Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2831-2832

Chapter 2831

“Didn’t you say that it was just friends?” Shen Xiyan spoke indifferently.

Lin Ruoshi also glared at Lin Hao with an unpleasant expression, “Dad, shouldn’t I be ready to welcome my new mama?”


Lin Hao’s mouthful of old blood!

“Don’t fool around, there’s no such thing, well, the director has informed me that my mai is about to open.” Lin Hao hurriedly interrupted them, because just now, Director Chen’s voice rang out in his headphones, saying that his mike was already on, and as long as he needed to turn it on manually he could make his voice, resound throughout the stadium.

Shen Xiyan looked at Lin Hao in astonishment, he was actually able to contact the planning director of this concert?

Wasn’t her own husband just outstanding in his abilities and so unbelievable in his connections?

After seeing Lin En beside Lin Hao, Shen Xiyan realized that indeed, her husband’s connections were indeed extensive, nothing strange, after all, he knew all the big stars as popular as Nan Ge, and was still a good friend, nothing strange.

“Thank you all, thank you all for following along these days, this is the last song of this concert, in fact, many fans should know it, this concert is my last concert, from now on I’m leaving, from now on I hope you can treat me as an ordinary person.” Nan Ge’s voice is choked with sobs, for this stage, she is full of reluctance, for the fans, also the same no? Flicking Lu Ai zero Yi Ai Yi Er? The first time I saw her, I was so happy to see her.

The fish circle’s atmosphere, which she is really uncomfortable with, is overwhelming her and she can’t hold on anymore.

The fans in the audience were crying, shouting words of encouragement, but Nan Ge had made up her mind and resolutely turned around.

At the moment when Nan Ge turned around, Lin Hao’s voice suddenly resounded throughout the stadium.

“Why are you thinking of quitting? You sing so well, it’s a pity that you suddenly stop singing.”

Nan Ge froze violently in place, and the fans around him froze, some with confused faces, not knowing what was going on.

Who was this person speaking?

Nan Ge turned around haughtily and hurriedly looked towards the seats she had left, only to find that the three seats were still empty.

Nan Ge’s body trembled with excitement, but when she saw the three empty seats, she was filled with despondency and helplessness.

Now those fans were even more odd, debating who this person really was. How could a single word make Nan Ge react so much.

Nan Ge took the microphone but didn’t dare to speak or confirm, she heard such a familiar voice, but she saw the empty seats and she didn’t dare to confirm again.

“Hello everyone, now we have our special guest warm-up for this concert! Mr. Lin Hao!” The host spoke up at the right time.

And the spotlight fell on Lin Hao’s side.

“Ah ……” Nan Ge shrieked, it was really him, this guy, this bastard, he was obviously here, why didn’t he go and sit in the seat he was sent to?

Listening to the host’s introduction, and Nan Ge’s excited reaction, the fans in the room were confused.

What the hell?

Who is Lin Hao? Was he a star too? Or a singer? I’ve never even heard of him!

Also, didn’t we just say that the concert was over? How come there was a special guest to warm up the audience?

What the hell, is there even a script for a concert these days?

But many true fans suddenly reacted: “Damn, no way? Could it be that Lin Hao is the scum that Nan Ge has been pining for since her debut?”

“Mud, if that’s the case, I’ll have to spray him to death! How could he bear to keep Nan Ge waiting for so long? Scum, fuck him!”

Under the spotlight, Lin Hao stood up and walked towards the stage, and the lights followed him all the way. People around saw Lin Hao and were dumbfounded, exclaiming, “So handsome, this can’t be a vegetarian, right? My god, worthy of Nan Ge, his vision is just high, he’s even more handsome than those stars, love it!”

Even many of the celebrity friends who came to the circle, also looked at Lin Hao curiously, they were very curious, was Lin Hao always the one in the legend?


Lin Hao had only just reached the edge of the stage when Nan Ge was already excitedly carrying her skirt and running towards Lin Hao on her high heels.

Lin Hao huffed and flirted helplessly, “Slow down don’t fall, if you really fall your fans are going to hit me, I guess you won’t be able to stop them.”

Many people were amused by Lin Hao, but Nan Ge didn’t say a word, tears slipping from the corners of her eyes, still running towards Lin Hao.

Lin Hao had just stepped onto the stage, and Lin Hao awkwardly opened his hands, hugging neither, nor not hugging either.

“Brother Lin Hao.” Nan Ge shouted with an aggrieved cry, “Why, why don’t you sit in the seat I sent you, I’ve sent you tickets for nine years, written letters for nine years, you haven’t even written back, did you secretly find a seat for yourself to watch the concert at every concert?”


This could be heard by everyone, the whole room was in an uproar, standing up in excitement, the people in the back row were also picking up binoculars to get a good look at Lin Hao.

“Holy shit, it’s really him!”

“I’m so envious I want to cry, the goddess actually sent him a ticket for nine years and wrote a letter for nine years, a handwritten letter! You may not have touched me, but I’ve touched myself!”


Lin Hao is quite helpless: “You think too much, I just came to this one, the letter you sent me and the tickets, I just saw it two days ago and thought I’d come and surprise you.”

Nan Ge let go of Lin Hao and looked up at him with teary eyes, “Really? I thought you deliberately didn’t write back to me.”

“Don’t cry, you’re still acting like that little kid from back then.” Lin Hao stroked Nan Ge’s head and looked at him like a crybaby sister.

This head touch caused the fans to explode, the whole place exploded ah.

“Let’s go, sing a song together, after all, the host has said I’m the warm-up guest, I have to deal with it, it’s not me who’s scolded for singing badly anyway.” Lin Hao smiled.

“Okay? Then what song do you want to sing, Brother Lin Hao?” Nan Ge was so happy that she turned good in seconds, her eyes all lit up with little stars.

The fans were all watching this scene, they had never seen Nan Ge so happy before, they couldn’t hide their love for her.

“Just the last song you sang just now, it just so happens that I’ve heard it before, I don’t know any of your songs either.” Lin Hao shrugged his shoulders.

“Hmph, you haven’t even heard my song, bully.” Nan Ge pretended to be angry and brushed her mouth off.

But anyone could see that Nan Ge? Lu Shan Di Di Flicking Servant Servant? wasn’t really angry.

As the music started, Nan Ge’s song slowly rang out, “The mountain wind gently swings its tail ……”

One by one, when Lin Hao’s song rang out, it instantly set off the whole audience, originally thought it was just a bronze, but it turned out to be a king, and his voice was nothing less than a professional singer.

“I’m numb! This dude is too showy, right? My scalp is tingling from the show!”

“Oh my god, look at Nan Ge happy like a child, when has Nan Ge ever been so obedient, so well behaved, he said one word, Nan Ge is so well behaved like a child, oooh, I lost my love, I can say, I agree to this marriage!”

“I agree to this marriage too! After all, Nan Ge is the woman we’ll never get, look how handsome he is and how well he sings, it’s a perfect match! Look at the way Nan Ge looks at Lin Hao, she can’t hide her love, it’s all little stars!”

“It feels so good to lose your love on the same day ……”

And Shen Xiyan and Lin Ruo Shi listened to the chatter around them with a helpless face, even Lin En had an odd look on her face, “I have a feeling, will those fans curse if they know the truth?”

“Cut, I don’t know if they curse their mother, I don’t know if Nan Ge is the woman they can’t get, but I only know one thing, my dad is definitely the man they can’t get.” Lin Ruoshi spoke proudly, amusing Shen Xiyan and Lin En who both laughed with joy.

“Pendulum swings to find a place to forget ……”

Lin Hao’s voice fell slowly as he sang the last line.

The whole room was silent for a few seconds, and then there was thunderous applause and cheers and screams.