Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2849-2850

Chapter 2849

The little kid looked at Lin Hao, his eyes showing fear and trembling as he backed away, instead of coming closer, he tried to run away, obviously afraid of Lin Hao.

Chen Haobei’s face was dark: what the hell is wrong with you? You didn’t do anything to take care of this thing with your own hands, and you just consumed him alone.

“Come here, or I’ll hammer you to death! If you behave yourself, I’ll send you into reincarnation, to where you belong.” Lin Hao’s voice suddenly raised a few decibels, his aura was so natural that it scared the kid enough.

“I, I won’t go there, you’re bad, you bully my mother.” The little ghost regained its senses, but it still felt that Lin Hao was the bad guy and didn’t dare to come near, although it still remembered what Qingya had said, that it would kill Lin Hao and the others, but now it simply didn’t have the ability or dare.

“I bullied your mother? Who told you that? Your mother said that? What was her name?”

“It was my mother who said that, my mother’s name is Qingya, my mother said that you all deserve to die, that you are bullying my mother, and that if I help my mother kill you, my mother will be with me forever.” The little ghost stood up and glared aggressively at Lin Hao, only without the added Yin Qi, it was a bit milky and fierce instead.

The corners of Lin Hao’s mouth twitched, you’re a tiger brat, it’s your mother my a*s, but this kind of little thing, it doesn’t know anything at all, otherwise how could it be easily manipulated by the host who signed the contract?

Since the other party’s answer was the same as Lin Hao had deduced, there was no need to care.

“Be a man or a woman, bear it yourself, be rich and poor, at your own beck and call! Transcend in haste, go!” Lin Hao opened the pa*sage, and regardless of whether the little thing was willing or not, he directly threw it into the pa*sage and sent him off to reincarnation.

Such a little fellow knew nothing when it died, knew nothing, was not allowed to be reincarnated after death, and had to be manipulated to do bad things, sending it to reincarnation was the final result.

After finishing packing up, Lin Hao clapped his hands and turned around to see Chen Haobei’s expression of wanting to eat him, Lin Hao raised his eyebrows, “What for? I’ve recruited you, huh?”

“You are really …… really f*cking.” Chen Haobei pointed at Lin Hao, half a day unable to say a complete sentence, and finally huffed and turned his head and left.

When the two Lin Hao came back and saw that nothing had happened to Lin Hao and that the matter outside had been resolved, everyone was relieved.

“Brother Lin Hao, can I stay here for the night tonight? I, I don’t quite dare to go back.” Lin En looked at Lin Hao awkwardly.

“It’s not like there’s a ghost outside you’re not scared, but you? Jai er yi xi jai yi? Stay overnight if you want, we have plenty of empty rooms here anyway.” Lin Hao shrugged, then raised an eyebrow at Lin En, “But I think it’s better for you to go home, after all, I’m more attracted to those things, you live here, I think you’re more likely to run into them.”

“Holy sh*t, bye!” Lin En was so scared that he pulled his legs out and ran, he didn’t doubt Lin Hao’s words at all.

“So, that Mr. Lin, ah, what you said isn’t true, is it?” Director Chen was also scared enough, if he hadn’t been able to remain calm, he probably would have run to rub the car and run away with Lin En.

Just now, just listening to the commotion outside, all of it made him ruined.

“Look at you guys, I’m just teasing him, don’t think too much, there’s no such thing in the world, don’t scare yourselves.” Lin Hao said, greeting Lin Ruoshi and Shen Xiyan to rest.

But if Lin Hao didn’t say it, it was fine, once he said it, Chen was even more scared, “D*mn, how do you know what we are thinking about?

You don’t have any convincing power! Qing Ya waited left and right, but never waited for Little Boy until it was dawn, but still didn’t see Little Boy come back.

Although she was still mad, she felt much better, and she did not notice that the gloomy aura that had lingered between her eyebrows had dissipated.

The mark between her eyebrows had also disappeared. Raising these things was supposed to be harmful to heaven and earth; after all, the stolen fortune did not belong to her in the first place, and sooner or later she had to give it back in other ways.

Now that Little Boy had been drained of his Yin Qi by Lin Hao and sent into reincarnation, the bond between the two had naturally dissipated.

Chapter 2850

The family of Qing Ya, including the people behind her, were all taken away overnight without a word.

The implications are staggering, but up to now, not a single piece of information has leaked out to the outside world.

It was dawn, but Qingya was not the least bit sleepy, pacing back and forth in the hotel room, her face grim and grim.

“What’s going on? Why isn’t Little Boy back yet? Why? Lu dyed zero er closed yi serving steak? What!”

Her a*sistant had heard the news in advance last night and had long since run away, so where was she to be concerned?

The a*sistant had already seen yesterday that Qingya had gone completely crazy, how completely crazy, knowing that there might be someone behind people, and still screwing them so carelessly, wasn’t this looking for death?

However, the a*sistant didn’t get away with it, and was caught by the authorities on the way and invited to tea. Although no news has come out yet, there is no trace of any collaboration or programme related to Qing Ya overnight.

Even her advertisements and posters were cleaned up overnight, both in reality and on the internet.

Those who initially wanted to share Nan Ge’s cake with Qingya were now completely scared silly, and some of those who even thought they were related and connected to it were already preparing to run away.

Some of the more level-headed and less serious ones have gone to confess, and those who should pay up should be dealt with.

Qing Ya alone became a king bomb, blowing up half the circle.

Qing Ya herself, however, was still in a state of confusion at this point, still waiting for news from Little Boy.


The door to Qing Ya’s room was opened and Qing Ya jerked her head up, a flash of surprise in her tired eyes as she thought Little Boy had returned, only to find a man in black standing in the doorway shrouded in black Qi.

Qing Ya was so frightened that she backed away, “You, who are you? Are you a human or a ghost?”

“Heh.” Tian Lao Biao sneered, “I am not a ghost, nor am I human. You ignorant mortals.”

“Who the hell are you?” Qingya was very scared, not a human or a ghost, that would be a monster!

But with this virtue, no one would think he was a normal person, no matter who saw him.

“You are not qualified to know who I am, you still don’t know yourself when you are dead, I am here to save you!” Tian Lao Biao stared coldly at Qing Ya, his eyes full of contempt, and even doubted very much that such a person could really help his lord to accomplish great things?

“Nonsense, get lost! I don’t know you, and I don’t need you to save me.” Qing Ya was a little panicked in her heart, had her business been discovered?

“The brats you raised have already been destroyed, otherwise you think it would take so long for brats to kill just two or three people? You’re already dead, you can call and ask someone you know, you’ll know.” Tian Lao Biao spoke coldly.

Qing Ya shook her head repeatedly, it was impossible, Little Boy had never missed how could he have missed?

But the other party opened his mouth and said what he had raised, and indeed she did seem to be unable to sense the presence of the brat.

Strange, didn’t they say that if the kid was destroyed, she would also be devastated?

In fact, the little boy wasn’t exterminated, but beaten to dissipate the grievance and yin energy and thrown into the reincarnation, no different from being overtaken.

Although Qingya was hesitant, she would rather believe it than not. She first called her a*sistant, but the phone was switched off, and then called her manager, but there was no answer.

This time Qing Ya had already panicked a bit, and called one by one, one by one, everyone related to her, and without exception, all of them were out of touch.

“How can this be! If something happened to them all because of me, why am I okay? Why is this ……” Qingya was really panicking and took her phone out again and went online to check her news, only to find that the slightest trace of her connection had been erased cleanly.

How could this be possible!

Who had so much energy to destroy all her years of hard work in one move and one hit overnight!