Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2845-2846

Chapter 2845

“You go out first.” Qingya spoke coldly.

“Sister Qingya, don’t think out of your mind, although this time we have been banned and other brands have also terminated their contracts, but we have saved up a lot of money these years ago, we still have a chance, don’t panic.” The assistant was afraid that Qingya would do something irrational, like committing suicide or something!

Qing Ya had saved up a lot of money over the years, there was still a chance, not to mention that the attitude from above wasn’t very obvious to block her, it was just a brand termination and several local stations boycotting the block.

They still have a chance, what’s more, they don’t have it now? The girl’s name is not on the list. have broken negative news about her, they still have a chance to wait and see what the attitude is from above.

“I know, get out!” Qing Ya’s voice was a few more degrees colder.

But the more this happens, the more that assistant feels that something is not quite right, but Qingya’s attitude is firm, she has no choice but to go out, but just outside the door, not daring to leave too far, afraid that Qingya can’t think or something.

How many bad things had she done for Qingya over the years? If something really happened to Qingya and she could no longer be saved, then she would not be able to escape just the same.

“Little sweetie, come to mommy.” Qing Ya walked to the northwest corner of the room with a crazed look on her face and squatted down, staring straight at the hideous and terrifying looking child.

“Mummy.” The ghost child jumped into Qingya’s arms, and Qingya immediately shivered, forcing her heart to hold back the fear, but her body still couldn’t stop shaking, it was cold, and the Yin Qi kept invading her.

“Little girl, can you help mama kill all of mama’s enemies, all of them? I want you to help mummy kill them all!” Qingya’s face became even more hideous and gruesome, and her eyes glittered with madness.

“Little boy can help mama, but mama has to stay with little boy forever to do so.”

“Forever together!” Qingya’s body trembled violently once again.

How much courage she had mustered to stay with this ghostly thing, to share a room, to dare to do such a thing.

To stay with this ghost for the rest of her life, it was unimaginable how horrible it would be!

But hatred can blind one’s eyes and completely make one lose one’s mind!

So Kiyoa decided to throw her weight around!

She wanted all these people who had harmed her to die!

“Okay, mummy promises you, we will always be together, mummy will always love you, you just have to help mummy kill them!” Qingya was mad, completely unconcerned!

Guided by the ghost child, Qingya fed the ghost child with her own blood, and even swallowed the ghost child’s black blood.


The Ghost Child let out a low, beast-like roar, and a raging Yin Qi converged on the Ghost Child, dropping the temperature of the entire room to a terrifying level.

Qing Ya was shivering and shivering on the floor, it was too cold!

When the ghost child’s Yin energy reached its extreme, it walked towards the door and opened it with a click, turning into a sky of black air and quickly floating away.

The assistant outside the door ah shrieked, just now it seemed like an instant like falling into a cave of ice, she even hazily saw a black shadow flashing past in front of her eyes.

“Are you alright, Sister Qingya?” The assistant saw the door to the room open, but not Qingya, and the raging cold breath pouring out of her room.

She rushed in and saw Qingya lying on the floor shivering and hurriedly helped her up, “Sister Qingya what’s wrong with you? What’s happened?”

The temperature of the room made both of them shiver uncontrollably.

“No, it’s alright, after tonight, they won’t be able to stop me anymore.” Qingya’s teeth were chattering, and her body was shaking like chaff.

The assistant was alarmed, “Sister Qingya, you, you wouldn’t let Little Boy go, would you?”

“Didn’t you hear what the mage said! Once you do, there’s no way for you to get rid of it anymore, not even for the mage!”

“What are you afraid of! It’s me it’s haunting, not you! Besides, as long as it can help me out of trouble, what does it matter if it’s a human or a ghost!” Qingya had been driven mad and had completely lost her mind.

Chapter 2846

From a glittering diva, she had turned into a street rat, a cake that everyone spurned, and even a cake that everyone wanted to come up and have a bite of, only to throw it away like a piece of crap.

How could she bear such a huge difference!

Seeing Qingya like this, the assistant already understood that Qingya had gone mad, and even if she hadn’t, she had lost her mind, so she had to think of her own way out.

On Lin Hao’s side, he was still discussing the proposed guests for the first episode of the show, and he had already quit his job at the school.

But this thing is a real headache, choose anyone is not good, it seems too popular is also trouble ah.

In the end, Lin Hao directly shot, four MCs and Chen director, as well as Lin Ruo Shi, have the power to choose candidates, vegetarians occupy a third, and six people to choose, the total number of people shall not exceed ten, that is to say, their maximum reception, a period of no more than ten guests.

And because the first issue, nothing was ready, so each person could only choose one guest, that is six guests.

This was much easier to sort out, Lin En called on one of his friends, Lin Ruoshi called on Yun Qingya, Shen Xiyan brought Ling Yun, Lin Hao, Nan Ge and Director Chen each chose stars from the circle.

Apart from the one Lin Hao chose, almost all the others were friends they knew.

While everyone was discussing the event, Lin Hao and Chen Haobei suddenly stood up, their eyes alertly staring in the direction of the entrance to the Lin family compound.


Ao Dog scurried over from the backyard and stood beside Lin Hao, the three of them staring at the courtyard gate with a stony expression, Ao Dog twitched, “Not a good person coming!”

“What’s wrong Lin Hao?”

The crowd looked at Lin Hao and the others in bewilderment, wondering why the three suddenly looked as if they were on the brink of an enemy?

“Xiyan, all of you retreat to the house, no matter what you hear, don’t open the door, got it?” Lin Hao turned back with unparalleled seriousness.

“Dad, don’t scare me? What’s going on?” Lin Ruoshi obviously felt a little scared, what had happened to make them so serious?

Lin En even knew how powerful the three Lin Hao’s methods were, being so serious, something must have happened: “Don’t be afraid little shi, listen to your father.”

The temperature around them plummeted, all of them couldn’t help but shiver, Ling Yun’s face changed drastically, she was once a strong person too, she instantly understood the seriousness of the problem: “Quick, all go inside, hurry up!”

Now there was no longer any objection from anyone, although they didn’t know what was happening, things were certainly not simple.

“Let’s go, let’s go and meet him.” Lin Hao rushed out in the first place, and the moment Lin Ruoshi closed the door, she even shouted worriedly, “Dad be careful!”

When they reached the door, all three of them drew in a cold breath. Ao Dog had opened his eyes to Chen Hao Bei, so he could likewise see the ghostly child shrouded in blackness.

“Boy, what the hell is this?” Chen Haobei was really frightened, this child was so scary looking that it made people’s skin tingle.

The netherworld around it was so substantial that the temperature around it was going to freeze, and a burst of ice was falling.

“Kill you all, kill you all, kill you all for mummy so that mummy can be with Little Boy forever!” Little Boy glowed red, his expression so hideous that it was a few shades more terrifying than the monster’s, and the same words kept coming out of his mouth.

“Is this a grievous spirit? Or something, I’ve never come across anything like it.” Ao Dog had seen many of these things, but this time he was so frightened by this ghostly child that his legs wobbled.

Lin Hao did not say anything, stared at the little thing’s for a long time, suddenly found its brow with a bizarre rune, ? The first time I saw it, I was able to see it. At once, he came to a clear understanding, “It’s the tiger’s prevalent Raising Little Samuel, this little thing has gone completely berserk!”

“Damn, this is a problem, as the saying goes, the king of hell is good to see, the little kid is hard to deal with. We’re in big trouble, who the hell is driving this thing to get us in trouble?” The corners of Ao Dog’s mouth twitched, the other party’s aura was not something he could handle, this thing, the Underworld Road Guide couldn’t even send it away.