Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2851-2852

Chapter 2851

“If I hadn’t stopped you, you would have been locked in by now, look out the window if you don’t believe me and see what you have found.”

Qingya ran quickly to pull back the curtains, and the first thing she? Shan Shan shade zero shade pick wu er? What she saw were two police cars parked in front of the hotel, but these police officers were walking around outside the hotel, wandering around blindly, and they didn’t know what they were doing.

It was clear to Qingya that this was to arrest himself!

Looking around the hotel again, especially the big LED screen opposite the hotel were all without her picture, she noticed that all the posters and advertisements related to herself had disappeared without a trace, gone, completely gone!

The big screen had been replaced with Nango’s advertising campaign!

As it turned out, it was gone, everything was gone, and she was finished. What she had committed was enough to leave her completely alone in there for the rest of her life!

“Who was it! Who the hell did this!” Qingya raised her head, two lines of bloody tears falling as her face grimaced as she hissed at Tian Lao Ba!

She wanted to take revenge! She wanted to kill the b*****d who had made her this way, regardless of everything!

At the same time, her heart was filled with a sense of powerlessness. If this guy who didn’t know what he was hadn’t stopped those people, she would probably be wearing a silver bracelet by now. And with what revenge!

“It’s Lin Hao, their family and your rival are in cahoots, in order to snipe you and take revenge on you, this hand was all set in motion by them, in order to ruin you completely!”

“Do you think she doesn’t know what you’ve done to her all these years? She has been holding back and backing off, but only to reveal her foot in order to give you a fatal blow as you press on!”

Qing Ya clutched her head in pain and tore at her long hair, pulling off a chunk of her hair along with her scalp, hissing in anger to the point of sobbing blood.

Pain, a million times pain, everything she had was ruined, all ruined by Nan Ge, and the rest of her life was nothing but a cold prison!

No, she must have her revenge! She must have her revenge, even if it means death, she must have her revenge!

Qingya’s gaze grew colder and colder, the desire for hatred completely blinded her ……

It is worth mentioning that Qing Ya ended up in this situation because she was entirely to blame for her own fate, if not for this, even if someone had the intention to screw her, how could it be so thorough?

On the other hand, last night Lin Hao found Nan Ge and asked her if she knew someone called Qingya and what her relationship with her was.

Nan Ge first froze for a moment and then told Lin Hao what had happened, and Lin Hao told Nan Ge what had happened outside the Lin family.

Nan Ge was frightened enough, there really were such things in this world? And for the sake of status and resources, to do such a harmful thing? Nan Ge was really frightened enough that it turned out that the legend in the circle of going to the tiger to get a master to raise those things was true.

So her resources and status had fallen step by step in the past two years, and her spirit was getting worse and worse, and it was Qingya who had done that?

Eventually Lin Hao asked Nan Ge how he wanted to deal with this matter? Nan Ge said to report it anonymously, just don’t make such a big fuss on the internet taking up public resources, just let those who deserve to be punished get it.

So the matter was not made public, leaving a last shred of decency for Qingya.

But this silent explosion had an unexpected shocking effect, making those who were faint-hearted turn themselves in and run away, which was a hoot and everyone was in danger.

That said, at this point, Qing Ya had scratched herself beyond recognition, dripping with blood, making her proudly stunning face, which was now dripping with blood, as hideous as it could be.

“Master, Master save me! No, you don’t have to save me, help me, help me take my revenge! I want revenge! Everything I have is gone, completely gone, and I want revenge!”

“Everything, everything is gone~! What’s the point of me living, master help me take revenge, whatever you want me to do, even if it’s death!” Qing Ya crawled all the way to Tian Lao Ba, the blood from her knocked knee soaked the red carpet on the floor, she didn’t care in the slightest, as if she couldn’t feel a single bit of pain.

Chapter 2852

Qing Ya crawled to Tian Lao Ba’s feet, hugging his thighs and begging bitterly. Seeing that Tian Lao Ba was indifferent, she knelt down in front of him again and kowtowed with a thud, her forehead was broken and dripping with blood, which was very frightening.

“Are you sure you can do everything you say now? As long as you can take revenge, you are willing to pay everything for it, right?” The corners of Tian Lao Ba’s mouth rose slightly, revealing a cold smile, finally he had taken the bait, it was not in vain that he had made the trip himself.

“Yes! Master, ferry me …… ah ……”

Before Qingya could finish her words, she was directly slapped to death by the Heavenly Elder Eight, taking out Qingya’s soul alive.

Qing Ya still remained conscious, and her soul hissed with incomparable pain, that was painful to the soul.

Yet the more Qingya wailed, the happier Tian Lao Ba became, suffer, suffer even more, so that it could become the most terrifying blood grudge!

“Suffer! Be angry, be hateful! Remember your pain and anger! All this you have endured is because of Lin Hao’s gang, if it wasn’t for him, you would still be enjoying the spotlight shining on you, spending your days drinking and being surrounded by millions!”

“Remember your hatred, remember each and every one of your enemies, and I will grant you the power to take revenge with your own hands!” The Heavenly Elder Eight kept quenching Qing Ya’s soul, while constantly verbally guiding the anger and hatred within Qing Ya’s heart.

Under the guidance of words, the intense pain and anger completely enraged Qingya, and the fire of anger formed a blazing flame of revenge!

A column of blood gushed out from the wounds on Qingya’s body, all of which were absorbed by the spirit. The whole room was quickly covered in frost, the temperature dropping to a terrifying freezing point, gradually and completely transforming into a terrifying blood grudge.

The corners of Tian Lao Ba’s mouth rose as he collected it away and quickly left the hotel.

Because Zhuque had personally led a team to come and received a report from the department that an unnatural incident had occurred over here, the ordinary department was no longer able to solve it, and they could not enter the hotel to arrest the people.

When Zhuque rushed outside Qing Ya’s room, she was equally shocked, the horrible temperature, froze the corridor, the whole floor was directly blocked by the Dragon Team, Zhuque contacted Lin Hao, she was not sure if the Dragon Team could cope with this matter, it was not like the Illusionary Spiritist had done it, or Lin Hao had to go out.

When Lin Hao and Ao Dog arrived at the scene, they were equally taken aback by the terrifyingly cold aura of the place.

“The Ghost King has run out?” Ao Inu stared dumbfounded at the terrifying gloomy aura of the corridor, and he didn’t even dare to take half a step into it.

The few ordinary members of the Dragon Group who had gone in earlier had already been attacked by the Yin Qi and collapsed, dying and almost dying.

“What a terrifying aura, what the hell are those guys trying to pull?” Lin Hao couldn’t help but frown and used the Heavenly Dipper Five Thunder Technique to shake away the Yin Qi from the fallen Dragon Group members, and they were able to take a breath, but even so, they all had to be sick for a while and weakened for a long time. It took Lin Hao even more effort to dispel the Yin Qi from the whole corridor, and when he reached Qing Ya’s room, it took some more effort to get it done.

Lin Hao walked into the room and took a look, then shook his head and left: “Little Bird, the scene cleanup is in your hands, you should not go any deeper into this matter, let’s stop here, you can’t handle the rest.”

“Yes.” Vermilion Bird nodded, looking at the scene she knew that it was not a scene that ordinary people could cause, much less a movement that an Illusionary Spirit Master could make, otherwise Vermilion Bird would not have notified Lin Hao to come over in the first place.

At first glance she had noticed that this was not something they could handle.

Ao Dog took a look at it later and was also scared enough, what the hell? Serving Yi Ai Shan Yi Yi Wu Shan? s just too much ah.

The crew is ready to go, Lin Hao let Chen Haobei, Ling Yun and Ao Dog stay behind, Lin Ruoshi is naturally left behind, she has to go to school.

The two stayed behind and subsumed the dragon group to help solve some of the problems that the vermilion bird could not solve, after all, the current problems, not the illusionary spiritist will be able to solve all of them, but also need Ao dog and Lin Hao such capable people.