Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2857-2858

Chapter 2857

“Nonsense, that’s why I chose this place, what are you afraid of, didn’t a master set up a formation to hold it down?”

“This location is a very good feng shui spot, with a mountain on one side and water on the other, but there is a dragon head here, and the house is built on the dragon’s eye. This has become a fierce place for bewitchment.” The reason why Lin Hao chose this place was because of the one-eyed dragon, wasn’t it?

Using this one-eyed dragon as the base of the formation and the fierce fatalities here as the eyes of the formation, he could set up a fierce killing formation, and then, regardless of the gods and demons, he could kill one or two of them, and none of them would be able to escape!

“Mr. Lin, you are really a master of concealment, you really know about this, it seems that I guessed correctly that night, it was the kid who came to trouble Nan Ge, right? After all, I’ve heard some rumours in the circle, especially that Qing Ya might have kept a little thing by her side.” When Guide Chen heard this, his eyes glowed as he looked at Lin Hao.

The other party knew about the situation here, and even more so when he knew so much about it, he still chose to be here specifically, didn’t that mean that the other party was an expert in this dao?

He had heard the commotion that night with his own ears, and he had his suspicions at that time, plus Qing Ya had that thing to help her, even if the energy Lin Hao mastered was powerful, the other party would not be able to fall so fast only.

Therefore, the reason for this situation was that either Lin Hao himself was proficient in this dao, or had the help of an expert in this dao.

“You know a lot, well, there is no need to worry about these things, besides, this is a place of great evil yes, but it is also a rare treasure, otherwise the villagers know this, but still questioned burying people in the back of the mountain?” Lin Hao patted Director Chen’s shoulder and walked alone straight towards the back of the mountain.

Director Chen nodded his head repeatedly, with Lin Hao’s words, he was not afraid anymore, his heart was at ease.

At the same time, he also admired Lin Hao, even in the daytime, he had to bring a few people with him before he dared to go up to check the place, even so, he was still scared enough, but Lin Hao went up alone to check the situation.

Director Chen ordered that day that no one from the crew, no matter who they were, would be allowed to go up to the back of the mountain, and if they had to, they had to get Lin Hao’s permission to go up there.

Lin Hao walked up to the top of the hill, which was the highest mountain in the village, surrounded by dense bamboo forests, making it difficult for the sunlight to shine down.

It’s no wonder that he didn’t come across anything, but Chen was scared enough just to take a trip.

The mountain is a completely different world from the one below it.

Lin Hao pulled out his Heaven Shaking Hammer and pointed it straight up at the sky with the handle in his hand.

There was a click!

A thunderbolt fell from the sky out of thin air, a flash of silvery light, and all of a sudden the wind howled around them, a gust of gloomy wind, the bamboo began to sway violently, and unused auras were rapidly converging in all directions.

This thunderstorm drew the attention of many people, especially the filming crew of the programme, Shen Xiyan and the girls, who ran out and looked towards the back of the mountain: “Strange? There’s no dark clouds in the sky either, let alone any intention of rain, where did this thunder come from?”

Director Chen was even more shocked, it was really a thunderstorm on a flat ground, after Lin Hao went up, he had been paying attention to the situation above, so that silver light thunder he was the one who saw it most clearly.

Chen never thought that Lin Hao would just go up and make this? closed the ground to whisk zero land zero wood? Such a big commotion, this is really something.

Chen Guided hurriedly dispersed the crowd of onlookers, Chen Guided knew that Lin Hao must be dealing with the problem up there, can’t let people to disturb it, let alone let people to mess up.

Chapter 2858

At this moment, Lin Hao was just about to make a move to finish off the four guys with fierce aura that had gathered in all directions, the fierce aura was too heavy, as if it was like four black dark clouds coming at a gallop with a terrifying feeling, but who knew that these four guys had just gotten a little closer when they suddenly fell down on their knees around Lin Hao and shouted, “Pay homage to the Heavenly Abbot with the surname of Wang.”

“What the hell?” Lin Hao some? Lu Jie Jie Jie Jie Xi? Confused: “I’m not a Wang Family Heavenly Abbot, and I’m not even surnamed Wang.”

“How is that possible, the Wang Family Heavenly Calculators are passed down from within but not outside, from male to female, it has always been a single lineage, no one outside the Wang Family has ever been able to hold a Heaven Shaking Hammer in their hands, unless ……” The four Fierce Furies who had arrived were a little confused, just like Lin Hao.

Lin Hao raised his eyebrows, “Unless their Wang family lineage voluntarily gives it to me, right?”

“Yes, it seems that it’s time, ah, we’ve been trapped in this place for a thousand years, we can finally be freed.” Deliverance?

Lin Hao didn’t feel right, things weren’t right!

Why was there a feeling of déjà vu?


Isn’t this the same routine as Chen Bei Xuan?

I’m still in the process of being calculated, aren’t I? And it was these guys who had already calculated and prepared for it a thousand years ago.

Lin Hao at first wondered how such a good place could be unowned and unoccupied?

Now he understood that it had been a fucking owner’s item all along, and it had been prepared for Lin Hao a long time ago, just waiting for him to take it over.

“I said that this looks dangerous and peaceful, and it’s even more obvious that someone has laid down the traces of an absolutely fierce killing formation.” Lin Hao breathlessly put the Heaven Shaking Hammer away.

“You are wrong, Master Heavenly Reckoner, this is not the Absolute Murder Formation, this is the Ten Directions Execution Formation, this place has gathered the Yin Qi of this place for thousands of years, as well as the Dragon Qi of this Dragon Vein, even the Elders of the Heavenly Dao Palace would have to die of hatred if they mistakenly trespassed here.” One of the Fierce Furies said proudly, and then his tone was somewhat despondent: “Of course, everything that was detained here will also vanish into thin air, including us.”

“However, we’ve wanted to be freed for a long time, we’ve been staying here for a thousand years, and we’ve long been tired of it.”

Lin Hao’s eyelids fluttered wildly, dammit, so fierce? Even the Elders of the Heavenly Dao Palace could be screwed over? That’s a Heaven’s Path Master!

Meow, Lin Hao suddenly felt that using this formation to deal with the Black Demoness, and the Black Demoness’ lapdogs, was a bit of a waste!

“Good, in that case, you guys should leave, if you are really needed, I will send you a relief, if it is possible, I can send you to reincarnation, but I don’t guarantee it.” Lin Hao looked indifferently at the four fierce drakes, he knew that these four were only the heads of this place, there was no telling how many more fierce drakes were hidden in the shadows.

Thousands of years of accumulation, is it not a joke!

“Then, I will pay my respects to the Heavenly Reckoner, we will retire.” The four clouds of black mist quietly retreated, and all was silent around them.

“No, it’s too wasteful, I’ll have to think of another way to do it.” Lin Hao gritted his teeth and borrowed another part of the feng shui alignment here to set up another fierce formation to deal with the trouble that would come next, lest it be wasted, not to mention that he himself was heartbroken, and Wang Sledgehammer would probably have to come running to smack himself if he knew about it.

Lin Hao took the Heaven Shaking Hammer out once again and set up the formation, and all the energy of the surrounding heaven and earth was at Lin Hao’s disposal.

The entire bamboo forest in the back of the mountain emitted an ear-splitting sound, swaying violently as the bamboo leaves fluttered down one after another.

Countless people looked at the back mountain in astonishment, including the villagers of this Cishan village, only the villagers’ faces were a little frightened, the sky was descending into a vision, either a great good or a great disaster was coming.

The point is that any great disturbance in this back mountain would not be anything good!

After all, there was so much commotion in the back of the mountain that the bamboo leaves were falling like rain, just like a typhoon, yet the rest of the bamboo forest was calm, not even a breeze, so the contrast made the commotion in the back of the mountain even more frightening.

Many villagers reacted to the village headman, constantly protesting that it must be because the arrival of the Life Experience Officer filming crew had angered the ancestors and that if they didn’t organise it, they would be in big trouble!