Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2835-2836

Chapter 2835

Just feel like this is like a script arranged, deliberately self-directed this play, just to give Lin Hao family into the circle of the pavement.

“There is this intention, is to engage in some small variety ah or something, play that way by yourself, I see you withdraw from the circle, should not be too suitable for the atmosphere of this circle, but you like singing very much, so give up I think it is quite a pity.” Lin Hao finished and added: “And ah, if I really start a variety show, I can’t afford to pay you, let alone invite stars to be guests, think it over.”

“I’ve thought it over!” Nan Ge smiled sweetly: “I don’t want to be paid, I’ll go to any show you put on, for free, and I’ll even help you get some good friends.”

Nan Ge picked up the microphone: “Fans, viewers, you heard me, since my brother Lin Hao has said so, I will not take on dramas or movies in the future, if Lin Hao still makes shows I will go to them. Songs I will continue to sing, concerts should still be opened, semi-retirement circle.”

“Hee hee, you guys can’t eat brother Lin Hao’s jealousy oh, don’t say anything all of you can’t persuade me, brother Lin Hao three words to persuade.”

Lin Hao’s face was dark: “Can you be more obvious in your revenge? I really just saw your letter two days ago, don’t mess with me, are you really not afraid of your fans getting me killed!”

Nan Ge burst out laughing, all the fans in the audience burst out laughing, but many of them were looking forward to Lin Hao’s variety show, after all, Lin Hao is so handsome and funny, it should be fun to do a variety show!

The fans dispersed, and Lin Hao and the others went back to the Lin family, and even invited Director Chen to go with them, but Lin En followed sullenly, as he had become a human backdrop after going on stage, and no one bothered him at all.

But when he found out that Lin Hao was cooking again, Lin En was happy again.

Nan Ge was even more excited, rubbing his fists together, “Mum yeah, it’s been ten years, the delicious food I’ve wanted for ten years can finally be eaten again today, it’s moving me to tears.”

Lin Hao laughed and teased, “Director Chen, is this girl usually like this? Don’t her fans scold her for that?”

Director Chen laughed loudly, “No, this girl is not usually like this anymore, only in front of you Mr. Lin this way, and the girl is telling the truth, this is delicious, it is simply a five-star hotel chef can’t even compare, this is also the first time I have eaten such delicious food, thank you Mr. Lin for your hospitality.”

Lin Hao raised his glass: “You’re welcome, Mr Chen, thanks for today, I’ll take this favour down. Lin En you go back and tell your father, if Director Chen needs to invest, he can consider it at his discretion.”

Nowadays, the Lin family’s volume has doubled several times, and with a volume of 20 to 30 billion, it is enough to return the favor.

Chen director’s eyes lit up, he is not for this sentence? The first thing you can do is to ask for a favor. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a couple of days. This one sentence works better than anything else!

I’m sure my dad would be happy to do it, but I’m a little curious, brother, are you really going to do a variety show? What kind of show?” What kind of variety show?

Lin Hao looked at Lin En with amusement, “Tell me, what kind of variety show would be suitable for someone like me?”

Lin En was stunned and then looked at Lin Hao awkwardly, “Do you want to tell the truth?”


“Well, think Lin Hao brother you so salty person, even if you go to be a teacher, but also the most leisurely, the most salty physical education teacher, and the previous open shop bar, are too much customers to see, that must be more leisurely salty fish life variety show it.” Lin En heatedly laughed, he kind of saw, Lin Hao is again want to experience life, but also lazy to care so much.

To put it bluntly, he was a paradoxical person who couldn’t be idle, but couldn’t be diligent.

This kind of person cannot be idle and cannot be too busy, cannot be too far from the city and does not want to be too close to the countryside.

It is more eclectic kind, not bad near the county is good, can be urban can rural, belong to the more contradictory type of people.

Chapter 2836

“Hey, the whole thing is that you know me quite well.” Lin Hao laughed, “I think it’s fine, but I just have one idea, that is, I don’t know if Xiao Shi and Xiyan are happy to show their faces, after all, we are not short of the two money aren’t we.”

“Nonsense, if you are short of money, then our Lin family group is like a beggar on the street.” Lin En scolded with a laugh.

Nan Ge also couldn’t help but laugh, “Hey, then the money I’ve earned over the years is really, compared to Brother Lin Hao, a beggar who doesn’t even have a broken bowl.”

Next to him, however, director Chen listened with trepidation, “Damn, this, is this guy still a hidden tycoon?

Although this residential area can also be seen, just this piece of courtyard must be worth one or two hundred million, right, Lin Hao would not be too short of money, but how he did not expect Lin Hao is so rich ah, completely can not see, too low-key, right?

The company’s business is a good example of the kind of money that can be made available to the public.

Chen was curious but didn’t dare to ask, after all, even when facing Lin En, he had to be cautious, and he wouldn’t dare to ask a person like Lin Hao.

Lin Hao looked at Chen Hao’s hesitant look, Lin Hao couldn’t help but laugh, “Don’t listen to their nonsense, I am the legendary tycoon, not to mention not as exaggerated as they say, we are only a family of three with a deposit similar to Lin En’s family group. Uh, it’s everyone’s savings.”

“Dad, I have that much money?” Lin Ruoshi froze for a moment.

Shen Xiyan was also crying and laughing, “Don’t listen to your father brag, if I had so much money, why would I be the president to go?”

“Check it out for yourself when you have time, the password is your birthdays.” Lin Hao two two crystal clear bank cards, completely made of diamonds, with magnetic stripes inside, threw them to the two.

“Holy shit, a real dragon diamond card! Shit yeah.” Nan Ge excitedly snatched the bank card over and said excitedly, “Don’t say anything, just this card alone I know that Brother Lin Hao isn’t lying, besides, sister-in-law you don’t know how rich Brother Lin Hao is.”

Director Chen also couldn’t help but twitch, the True Dragon Diamond Card, I think he had heard of it, it was a legendary thing, besides being rich, you had to have an incomparably lofty status.

Lin Ruoshi and Shen Xiyan mother and daughter both looked at Lin Hao curiously, equally full of questions, did their own family really have so much money? Just like a certain onion, who always thought his family was ordinary? But it turned out to be a family with an unbelievable amount of money?

The reactive director Chen hurriedly stood up, what came next was no longer what he should hear: “That, you guys talk first, I think I still have some things to take care of, by the way, Mr. Lin, if you really want to make a variety show, I hope to take on the role of executive director without a penny of remuneration.”

Chen director also knows to take the opportunity to close the relationship, as long as you enter the circle, then? The first thing you need to do is to get into the circle. What he gets is not simply money and resources.

It’s status, status! In this circle, the most important thing is seniority and status, he is quite a successful director, but the real core circle, basically can not look at him.

“Director Chen has said that, so let’s not get busy with your business first, let’s finalise this matter first.” Lin Hao laughed.

Director Chen sat down with a smile, this was considered an endorsement, and he was no fool.

“Lin Hao, who did you rob and why are you so rich? I really don’t remember anything from before.” Shen Xiyan looked at Lin Hao in bewilderment, looking at everyone like this, Lin Hao really had so much money, which was understandable, if Lin Hao really didn’t have all this capital, how could he net know these great and powerful people?

“What robbery or not, I’ll talk to you guys about this later.” Lin Hao laughed, letting them know too much would easily scare them.

“Well, if I have this money, why should I go to work? I’ll go play with you, and that variety show you mentioned is pretty good. I’ll be a star too.” Shen Xiyan looked at Lin Hao with a smile.