Super Son-in-law Chapter 2803-2804

Chapter 2803

“Oh?” Tian Lao Jiu raised his eyebrows, “Have those hyenas finally found out? Oh, the token flags are given to you guys, you guys handle the rest, just trap him, it’s not crucial yet, try not to kill anyone if you can.”

Old Heavenly Nine threw the two black token flags to the Heavenly Dao Palace disciples, while he floated down on the wind, lightly falling like a feather, leaping, and then turning into a residual shadow to speed towards the distance, not knowing how many times more powerful than the legendary lightness on water.

“Oh my, has the Ninth Master’s technique of borrowing momentum reached this level? It’s one of the best among the many Palm Masters, isn’t it?” Those few Heavenly Dao Palace disciples couldn’t help but marvel at the sight, this hand was enough to blind the crowd.

“The Nine Paladins are really good at anticipating things, the situation here has alerted those hyenas, let’s go, hide first, we’ll just maintain this great formation.” One of the disciples spotted the Dragon Sect enforcers who were near the formation and seemed to have noticed that something was wrong.

Several of them quickly concealed themselves and used the banner to continue to manipulate those paper puppets inside, as for the real people who had mistakenly entered it, they were made to lie unconscious and motionless on the ground.

“This is Dragon Gate Enforcement Team 01, an unknown barrier has appeared in the Inner Ring North block, covering? Dyeing Wu Pao Yi Di Zero Flick? The range is wide, requesting backup!”

A Dragon Gate duty member, wandering outside the formation, but could not enter at all, they found those ordinary people but could enter, but after entering, never came out, as if there was an invisible wall in front of them, those ordinary people passed through this invisible wall and disappeared all of a sudden, while the situation in front of them did not change, people just disappeared!

Soon, another duty squad arrived, and after surveying the area, the invisible wall actually covered the whole area of North Street. They even used their spirit soldiers to launch attacks, with little success, and were directly stopped by the invisible wall, creating a faint ripple, and then directly dissipated.

The members of the squad now understood that this was a serious matter, not a joke.

The Vermilion Bird instinctively felt that this matter should be directed at Lin Hao. The Vermilion Bird immediately ordered all departments to cooperate and check all the people and vehicles entering and leaving North Street at this time today! Focus on the vehicles of people related to Lin Hao!

The Vermilion Bird also went to North Street and tried to break the formation by force, but the Vermilion Bird’s realm was a level below Chen Haobei’s, so he broke through one layer of the formation, only to be stopped by a second layer of the formation.

Just then, the results finally came out, Zhuque looked at the images shown on the surveillance photos, Zhuque’s face instantly went icy cold, it was right, it was aimed at Lin Hao!

“Call all Dragon Sect members to gather! Dragon Gate cooperate with the relevant departments and evacuate all the people around, quick!” After giving the order, Zhuque quickly took out his mobile phone and called Lin Hao: “Brother Lin Hao, sister-in-law is being set up, someone has set up a huge formation on this side of North Street, trapping sister-in-law in it, we can’t break the formation and dare not break through!”

“What!?” Lin Hao was shocked when he received the call from Zhu Que, he was about to go to Qin Yan’s appointment, only for Zhu Que to suddenly call and tell him the news.

Ma De, it was true that he had calculated correctly, nothing good could come from getting involved with this Qin Yan!

“Wait for me.” Lin Hao did a quick projection, but he was stopped by an invisible obstacle, unable to project the current situation of Shen Xiyan, these bastards of the Heavenly Dao Palace!

Lin Hao hung up the phone and called Chen Haobei, but it showed that he was not in the service area, and the same thing happened when he called Shen Xiyan’s phone, Lin Hao probably understood that Chen Haobei was also trapped in it.

Even Chen Haobei was trapped? Then this formation wasn’t simple.

“I’ll be right over, you don’t have to worry, Chen Haobei is stable inside. You guys just find a way to forcefully break the formation.”

“Brother Lin Hao I know, we watched the surveillance, it was Chen Haobei who drove in with his sister-in-law.” Vermilion Bird nodded and immediately gave the order for all Dragon Group warriors to call out their battle soldiers!


Chapter 2804

The ordinary people around had basically been evacuated, the next thing was to prepare to forcefully break the formation!

The corners of Lin Hao’s mouth twitched, he should have just asked Zhuque directly, so he didn’t have to make a phone call.

Since Chen Haobei was with Shen Xiyan, Lin Hao was relieved that even if Chen Haobei couldn’t break through the formation, he could at least manoeuvre with the other side and Shen Xiyan’s life wouldn’t be in danger for the time being.

Lin Hao took out his Heaven Shaking Hammer and used the five elements and eight trigrams to set up a cover formation around Lin Ruoshi, and at the same time asked Lin Yan to stay at the school with Lin Ruoshi.

Lin Hao was also afraid that this was the other party’s ploy to move the tiger away from the mountain, and he could not take Lin Ruoshi with him to North Street, lest there be further trouble.

When Lin Hao had finished settling everything, he was ready to drive to North Street, but just as he reached the garage door, he was stopped by Qin Yan.

“You want to escape? I’ve been waiting for you here for a long time!” Qin Yan looked at Lin Hao coldly, his gaze filled with mockery.

Instinctively, she thought that Lin Hao was hiding from her, after all, before Lin Hao could hide? Zha Shan Yi Di Fei Wu Lu Shan? had been hiding from her for so long.

“I’m telling you, this matter must be made clear today, or you won’t be able to go anywhere!” Qin Yan’s tone got a few more icy.

“Nothing good comes from running into you!” Lin Hao frowned, he was also in a hurry just now and didn’t even mean to avoid the other party anymore, so naturally he didn’t project these things, he didn’t expect the other party to be waiting for him right here.

“I have an urgent matter, I will give you an explanation for your aunt’s matter, now please move aside.”

Lin Hao’s tone was quite good, considered polite, but the other party didn’t give him face, Qin Yan sneered, “Still trying to avoid talking about it, it’s true that no man is a good thing! Speak now, or you won’t leave!”

Lin Hao frowned, was this Qin Yan trying to stall for time, or did he really want to know Qin Yuxin’s whereabouts?

“I really have something to do today! I’ll contact you later, okay?”

“No! Can! Yes!” Qin Yan spoke coldly, word by word.

Lin Hao was too lazy to bother with Qin Yan and turned around to leave, but Qin Yan quickly walked in front of Lin Hao and opened his hands to stop Lin Hao’s way: “Stop!”

“I’m in a real hurry! Get out of the way!” Lin Hao was already a little anxious as even his good temper couldn’t stand the other party going on so unreasonably.

“Heh heh.” Qin Yan just laughed coldly, not having the slightest intention of getting out of the way.

“You’re a fucking faggot, aren’t you! Get lost!” Lin Hao still had the heart to talk nonsense with the other party, he threw a slap at the other party’s face, and at the same time ran his aura between his hands, he wanted to slap the other party’s Yin Qi in the process to shake it away, and incidentally disrupt the momentum controlling her!

With a snap, Qin Yan’s body lurched and nearly fell over, and five bright red palm marks appeared on her face.

Qin Yan felt like her teeth were about to be slapped away, and her mouth filled with blood.

Lin Hao was in a hurry, so he had no time to care about her, but Qin Yan didn’t know what she had eaten, so she held onto Lin Hao’s leg and wouldn’t let him go.

Lin Hao was so angry that he cursed: “Let go of me! Do you understand that you are being used? And your aunt is dead! She begged me to do it, understand?”

With a shock of his aura, Lin Hao shook Qin Yan’s hand away, quickly stepped into the car and started it up and drove off.

At this moment, Lin Hao’s heart is also wondering, this woman is really fucking wrong medicine, not to shake the Yin Qi away, even the surrounding potential for her to disrupt, although not completely solve her problem, but she is at least no longer manipulated by the people of the Heavenly Dao Palace is ah, why still like a shrew pestering more than?

“Dead …… dead …… aunt is dead!”

“Yu Xin is dead! Yu Xin how can you die! What will I do if you die! That stinky man, is he worth it? He’s just a stinky man, what’s so good about men!”

“Oooh, I know, it must be because of that stinky man! I’ll avenge you, I’ll avenge you! You died because of that stinking man, I’ll make his son pay for your life!” Qin Yan, who had fallen to the ground with a forlorn gaze, sobbed blood and cried out in pain.