boy, so many people? We’ve set a record in the history of live streaming, right?” Lin Hao was also a bit shocked, this opening was a king bomb, it was too hard to bomb, right?

“The record was broken long ago, so is the live broadcast still on?” Director Chen’s voice was trembling a little, this moment today was the pinnacle since he became a director, the absolute pinnacle!