Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2843-2844

Chapter 2843

“Look at the ones that said before that people enter the ring cha rotten money, I want to laugh now!”

“I’m more curious, is a variety show like this watchable? Out of their own pockets, surely they can’t invite any stars ah, that circle of favors we all know how it is.”

“Shut up upstairs, not to mention Lin Hao’s family, even if it’s for Da Gezi we support it! If we can’t afford to invite a star to fly, we, the fans of Da Gezi, can crowd-fund it! Anyway, if the variety show makes money, it’s as if we’ve participated in doing charity.”

The matter was implemented quite quickly, and as Director Chen released the news not long after, more detailed information came out one after another.

That Linn had been messing around for a long time and followed suit by joining the resident, with Chen as the director and the name confirmed [Life Experience Officer].

The proposed guests are vegetarians and celebrities, but of course, these are the ones who asked to come over on their own, and many are friends of Nan Ge, who have also put themselves forward to come as guests when their schedules are suitable.

What’s more, people in the circle are smart people, and this big event has already made them understand that there are bigwigs behind this thing, and they want to run over even if it’s just to make a connection.

As for that variety show not variety show, it’s only that much money, they can instead be generous enough not to pay.

Previously, fans and even director Chen were worried about the problem of guests, he even wanted to mobilize his own connections and pull some of his circle friends to come as guests to support the door, but it simply did not occur to him that things were completely beyond his expectations.

The problem is not that there are no more guests, but that there are too many guests to arrange, and the key is that it is easy to offend people.

This variety show hasn’t even started yet it’s already completely on fire.

When Jun Wu Regrets and Mo Tianji knew the news, they almost didn’t get angry enough, Lin Hao really came back ah, but it turned out that he deliberately didn’t tell them.

They even called one by one to ask to go and play together too.

Lin Hao told them to be quiet, it would be bad if things got too big, and that only Mo Tianji and Jun Wu Ren would come over, so the others should not come and join in the fun.

But then Lin Hao realised that it was no use, even though Chen knew that Lin Hao had great power, but he couldn’t afford the power of capital.

They still came together to join in the fun.

Lin Hao himself didn’t expect that he would be looking for something to do, to have some fun, and to help Nan Ge, so that she could stick to her passion and continue to sing, but he had created a huge variety show.

Lin Hao had a headache at the moment, covering his head in his room, and there was a lot of noise outside.

“Dad, Yun Qingya and Xiao Yuan, they want to go too!”

“Lin Hao, my friends and they all want to go.” Ao Dog also howled at the hilarity, not even Ling Yun was left behind.

“No, brother Lin Hao, my friends they really want to go, although it’s still fine, they just find it old fun.” Lin En is also anxious ah, he has been an MC, this little power still has, right?

The key is that the actual guests for the first episode and the location of the shoot have not even been decided yet, but the internet is already ablaze, and the buzz is simply exploding, without any publicity from the team related to the show, but the effect is even more horrible than their deliberate publicity.

“Get out, get out! I don’t care about these things, you all go to director Chen, this matter is Chen’s conduit, it has nothing to do with me!” Lin Hao was so angry that he cursed to, unaware that he had gotten him into a lot of trouble after that one sentence.

But Chen Guiding is completely for Lin Hao to bear the battle fire, Chen Guiding almost did not directly collapse, it turns out that too much fire, is also a big problem ah.

Those people in his circle now haven’t even settled down yet, and now they’re starting to arch fire here.

Although things are burnt out, but now the heat is so big, originally director Chen was giving up his life to play with Lin Hao just to ride on a favor, after all, relying only on Nan Ge alone, I’m afraid it’s hard to last long.

But now the situation is completely different, Director Chen sees an opportunity, maybe this time not just to get a favour, he will also make a name for himself, so Director Chen is working like a chicken.


Various filming jobs and assignments, as well as location choices, have been put on the agenda and the only? Wooi Sai Sai Ai Sai Foo Lu? The headache is still the issue of guests.

Compared to the feverishness on this side, Qingya’s side is …… Qingya now really knows what it means to have the walls fall down.

Once friends have set aside clear relations, afraid to be implicated by her, the so-called friends, to now, all hate to backtrack to set aside relations.

As for those who supported her, who cares about her now that they are all in trouble with themselves?

In the past few days, she’s been overwhelmed by the heat of the new variety show, but her situation still hasn’t rebounded in the slightest.

She even went to quite a few people and contributed herself for an unknown number of times, only to be dumped when she ran out, no one really wanted to help her at all, only to eat while she could, and even to be cheated out of a lot of money, only to meet all those who took the money and didn’t do anything.

Now the fish circle, as long as there are people with brains, almost all know that Qingya is finished, no one can save her, she has offended the wrong people.

Although some of her resources are still there, she is already considering a change. There is no negative news about Qingya, but she has been dismissed from her contract, which reveals that something is wrong everywhere, so no one dares to start her easily.

Although it is not explicitly stated, everyone understands that Qingya is finished, even her manager has slipped away.

Her assistant was the only one still around, and looking at Qingya’s current appearance, cloaked and exhausted, the situation was many times worse than Nan Ge’s messy hair and veiled face at the time of the broadcast.

“Did you find out? Who the hell is doing this? Tell me who I’ve offended! That bitch Nan Ge has no one behind her at all, she doesn’t have any capital behind her except the company she signed up with, and now she’s even been released from her contract, there’s no way she’s behind this!” As soon as the assistant returned, Qing Ya pounced over like a madman, grabbing the assistant’s arm as if she had grabbed a lifeline and questioned her excitedly.

The assistant shook her head with a bitter smile: “I don’t know, there’s no way to find out what’s going on. But, again, there’s no way to find out, so now we can only guess.”

“There is no trace or movement on Lin En’s side, so there is only speculation, it should be that Lin Hao has a background from above, otherwise the first thing to be pulled is the hot search related to Lin Hao, immediately after that we were interviewed, but Nan Ge’s hot search was not pulled and left unattended.”

“What! He, isn’t he just an ordinary guy with a bit of money? At most, he knows Lin En, a gigolo! How is this possible.” Qing Ya was frantic, the others were investigating Lin Hao, and she had focused even more on him.

Because at first everyone thought that it was Lin Hao’s doing, but no matter how they investigated, Lin Hao’s profile was ordinary, they couldn’t see any problems at all, there were just some detailed information that were a bit different and couldn’t be found out.

“We don’t know about that, we can’t find out anything else about this person at all, but there is another possibility, that we have made too much of a fuss against Nan Ge this time, so that the top can’t see it?” The assistant frowned: “It could also be that the person behind you is not clean and the top wants to move them, so they’re just taking advantage of the opportunity to have a fit.”

“No way! Under other circumstances, I might think that’s the case, but this time I’m 100% sure that these people are targeting me! Those people behind it are also most likely to be brought out in one piece by my involvement.” Although Qingya seemed to be in a frenzy, her head was still incredibly clear.

This time it was a case of pulling out the carrot and bringing out the mud, and those people behind her were just being dragged along by her.

The assistant shut up now, if word got out, neither of them would survive. Although the people behind her knew clearly that it was because of Qingya’s involvement, but if it really got out, those behind her could get them killed.