Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2827-2828

Chapter 2827

“What? Brother Lin Hao, you, you didn’t lie to me? Nan Ge has been sending you letters for almost nine years? You’ve been sent tickets to every concert!” Lin En on the other end of the phone shouted out of breath.

Lin Hao hurriedly held the phone away from him and took out his ears, “Are you alright? What kind of strange concerns are they, I asked you for the number of the planning director for this concert and you’re telling me this?”

“No! That’s too fucking generous, isn’t it? We’re still in touch with each other, we’re friends! Fuck, she won’t even give me a ticket if I ask her through the back door, she won’t even give me money! It’s a sin, she gives it to you every time and you don’t even want it, don’t treat her so differently!” Lin En couldn’t cry, the difference between people is so big!

“Looks like you’re not too angry, that’s it then, hang up.” Lin Hao rolled his eyes, I’m not here to talk to you about this, if you don’t tell me, I’ll find someone else to ask.

“No, no, no, don’t hang up yet, I’ll send it to you later, can’t I still have a couple of complaints if I’m not balanced in my heart?” Lin En laughed bitterly and said, “This time that concert venue is provided by our family, come to my house, the planning director is at my house right now.”

Lin Hao huffed and hung up the phone, the planning chief director was at your house, you still lacked tickets?

Besides, Lin En as a rich son of a family, Nan Ge did not send him tickets, he can not have tickets? The ability to pay money is invincible, okay? Lin Hao drove to Lin En’s house according to the address. This was also the first time Lin Hao met Lin En’s father, a middle-aged man in good spirits.

Lin En’s father was equally excited to see Lin Hao, and was so respectful and polite that he knew that the Lin family’s group and Chen Youde’s new company were now the real big brothers in Jinling.

And the Lin family is in first place, Chen Youde knows that it is all because of Lin Hao’s light, and also knows the degree, so voluntarily submit to the second.

But both of them know very well that all this is brought about by Lin Hao. Without Lin Hao’s help, they are afraid that they will simply fade away in this, a war without smoke and mirrors, where there is still a chance to rise ah.

Behind them was another man in his fifties, dressed in a suit, very stylish and fashionable, a man of the world, an old gun.

This is the chief planning director of Nan Ge’s concert in Jinling, this person is also a person of the essence, although look at Lin Hao dressed plainly, not what high luxury brand decoration, it can be said that apart from the extraordinary temperament and look more handsome than the stars are a few points, but just look at the attitude of the two Lin family father and son, instinctively feel that this person is not simple.

The stars and directors of the fish circle are unattainable in the eyes of ordinary people, but only they really know that it is the capital that controls their lifeline, and the real power of speech is in the hands of the capital behind them.

And the person who makes the leading director of Jinling treat him so politely, can he be a simple person?

Director Chen walked up quickly and shook hands with Lin Hao very politely, “Hello Mr. Lin, I’m Director Chen, just now I heard Mr. Lin En say that it was you who was looking for me for some business, right?”

Lin Hao smiled and shook hands with the other party, “You’re welcome, Director Chen.”

Although Lin En’s father also wanted to get in touch with Lin Hao more and improve his relationship, in the future, just by saying it out loud, as long as he didn’t make a fool of himself, Jun Wuhui and Mo Tianji, the bigwigs who had long since retired to the backstage, would have to give him some face ah.

But he is likewise? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

“Actually it’s nothing big, just a small matter I want to ask a favour from director Chen, Nan Ge and I have actually been friends for many years, some long time no contact, I want to give her a surprise, after all, after so many years of giving away tickets, I haven’t even been to the concert.” Lin Hao smiled.

Chapter 2828

“Ah! Mr. Lin, you, you are the mysterious man that Nan Ge can’t stop thinking about, my god, I’ve finally met the real person.” Director Chen was even more stunned after hearing that, so it was him!

He was still wondering, with Nan Ge’s status in the fish circle nowadays, how could anyone not dump her, the people she didn’t dump could circle the globe.

Now after seeing the real person, and with the way the two Lin family fathers and sons treated Lin Hao, it was only natural for Director Chen to think that Lin Hao wouldn’t dump Nan Ge again.

Lin Hao was quite surprised: “You know me, Director Chen?”

“I don’t know, but all have heard about it, it’s not a secret in the fish circle anymore, even Nan Ge’s fans know about it, every concert Nan Ge will reserve three seats, and every time he will have his assistant send a letter a few days in advance and stuff in three VIP seats for the concert, but who it’s sent to, we don’t know, even the name is not clear to us , just curious.”

The only thing we know is that this person is probably from Jinling, and the letter was sent to Jinling, so it seems that this is not a coincidence.

Lin Hao quickly waved his hand, “Director Chen, don’t misunderstand, we are friends, as for the fact that I haven’t gone to her concert for so long, it’s purely because of personal reasons.”

Lin En also helped to explain next to him, and Director Chen likewise said yes repeatedly, but it was hard to say whether the other party believed this statement or not.

Lin Hao’s request was told to director Chen, that is, to finally give Nan Ge? The first thing he did was to give Nan Ge? A surprise, interact with Nan Ge on stage, of course, if she does not want to withdraw from the circle Lin Hao can still do a favor.

The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

After discussing a few more details, Lin Hao drove off, and Director Chen also hurriedly said goodbye to the Lin family and son, and rushed back to plan with the relevant departments, but of course, this matter had to be hidden from Nan Ge, so that Nan Ge would not notice.

Inside the presidential suite of the five-star hotel in the southern city of Jinling, a beautiful woman with an enchanting figure and wearing a cheongsam stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, from where she could just look into the situation inside the Jinling Stadium from a distance.

Behind the dainty woman was an assistant in a lady’s suit.

“She is sensible enough to take the initiative to withdraw from the circle.” The dainty woman sneered, this woman was beautiful, but her face was full of meanness between her features, and her brows were full of viciousness, a true snake scorpion beauty.

In the past two years, if one paid attention, one would have noticed that Nan Ge, who had been a steady opponent of Qingya, was gradually losing resources for various reasons, and her status was becoming unstable.

The first time I saw her, I was able to see that she was losing resources for various reasons, and her position was becoming unstable.

“Sister Qingya, with it, this supreme altar of actresses is definitely yours. As for Nan Ge, heh, it’s just a yellow-haired girl with a bit of luck, but she’s really not stopping, she can’t help but make some noise even though she’s about to retire from the circle.” The assistant next to her said disdainfully, the look between her eyebrows was the same as Qing Ya’s, both were ruthless and poisonous characters with uncomplicated methods.

“Oh, let her toss it one last time, I’ll give her the decency to leave. Although we are in competition, to be honest, she is so sensible to retreat again and again, it makes me a bit uncomfortable to put her to death, let her bounce around for a while longer.” After saying that Qingya said towards the empty northwest corner of the house, “Little girl, come back, let’s not go messing with her tonight and give her a decent time.”


A cloudy wind blew up from the northwest corner, as if in response to her.