Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2853-2854

Chapter 2853

Chen Haobei stayed behind to protect Lin Ruoshi to and from school, and to keep her safe.

Lin Hao cautioned them to be careful first for the recent period, although it was highly likely that the other party would deal with Lin Hao and the others first.

Lin Hao knew clearly that Qing Ya’s death was aimed at him. Although he could not deduce more information yet, at the scene, Lin Hao clearly felt that Qing Ya’s soul was not there, and there was no trace of it being destroyed, so it was obviously detained and used.

What a ruthless way to detain a spirit and dispatch a general!

Lin Hao and the others had already started packing their bags, but Lin Ruoshi was reluctant and looked at Lin Hao with a beak: “Dad, can I take a break from school, I’ve finished all my courses, I can study on my own, if I can’t I’ll come back for exams, can I study on my own the rest of the time?”

Lin Hao stroked Lin Ruoshi’s head, “I know, you’ve finished your freshman year, I let you go to school, not so you can study, but so you can integrate into the same age group.”

Lin Ruoshi rolled her eyes, “Do you think that’s possible?”

Although Lin Ruoshi was still young, she had experienced a lot more than people her age, not to mention being far too smart for her age.

How is it possible? Grasping the West Love Flick Zero Grasping the Yi Zero? To blend in completely with those around you?

Geniuses and demons are lonely, and even people their age feel proud of themselves when in fact they are not, they just don’t know how to communicate with ordinary people, and frankly don’t have much in common.

Lin Hao sighed, it did seem unlikely, alas, no way, who let himself give birth to such an outstanding daughter?

“Let’s put it this way, let Xiaoya take over for you temporarily for the next few days, you will also become the resident MC from now on, aren’t there exams coming up in the next two days? If you can come first in all of Jinling in this mock exam, then I’ll promise you to go play with us and come back when it’s time for the exam.” Lin Hao laughed, although he said so, he knew that this matter was already on the board.

After all, he didn’t know what level his own daughter was at? However, for the sake of rigour, Lin Hao did not let Director Chen announce the news, Yun Qingya would still go as a guest and stay for a few more days.

“Really? Dad, you didn’t lie to me? Ma Ma, you heard it too, adults have to keep their word.” Lin Ruoshi’s eyes lit up, so she could go and have fun.

Apart from chatting with a few friends, it was too boring. The teacher understood everything, but she had to spend forty-five minutes in the classroom.

The key is that the teachers simply ignore it. At first they did, but after losing every bet, they almost let it go, and they even kept the precious thing for themselves.

“Okay, I won’t go back on my word, go back we’re boarding the plane.”

“Daddy hug.” Lin Ruoshi jumped into Lin Hao’s arms as if she was pampered for a long time before reluctantly seeing him off to board the plane.

The first to leave was the filming team, director Chen and others, Lin Hao and the other four residents naturally had to go together, the guests were followed by Yun Qingya, the other guests still had to wait for confirmation and then take time to fly over directly.

On the plane, Lin Hao noticed that Yun Qingya was a bit preoccupied, it seemed that from the moment she arrived at the airport, Yun Qingya had not said a word.

“What’s wrong with Xiao Ya? You’re not afraid of heights, are you?” Lin Hao teased with a smile.

Yun Qingya shook her head sullenly and still didn’t say anything, Lin Hao saw this and didn’t say anything else, but it was Shen Xiyan who pulled Yun Qingya to chat, everyone could see that Yun Qingya should be having some kind of trouble, of course the reason for opening up to her was simply because she cared about her, not because she was afraid that when the time came to record the show, her performance would not be good enough to affect the quality of the show.

The reason is that no one cares about this at all, except, of course, director Chen, who knows that they are there to record the show, but those who don’t know think they are a tour group going out to play.

Chapter 2854

Although this is a serious point to say that they don’t respect the audience too much, they have made it very clear from the beginning to the end that this is what they are playing with ah.

The location for the first phase of Life Experience Officer is tentatively set at a scenic old town in the south, the location of which is not announced to the public.

After a half-day flight and a day of trekking, the crowd finally arrived at the filming location, which was personally chosen by Lin Hao.

The broadcast was semi-live, basically in the form of an open live broadcast, while the post-production began to edit and pick up the exciting footage and images from the two days to make up an episode of about two hours.

This novel approach also made viewers incredibly excited, after all, such a format is really rare, and the semi-live format ah even with a script can not hold up.

Many fans even teased that this is not a life experience officer, it is simply a star demon mirror, after all, such a semi-live format broadcast, that even with a script can not always hold up, if not that kind of person, it is easy to reveal the shape, present the real side of the star.

“Wow, this goblet is too beautiful, isn’t it?” Nan Ge couldn’t stop looking at where they were staying for the next while, it was an ethnic minority village of tall buildings, Cishan Village in Ping Town.

It has a unique rural and ethnic minority style, plus the scenery is beautiful, it’s just beautiful, and their filming spot, a big gaucho? Fuzzy Er Ai Er Shan Dyeing Zha? and with the most beautiful scenery, backed by a large mountain, with a babbling brook in front and surrounded by good fields on the left and right.

It is very close to the county town, which is very urban, and this also happens to meet Lin Hao’s criteria.

He could enjoy rural life to the fullest and have everything he needed close by, especially if he was bored and could go to the city for a few days.

The house was big enough that it couldn’t be one person to a room, but it was still very nice, and Lin Hao decided to have them simply make the rooms large, with separate rooms for men and women.

The film crew was already looking for locations and angles to shoot, setting up machines and getting busy.

It was Lin Hao and Lin En who were a bit more relaxed.

Lin En handed Lin Hao a cigarette and laughed, “This is a great place you’ve chosen, isn’t it? The scenery is beautiful and it’s not far from the county town, it’s so comfortable.”

“Apart from the location and the scenery, there is also a very important feng shui position.” Lin Hao took the cigarette and held it in his mouth, and Lin En barley lit the fire for Lin Hao.

“Feng Shui position? What’s that say? Brother Lin Hao you are really ruthless, you know feng shui too, is there anything else you don’t understand?” Lin En felt helpless, ah, as a rich family’s grandson, not all of them were just wine bags who only ate, drank and played, they knew much more than ordinary people, just that when compared to Lin Hao, Lin En had no advantage at all.

Lin Hao laughed and didn’t intend to answer the question, he naturally had his own important reasons for choosing this location, he wanted to set up a huge feng shui game and keep watch!

Qing Ya’s death, he understood, meant that the black devil woman was starting to make her move on him, killing Qing Ya that day and using the detaining and dispatching of her soul was a sign that the other party was going to make their move.

It should be the work of Tian Lao Bajie, who had just become the black devil woman’s lapdog.

“Brother Lin En, Brother Lin Hao have some tea, I just made some tea.” Yun Qingya walked over with two cups of hot green tea and handed one cup to each of them.

Lin Hao was a little surprised, and turned out the cups of tea and casually asked her, “Xiao Ya, are you in a better mood? If you have something to say, let’s find a solution together, we’re here to have fun, right?”

“Yes, Sister Ya, tell us, what else is there that your brother Lin Hao can’t solve, besides, I’m still here, right?” Lin En smiled and patted his chest as he came up.