Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2861-2862

Chapter 2861

“I’m telling you, there’s just over a thousand people, we can just talk about family matters, and when they get up later, make breakfast or something, this is experiencing life, understand?” Lin Hao stretched his back.

“This is now 20 million online viewers, it just broke through, don’t believe me, come and take a look.” The director Chen was speechless, and those viewers were happy to hear? 依闭闭意珊意依伍? The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people saying that this is too boring, it’s just a normal live broadcast, it’s not even up to the level of a variety show, is Chen’s team so rubbish?

However, there were many people who cursed, but after all, it had just started, so basically they were patient enough to continue waiting.

Lin Hao looked at Director Chen as if he was not joking, Lin Hao was a bit confused, there were really 20 million online viewers?

At this moment, Yun Qingya got up and walked out in her pajamas rubbing her hazy sleepy eyes, a handsome man is still not as exciting as a beautiful woman, no, just as Yun Qingya appeared, the live broadcast room exploded.

“Holy shit, who is this? The vegetarian guest, Yun Qingya? This seems to be a vegan, right? Damn yeah, so beautiful! Love it!”

“It’s Yun Qingya, a guest invited by Lin Ruo Shi, said to be their school flower, Yun Qingya’s good friend, it seems that the quality of Jinling school flower is really OK!”

“Vegetarian face so can hit the girl, clean and lively and eye catching, well done, the program team conscience, this is the real vegetarian ah, this is not know how many times better than those programs that play the star vegetarian face!”


“Good morning brother Lin Hao.” Yun Qingya rubbed her eyes and smiled sweetly at Lin Hao, that smile was charming and sweet to the heart, those two charming dimples were intoxicating to the heart.

“Good morning, you are hungry, right? I’ll go make breakfast for you guys later.” Lin Hao smiled.

“Yes, we can have Brother Lin Hao’s cooking again.” Yun Qingya was so happy that she was jumping around like a little rabbit, then when she saw so many cameras pointed at her, she hurriedly collected herself, coughed and asked weakly, “That, Brother Lin Hao, the show hasn’t started recording already, has it?”

“It’s started, but don’t worry about them, let’s do what we need to do, there are only a couple of thousand people in the live stream, why are you panicking?”

“Oh, 2,000 people is quite a lot.” The two thousand or so people are not a lot, but after all, they had the experience of performing at a school party, and there were more than a thousand students watching at that time.

“It’s ten thousand! Ten thousand! More than twenty million viewers!” Director Chen shouted in exasperation, Mud, how come no one really believed him.

The viewers were laughing, was the point and laughing point of the show the mc and the director disliking each other? Or is it just to piss off the director?

“20 million is 20 million, what are you howling about.” Lin Hao was happy and pulled Yun Qingya to sit down next to him, “Don’t mind him, we’ll make something delicious for him later, and let him have it.”

“Brother Lin Hao, this is not good, right?” Yun Qingya was a bit intolerant.

“What’s wrong with it, if you feel sorry for him, give him your share.”

“Huh? Then it’s better not to, actually it’s not much to let the director starve for a meal or two right?” Yun Qingya spat out her tongue, she was not a resident guest, eating one meal less than another, the next time she had the chance to eat Lin Hao’s cooking, she didn’t know when it would be.

Director Chen’s face was full of black lines, you’re going too far!

“Right brother Lin Hao, this card is back to you, I will pay you back, just next time can you not scare me so much, you have too much money in this card, it almost didn’t scare me to death, I can’t use that much. I just took two hundred thousand.” After such a flirtation just now, Yun Qingya had nothing to be nervous about anymore, just do what you normally do.

“Nonsense, I’m so poor, how much money can I have.” Lin Hao smilingly took the card back, at the same time was speechless, two hundred thousand made such a sad face, thought how big a gap it was, made Lin Hao directly threw her a ten million dollar card.

“This is still poor! Brother Lin Hao, you can still have more than nine hundred …… in your card.”


“It’s just over nine hundred dollars left, what’s all this nonsense.” Lin Hao hurriedly interrupted Yun Qingya’s words while muttering in a low voice to Yun Qingya, “Your girl is silly, as the saying goes, if you’re not afraid of thieves stealing, you’re afraid of thieves thinking about you, I’m poor, so poor.”

“Huh? Yes yes, brother Lin Hao you are too poor, so little money in the card, that’s enough, but you are so poor and still lend me money, this time I really thank you.” Yun Qingya, who reacted, was also very uptight and quickly changed her words.

These two people’s poor acting skills were still sparring with each other, watching director Chen’s teeth hurt.

“Master Lin, Xiao Ya, the audience heard it all, and the audience posted a pop-up saying that the two of you are simply unbelievably natural in your poor acting skills ……”

The viewer who sent this pop-up screen first froze, then reacted by directly laughing and almost knocked the laptop in front of him, and for a while the pop-up screen was all filled with hahaha.

Lin Hao did not blush and pretended to be very surprised: “Is that so? Then Director Chen, you see that I’m such a good actor, consider me for the next drama’s male piggyback?”

The next time you’re in the market, you’ll be able to get a good deal. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of how to do it.

The only way to be the narrator himself, announced that this program officially began, the next first phase, is a three-day live, and finally the wonderful footage of these days, will be edited into a two-hour-long highlights released.

Lin Hao ignored Director Chen and chatted with Yun Qingya, talking about this side of the show and announcing his over there.

The audience had never seen such a nonsense show before, and taking advantage of the novelty, surprisingly not many people were missing, instead, viewers kept pouring in, still maintaining an online viewership of around 20 million.

“Xiao Ya, tell me honestly, you were sullen for those two days, as if you had lost your soul, is it because the missing 200,000 wasn’t enough?” Lin Hao dragged Yun Qingya to the pavilion to talk, they weren’t up that soon anyway, so let’s just muddle through.

But Lin Hao did not dare to fool around, 20 million viewers, this traffic is really a bit too big, get it right, you can really do something.

Yun Qingya looked a little sad and shook her head gently: “Actually, yes, not really, just a little sad, but I also understand, the relationship is good, people do not borrow, there are reasons not to borrow, and this is someone else’s business, I have always comforted myself that borrowing is the love, not borrowing is the nature, and there is nothing wrong with what people say.”

“Is that so? What exactly is the situation?” Lin Hao was instead a little curious.

Yun Qingya sighed, her face a little embarrassed, she told Lin Hao that this was her best best friend, her family was quite rich, much richer than her family.

Recently, their family had taken a bit too big a step because of the expansion of their shop, and as a result, their capital chain had broken down, and they were short of a million dollars, and the family had borrowed from everyone, but they were still short of 200,000 dollars.

As a result, the other party refused without saying a word.

“Lin Hao brother, the hardest thing for me is that she told me that this industry is a bottomless pit, no prospect, fallen, throw in is to hit the water, she said, not to mention two hundred thousand, even if it is five hundred thousand, if I go to buy a house, buy a car, even if I take this money to pick up a handsome man can, but if it is this reason, she does not borrow, if it is other, not to mention two hundred thousand, five hundred thousand is not enough still can give me again.” Yun Qingya said and then cried a little.

“I just have a hard time, our family loves this business, it’s hard for me to be denied like this, and no matter what I say, she is not willing to lend, saying that lending to me is the same as harming me, I have a hard time, I can still understand, but when talking to Lin Hao brother, you gave me without saying a word, and once given is 10 million, not asking me what for, and not saying when to let me pay back, that That’s when my tears came down.” said Yun Qingya tears could no longer stop falling down.