Super Son-in-law Chapter 2807-2808

Chapter 2807

“Skylark, you’re finally here.” Shen Xiyan was finally relieved to see that Zhuque had led so many combatants to come, and as for seeing the guys that the gang was holding, she was already surprised to see them, and there seemed to be nothing to be surprised or surprised about.

“Sister-in-law, are you alright?” Vermilion Bird held Shen Xiyan, who was a little pale though, but luckily Chen Haobei was protecting her and was not seriously hurt.


At this time, that? Di Yi closed the service and dyed Yi Shanshan? Each of these puppets had bloodshot eyes and let out an angry roar as they began to charge towards them ferociously, looking incomparably vicious and brutal.

“What’s wrong with these people? Are they being controlled?” Vermilion Bird was also scared enough to see the scene in front of him, how could there be so many frenzied people?

There had to be hundreds or thousands of them, and the key was that these people were getting them and they couldn’t do anything about it.

“Cut the crap, kill, kill them all! Those are all paper puppets, not real people.” Chen Haobei, who had managed to catch his breath, hurriedly shouted.

“Paper man puppets, that, how is that possible, are you sure?” Zhuque was very skeptical, how could a paper man be made so realistic?

“It’s true, I just saw with my own eyes that Xiao Bei chopped off one of their hands, the wound didn’t bleed at all, and the arm that fell to the ground turned into paper mache!” Shen Xiyan was also busy helping to explain.

“Do it! Hit their arms and legs to confirm if they are paper people first!” Even so, Zhuque did not dare to give a direct order to execute them.

The Dragon Team decapitating unarmed ordinary people was a crime they couldn’t afford!


Bang bang!


The Dragon Warriors didn’t dare to waste their aura and pulled out the weapons they had with them, and shot these people in the face, only to find that they were really paper people.

Hundreds of people armed with AK47s burst out, a one-sided battle, these paper people were directly smashed, and one bullet can directly penetrate a dozen paper people!

The only way to prevent them from getting up again was to smash them all.

“No! Quickly settle the fight, they’re starting to manipulate real people to blend in!” Vermilion Bird, who was standing high up watching the battle, paled as those people lying unconscious on the ground slowly woke up and actually got up and mixed in with the paper people.

This was a problem, it would be bad if they got hurt by mistake!

It was only through Chen Haobei’s explanation that Zhuque learnt that the unconscious people lying on the ground were the real living ones.

The cars around them started to roar, and the living people, who looked like puppets, looked dazed and had no eyes, joined the paper people and started to surround them, and the drivers were controlled to step on the accelerator, targeting the Dragon Squad!

This is a big problem!

There was no point in them attacking once the living people were mixed in!

“Break out and break the formation! Forget about these people, let’s get out first~! They haven’t dared to use these living people, proving that they don’t dare to kill people on their backs easily either!” Chen Haobei was quick to react, he had recovered some of his aura while the Dragon Group was on top.

Although it was not ten to one compared to the full victory state, it was still much better than just now.

Vermilion Bird nodded and immediately arranged to divide into three groups from what they had originally come in, two of which broke the formation in succession, while another group was responsible for using their aura to shake these guys who rushed over, whether they were crazy paper people or those who were alive, and send them flying out without dying!

“Release!” Dozens of aura rays converged in one place and exploded in a dazzling and eye-catching brilliance, the invisible wall created violent ripples and looked like it was about to crumble, but it simply couldn’t break!

Vermilion Bird was dumbfounded: “What, what’s going on?”

“It’s not right, this barrier wasn’t this hard and strong when we came in.” Vermilion Bird was really a little confused.

Chen Haobei let out a bitter smile, “There are two possibilities, firstly, they let you guys in on purpose, secondly, you guys broke through the formation and used up a lot of aura to get in, there is almost no way to recover aura here. Therefore it is possible that quite a few of this barrier has become stronger, but rather your output has become weaker.”


Chapter 2808

Jubilee holds her forehead: ‘Probably both! These? The son of a bitch wants to make us look like we’re here? And then have these paper people tear us alive?”

The disciples of the Heavenly Dao Palace had indeed planned to do so, relying on these paper people to tear them apart alive, and ideally to capture Shen Xiyan as well.

Because of the manipulation of these living people entangled with the paper people, they simply did not dare to make a move easily, this was their greatest reliance, after all, if they killed these people by mistake, the karma was borne by whoever killed them.

Even if they would be implicated a little, it was not serious! Vermilion Bird had no choice but to continue to send more men and began to continue to break the formation, however the number of men continued to increase to fifty, which only managed to break through one barrier, only to have a second barrier appear not even two metres away.

“Can’t get out!” Vermilion Bird and Chen Haobei looked at each other and spoke in tacit agreement; at this rate of progress, they would not be able to get out at all.

The barrier was hindering them, but not these paper people.

On the one hand, they had to break the barrier, and on the other hand, they had to block these paper people, their aura simply could not hold up, less than a third of them could still maintain half of their aura at their peak now, so breaking out hard like this was simply impossible.

This time they had truly seen how terrifying the Heavenly Dao Palace was, lending themselves to the momentum and the formations to it, converging the forces of heaven and earth around them into formations that trapped them to death.

“I found out how to distinguish between real people and paper people, their eyes are different.” Shen Xiyan suddenly spoke, since she couldn’t get out, she had no choice but to fight with these guys!

That sudden wave just now had taken out more than half of the paper people, as long as these paper people were taken out, those normal people would be able to handle it even if they were controlled.

“It can’t be fixed, there’s no way for any of us to guarantee that if we take out this batch of paper people, there will be a second batch of paper people dropped in.” Vermilion Bird sighed, “Just hide from them, one team will be in charge of blocking them, another team will be in charge of dealing with the paper people, the rest will come with me.”

“That’s the only way, let’s hope Brother Lin Hao’s side can settle to help soon, we really have no way at all to deal with these guys.” Chen Hao Bei Liangzai sighed, there was no way out ah.

“Lin Hao, what happened to Lin Hao? Is he trapped too? What about Xiao Shi?” Shen Xiyan was worried, was it not just herself who was trapped, had something happened to Lin Hao? Then how is Lin Ruoshi!

“Shizi Yan, don’t worry, that Lin Hao guy has a hard life, nothing can happen to him.” An abrupt voice rang out from behind the group.

Vermilion Bird and the others almost subconsciously pulled out their guns and aimed backwards, “Who?”

“Ao Dog, how did you get in?” Shen Xiyan and Chen Haobei looked at the suddenly appearing Ao Dog in surprise.

Zhuque reacted and told his men to put their guns down, looking at him with the same rather puzzled look.

“This thing can’t stop me, there’s no way to stop me with a great battle that borrows the Yin Qi of Heaven and Earth to condense.” Ao Dog smiled smugly and shook the road guide in his hand, “Just leave these guys to me, I’ll have to break their formation eyes!”

Ao Inu’s hand glowed with a ghostly light, and an icy aura filled the surroundings as the temperature began to gradually drop.

The puppet manipulation technique of these paper people was actually borrowed from the Yin souls to fight into the paper people, otherwise with Tian Lao Jiu’s ability, there was no way that the people were no longer here and still able to have someone use the token to manipulate so many paper puppets.

“Oh no, why has this guy come back?” The Heavenly Dao Palace disciples looked ugly when they saw Ao Dog’s face, especially when they saw that Ao Dog had pulled out the Road Guide, this thing was the nemesis of this formation.

“Throw the token flag down, retreat immediately and rendezvous with the Nine Palms, this formation can’t stop them anymore.” The disciple of the Heavenly Dao Palace who held the token flag saw that the situation was not good and threw it down to leave immediately.

Ao Dog had been tracing Ling Yun’s whereabouts for the past few days, and was about to come back to contact Lin Hao when he could not get through one phone call after another. Only when he called Lin Ruoshi did he learn that something had happened on the North Street side.