Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2859-2860

Chapter 2859

Only as quickly as they gathered, they dispersed.

The half-bucket of high people from the village and the nearby villages rushed over, all of them attracted by the commotion here.

Arriving to take a look, they shook their heads and nodded again. The senior man from Cishan village pinched his fingers, then looked up carefully for half a day and laughed: “Everyone scatter, I said how they are so bold, it turns out that there is a high person in ah, all scatter, in the future whatever disturbance happens over there you should not bother, this is a high person helping our village to solve the back mountain is fundamental trouble yet. ”

When the villagers heard this, they were all relieved and went back happily to do what they had to do.

After all, the villagers were about to beat them up for what they had just said and how they had explained that no one was listening.

The villagers were about to beat them up, but with a single word from these half-baked people, they all went home happily and cheerfully, which was simply infuriating.

Shen Xiyan, who had never heard of the village rumours, didn’t think anything of it, but found the scene quite amazing, thinking it was a unique natural phenomenon that only existed here.

Nan Ge was even a bit excited to go up to the mountain to take a look, but she was frightened and was stopped by Director Chen, who told them that Lin Hao was dealing with something on the mountain and that no one was allowed to go up there.

Although Nan Ge felt odd, she listened to what Lin Hao said.

Director Chen was a smart man and knew that he probably wouldn’t listen to Nan Ge if he spoke, it was no use at all, but he had to move Lin Hao out and all had to be obedient.

The team was told that if they went up the mountain, they could only go to the halfway point, not to the top. Near the top, Lin Hao had set up a formation, so even if they wanted to go to the top, they couldn’t get there, they would just be trapped in a circle.

After the equipment team arrived and prepared for three days, they were finally ready to start filming.

But it was a lot of jokes, Shen Xiyan was scared enough: “No, why ah? Variety live, but, sleeping live too, huh? Sleep filming even if, how even bathing also ……”

Shen Xiyan are dumbfounded, could it be that he or she is Otter? Is the current era already so incomprehensible?

The live broadcast of food and sleep is not enough, even that is also live!

The first thing you can do is to find out that there are cameras all over the house, and you feel your scalp tingling. The first thing that happened was that she found out that there were cameras everywhere. There is any privacy all be seen the feeling of light.

“Hahahaha, sister-in-law you’re too funny, hahaha.” Nan Ge laughed so hard that she could barely straighten her back: “This is for the sake of truthfulness, that’s why it’s like this, so that the audience can understand every detail of the star’s life just.”

Shen Xiyan was red in the face, she couldn’t imagine this image, she wanted to run away, but Nan Ge quickly explained that when taking a bath or sleeping, or changing clothes, the camera would be covered up.

The other people were reminded to remember to cover the camera when changing clothes or taking a bath, after all, this is a semi-live broadcast, so if they are caught on camera, there is no chance of retraction.

After all, if it is a period broadcast, the post-editing can still find the cut, but there is no possibility to redeem this live format.

Later on, director Chen still out of prudence, after all, if things go wrong, it will be trouble, so the girls’ room, changing room and bathroom camera all removed.

With all this sorted out, it was finally, finally time to shoot!

The moment the live stream was turned on, countless curious pa*serby viewers, as well as Nan Ge’s fans, and Lin Hao’s and their fans, yes, they got quite a few fans too, just because of that one appearance at Nan Ge’s concert last time.

Not to mention that a show with such a novelty still makes a lot of people flock in to hunt for a hand, after all, there is currently no show that pairs vegetarians and celebrities, let alone one that dares to be filmed in such a semi-live format.

After all, shows that look even more natural actually have their own scripts, scripts designed to collide and thus provoke points to watch or discuss.

But with this show, having a script doesn’t help much.

Chapter 2860

In less than ten minutes after the broadcast started, ten million people had already watched the show online, and even the platform nearly collapsed as a steady stream of people continued to pour in.

The platform had no choice but to increase the servers to reduce the pressure, while the executives were so happy they almost laughed out loud. The company’s main focus was on the development of a new product that would be used in the future. The platform had to increase the number of servers to reduce the pressure, while the executives were almost laughing.

As we have talked about before, this time the platform donated 3 million to the Tianhai Charity Fund to gain access to this edition of the live broadcast, which could not be broadcast by other platforms.

The top bra*s who decided this at the time almost didn’t get a jerk off, and the opposition was strong, after all, a show like this is a big mess, and the only thing to watch might be Nan Ge and her invited friends in the circle.

As for Lin Hao’s family, it was very out of the loop at Nan Ge’s concert, but it still didn’t work, the audience was looking at the novelty, but what they feared was that the show would flop, after all, having a script wouldn’t hold up to a long live broadcast, the two sides stood in different positions and naturally considered different aspects.

Yet now the complete explosion of the show has made them happy, especially the platform executives who insisted on this decision are laughing their heads off.

Of course, this is just the beginning, still depends on the situation behind, if it doesn’t roll over, then this current situation, is absolutely bursting at the seams, completely bursting at the seams!

So explosive that both people inside and outside the circle, and even famous directors were dumbfounded, including director Chen himself.

Because with Nan Ge’s single call to action, it wasn’t this terrifying.

Originally installed a watch for each person, you can see the live stream pop-ups, now pop-ups a fart, useless, one did not finish reading, tens of thousands of pop-ups have pa*sed.

Chen guide can only choose to grab the pop-ups as they go, when the event, and because of the need for live streaming, only live split-screen.

Lin Hao got up and washed up, stretched out when he got to the door, wearing is casual clothes, looking like he came on holiday.

Lin Hao’s face fans in the live broadcast room exploded one by one, their eyes bubbling with peach hearts.

Lin Hao saw the camera over there holding up the lens all pointed at himself, while director Chen kept giving himself signs, Lin Hao was stunned, “Is this already on?”

The live viewers burst into laughter, teasing Lin Hao whether he was awake or blinded by his sleep.

After receiving confirmation, Lin Hao shrugged helplessly, “Alright, if it’s started, it’s started.”

Lin Hao leisurely ran to the kitchen to get a bottle of breakfast milk and sat down on the rocking chair by the entrance, leisurely sipping the milk.

Chen Guided cried and laughed, no, do you want to be so casual ah, although said to play by yourself, you really play by yourself ah? You should say a few words.

If it was a thousand or eight hundred viewers, even if it was tens of thousands of viewers, director Chen wouldn’t worry, but now there are more than ten million viewers, more than ten million pairs of eyes staring at it, big brother!

When the viewers in the live broadcast room saw Lin Hao like this, they were equally crying and laughing, is it really that casual?

So Lin Hao also got a new nickname: Master Lin! When Lin Hao saw that Director Chen kept giving himself a wink, Lin Hao simply looked away, not looking at his eyes, while muttering in a low voice, “Don’t give me a wink, I can’t see.”

Director Chen: ……

“Master Lin, everyone can hear you if you keep your voice down, this is radio is received.”

The audience burst into laughter, they could totally imagine that Director Chen was frantically giving Lin Hao a wink, only for the other party to mutter when he couldn’t see.

Although this beginning was indeed a bit boring, it was still quite hilarious.

“If you can hear it, you can hear it? By the way, how many viewers do we have in our live stream right now? We can’t expect me to warm up the stage, right?” Lin Hao shrugged his shoulders and continued to lie on the rocking chair, drinking milk and rocking it.

“You don’t need to warm up the stage, there are more than ten million viewers who would have warmed up the stage for you.” Director Chen shrugged, full of helplessness, he had wanted to secretly tell Lin Hao, but it turned out that this guy had no intention of paying attention.

“Ouch hey, over a thousand is quite a lot.” Lin Hao laughed, “Alright, don’t blow yourself off, over a thousand isn’t embarra*sing, why do you have to add a million at the end.”