Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2855-2856

Chapter 2855

Lin Hao didn’t have the good grace to glance at Lin En: “After you praise me then use me to lift you up, people stepping on people high you are playing really 6.”

“Cough cough, nonsense, I didn’t mean that at all.” Lin En coughed awkwardly, but his face was full of smiles, obviously this guy was joking on purpose.

“Come on Xiaoya, don’t pay attention to him in the future, let’s go over there to the small pavilion and sit down and talk.” Lin Hao pointed to an ancient bamboo-built pavilion on the north side of the courtyard, from there he could look down and see just the small river flowing by the tall building, and looking up he could see the lush hill behind the house.

Lin Hao sat down, holding his cup of tea, leaning against the railing, blowing the cool breeze, really comfortable and comfortable, Lin Hao even praised himself for this idea, it is simply too wise to be a wise decision, and can maintain the family relationship, more leisurely and comfortable to live the life they like, this is much more comfortable than in school as a physical education teacher.

And it’s not salty here anymore,? A life of leisurely mountain village life! Rather, it’s a laid-back mountain village life!

It is Lin Hao opposite Yun Qingya looks a little nervous, looks restrained, open mouth language but somehow difficult to speak.

“What’s wrong Xiao Ya? Is it because it’s your first time recording a show and you’re nervous in front of the camera or something? Just don’t think about it so much, just think of it as a live broadcast, or just friends going out for a video recording, there’s no need to think about it so much.” Lin Hao thought that the other party was nervous about recording, after all, it was normal for a vegetarian who was filming a show for the first time to be facing so many cameras and knowing that there were countless viewers staring behind the camera.

“No brother Lin Hao, that’s not what I’m worried about, I, I just don’t know how to open my mouth ……” Yun Qingya was so nervous that she grabbed the corner of her coat and lowered her head, not daring to look at Lin Hao.


“Borrow some money.” Yun Qingya was well ah, plucked up enough courage to open her mouth.

“What?” Lin Hao’s eyes widened, looking at Yun Qingya in disbelief, in his heart he was secretly glad, damn, luckily he reacted quickly, just now when Yun Qingya said the three words ‘borrow some money’, Lin Hao almost blurted out a ‘not in person’.

“What did you say?” Lin Hao took out his ears with some disbelief, thinking he had heard wrong.

“I just said borrow …… uh, it’s okay brother Lin Hao, I was just joking.” After Yun Qingya was asked twice in a row, the courage she had managed to muster up eventually dissipated.

After all, the most iron people, can borrow all over, and Lin Hao non-relative, counted only a few days as her physical education teacher, is the father of his own friends, but with Lin Ruo Shi know is not too long, why lend money to her ah.

This time to invite her to film the show, is already a great help to her, if a little better performance, even if she does not enter the circle in the future, will have many fans, become a small net celebrity, can earn a lot of money, now after all is the fan economy, net celebrity era, the other party can be enough for her.

“No, don’t you interrupt.” Lin Hao said in no good mood, “I heard it all, didn’t say no loan, I just wonder, you just keep crying because of this thing ah?”

“I ……” Yun Qingya tears in her eyes, finally nodded and did not say anything else, the truth that it is hard to beat a hero with pennies is something she only knows now.

And she met the most chilling thing, or not chilling, just hard, after all, borrowing is the love, not borrowing is the nature.

“Silly girl.” Lin Hao took a look in his pocket, searched, took out a few cards, picked them out and picked one out and put it in front of Yun Qingya: “Here, this card is the default password, there’s not much money in it, it should be enough, let’s talk about it if it’s not enough. I thought you were in some kind of trouble, you’re so sullen, so it’s about money, take it to solve the problem first.”

Yun Qingya looked at the bank card in front of her in a daze, her tears finally fell down in a tense manner, “Brother Lin Hao, it’s hard to beat a hero with pennies, it’s only a few people that money can solve not problems.”

“Thank you, thank you brother Lin Hao, I will definitely pay it back.” Yun Qingya picked up the card and gave Lin Hao a deep bow.

Chapter 2856

Lin Hao was stunned for a moment, that’s true, only a very few people don’t need to worry about money.

But when he saw this girl bowing to himself, Lin Hao was angry and amused: “Don’t give me that crap, I didn’t say I wouldn’t let you pay back, and I didn’t pay you for inviting you here anyway. Hurry up and go take care of your business. Also, if you still have a bitter face after taking care of your business, get the hell out of my way.”


Yun Qingya couldn’t help but break into laughter and nodded heavily, but Lin Hao was a bit puzzled, what was so funny about his words?

Only Yun Qingya knew how cute and handsome Lin Hao was at that moment!

Lin En saw Lin Hao walking back and raised his eyebrows, “What did you guys talk about just now, moved the little girl to tears and bowed to you, was all cried out and made you amused again.”

“Asked me to borrow some money.” Lin Hao didn’t care much, but he was mostly puzzled, Yun Qingya’s family had opened a lot of restaurants, and the remorseless inn could be disposed of, so her family should also have some money, she should have encountered something, otherwise she wouldn’t have asked herself: “Call someone to ask, didn’t their family dispose of my former remorseless inn that shop, there should be no shortage of money, ask what happened. What’s going on.”

“So that’s what happened, okay, I’ll call and have someone ask. But I’m wondering why she asked you to borrow it and not me? I can still borrow three or five million, not to mention more.” This made Lin En a bit frustrated, he was a single handsome guy, Lin Hao was a family man, okay.

Lin Hao grinned, “Firstly, I’m more handsome than you, and secondly, people don’t know you well.”

“Holy shit! That’s so fucking solid, bye, busy.” Lin En was so angry that he turned his head and left.

Lin Hao’s side was not idle, as soon as Lin En left, Director Chen approached him: “That, Mr. Lin, there’s something I still want to confirm with you.”

Lin Hao was speechless and held his forehead: “Can’t you all give me a break? You guys can just make up your mind about anything, you guys can make the decision anyway, you can do whatever you want, don’t always look for me about trivial things.”

“Uh, it’s not a small thing, it’s a big thing.” Director Chen was embarrassed.

“Then tell me, how big is it?” Lin Hao skimmed his lips.

“It’s not appropriate to talk about it here, let’s go to the back of the mountain, it just so happens that there are some things you need to see in the back of the mountain.” Speaking of the back mountain, Director Chen’s face was a little backward.

“Oh? So you’ve seen it?”

“You knew about it early, Mr. Lin?” Chen Guiding was stunned, he thought Lin Hao didn’t know beforehand when he chose this house, he had just found out ah, it was after hearing all sorts of rumours from the village and then going to the back mountain to have a look around that scared him enough.

You know, some bosses and fish circle people, is the most believe in this, otherwise there is no Qing Ya raising small acacia this thing appeared.

It’s too unlucky to shoot in this place, and? Shan zero cover Shan Shan dye picking up the intention? It’s not safe.

The back of the hill is a local set of burial mounds, and a mass grave, that place, not to mention night, daytime look scary as hell.

The village people say that the feng shui of this high building is not good, and it’s a disaster, so almost no owner dares to live here for more than a month, or there will be an accident, but the only surprise is that no one has been killed.

Later on, no one dared to live here, and the house gradually fell into disuse.

Eventually, the house was left unoccupied but clean and beautifully restored, and it became the most beautiful house in the village, attracting many tourists to come here to take photographs.

It was said that the house was not for people but for those things to live in.

It was only through Lin Hao’s connections, and the stamped documents of the relevant authorities, that he was able to live in it. They had just arrived and the village people were already betting on how many days they would finally be able to last.