Super Son-in-law Chapter 2789-2790

Chapter 2789

As a parent, you have to consider your child’s feelings at any rate.

The old headmaster was right, although his ultimate goal was only to retain himself.

But what he said was also true!

Damn it!

Lin Hao gritted his teeth and turned around to leave, how could a big old man be afraid of two women?

He had to stay for the sake of his daughter. The headmaster had gone to great lengths to keep him, but he knew this for sure.

However, what the other party said is true, soon there will be middle school and high school exams, and changing schools again will affect Lin Ruoshi too much, mainly because the little girl is still getting along quite well with the people in her class.

Especially Yun Qingya that girl, now is something nothing like Lin Ruo Shi back to the Lin family to rub a meal or something.

The driver of Yun Qingya is used to it and should know what time to go to the Lin family to pick up people to go home.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

These people are really bold, the relatives of the former Dragon Master’s family dare to strike, they are ruthless people.

Lin Hao went back outside the first class corridor and found that both Qin Yan and Lin Yan were there, pulling their daughter outside the corridor to chat. As for what he was looking for Lin Ruoshi to talk about, Lin Hao didn’t need to guess, what else could there be besides looking for himself?

However, there was one thing that surprised Lin Hao, Lin Ruo Shi was originally extremely uncomfortable with Lin Yan, and even did not even bother to pay attention to her, but now her attitude towards Lin Yan, although not quite warm, was not as resistant as before.

This socialite was really good, Lin Ruoshi had let her take her down?

Lin Hao approached just in time to hear Qin Yan ask Lin Ruoshi: “Little Shi, tell the teacher where your father is hiding, what exactly does he mean by avoiding the teacher so much, we need to hand over our work ah.”

Lin Ruoshi stretched her hands, “If my dad wants to hide, no one can find him, I really can’t help you with this problem ah teacher Lin, why don’t you ask the headmaster?”

Qin Yan rolled her eyes, if she could ask the headmaster, why would she bother to ask Lin Ruoshi? The bastard was nowhere to be seen. When she approached the headmaster, the headmaster was always perfunctory, and the headmaster didn’t even dare to offend Lin Hao.

Lin Yan even took advantage of Lin Hao’s PE class and squatted on him, but she just couldn’t squat on him, no matter if she checked on him at any time, or squatted in advance, or even squatted for a class, it was useless!

Lin Hao always ran away ahead of time, just like the unforeseen, in short, where they were, Lin Hao would never appear!

“What are you looking for me?” Lin Hao spoke stiffly.

As soon as they heard Lin Hao’s voice, the three gazes swished and turned their heads incomparably neatly to look at Lin Hao.

Those straight eyes wanted to eat Lin Hao up, and even Lin Ruoshi’s eyes held no small amount of resentment.

She even wanted to hit someone because she couldn’t find Lin Hao, these two were looking for her everyday, they hated to find her eight times a day!

Lin Ruo Shi was all turned on by the other side, but there was nothing she could do, she couldn’t betray her father.

“Lin Hao, where have you been hiding these days, you are really able to hide, am I a man-eating tiger? Are you as far as this? West love to serve cover love to serve ershan? Why are you hiding from me!”

Qin Yan was the first to take the brunt of it, and quickly walked up and took Lin Hao’s hand, looking at Lin Hao with a soft voice of aggression, her big watery eyes full of tenderness and charm, those who didn’t know thought these two were a hot couple in conflict.

The more times she came into contact with Lin Hao than Qin Yan, the more she had a general understanding of Lin Hao’s character, this man, like is like, don’t like is don’t like, the more you take the initiative to approach each other the more you resent it.

Moreover, people are very affectionate and stable as a couple, Qin Yan is impossible.


Chapter 2790

Lin Yan thought more clearly why at first Lin Hao and Qin Yan seemed to have quite a good relationship, the only one who flashed a face at himself and almost resisted his approach, because at that time Qin Yan was high and cold and was not interested in Lin Hao at all, so naturally Lin Hao would not resist.

But now, from the moment Qin Yan changed her previous attitude and suddenly launched a fierce attack on Lin Hao, the two were already destined to be estranged.

As expected, Lin Hao spoke in a somewhat hard tone, “Spread your hands!”

“Why are you so fierce, I didn’t provoke you, not only are you avoiding me, you’re also being mean to me.” Qin Yan looked at Lin Hao pitifully, but unfortunately, Qin Yan was not as good as Lin Yan at pretending to be pitiful and soft, looking raw and hard, obviously acting out.

But Lin Ruoshi was not happy to see this scene, pouting, looking at Qin Yan’s eyes began to look a little dissatisfied, looking at Lin Hao’s eyes equally a little dissatisfied.

Lin Ruo Shi’s heart secretly explored: Why do you think my father is so handsome? This is really inviting and rare, ah, headache.

“I said let your hands go! For a teacher, and in front of my daughter, is it appropriate for you to behave like that? And I have a wife!” Lin Hao’s tone got a few degrees colder, Lin Hao had been sticking to his bottom line, not to mention that the other party wasn’t like this in the first place, and he didn’t want to provoke the other party and get himself into trouble.

“I’m a woman, I won’t spread it, what’s wrong with having a wife!” Qin Yan frowned and just wouldn’t let go, “I’m trying to talk business with you here!”

“I’ll say it for the last time, let go!”

However, Qin Yan refused to let go of her hand, Lin Hao frowned and his aura shook violently, a force was transmitted to the other party’s hand, shaking Qin Yan away, Qin Yan shrieked and fell to the ground in a soft manner.

Lin Hao looked at the headache, regardless of her turn away, Lin Hao signaled Lin Ruoshi to go back first, the rest of the matter to solve themselves.

Lin Hao looked at Lin Yan, even more without a good face, pointed to Qin Yan who was still pretending to be soft on the ground over there: “What kind of her you saw, right? What’s your business again?”

“I’m looking for you for business, by the way, I want to apologize to you.” Lin Yan helplessly held her forehead, it seemed that Lin Hao’s impression of herself was still stuck in the past, “Don’t worry, I really didn’t come to pester you, otherwise your daughter wouldn’t have given me a good look, besides, my reputation as Lin Yan is quite bad, but it’s not so bad that I don’t even have that much trust, right?”

The fact that Lin Hao saw that Lin Yan was serious and sincere, with all the sincerity in her eyes, without any other meanings, and that Lin Yan was now dressing with much more self-respect, convinced Lin Hao no? less.

Lin Hao took a glance and found that many students were very gossipy probing out the window, Lin Hao glared at these students with no good grace: “You don’t learn at a young age, what are you gossiping about, gossiping? Go back to your classes and do your best!”

“Yes, Teacher Lin.” Seeing that Lin Hao was furious, the students shrank their necks and hurriedly went back to pretend to be in class, but one by one, they pricked up their ears and listened, peeking out of the corner of their eyes into the corridor every now and then.

Seeing this, Lin Hao cried and laughed, giving Lin Yan a look, signalling to go down and talk, not to disturb the students in class.

As for Qin Yan still where pretending, but Lin Hao pressed his head and left straight away without even looking back.

As she watched Lin Hao leave, Qin Yan’s face gradually went icy cold, resuming her previous cold and noble look, but looking at Lin Hao’s back, she was equally puzzled!

Qin Yan even wondered if Lin Hao was sick in the head?

In the past, she had not been cold to him, but maintained a fairly good relationship with Lin Hao. On the contrary, Lin Yan, who had been trying to take the initiative to hit on Lin Hao, had been ignored by Lin Hao, and at that time she thought it was because Lin Yan’s reputation was not too good.

Likewise, it could be because Lin Yan was the one who took the initiative, so he was also a common problem for men, that is, those who are sent to the door are not rare?

It turned out that now Lin Yan had exchanged styles with her, and as a result, Lin Hao’s attitude towards the two of them had actually started to exchange as well!

This bastard loved his wife that much? But from the beginning to the end, Qin Yan did not believe that there was a good man in the world, this point was the same as Lin Yan’s idea at the beginning, that there was no cat under the sky that did not steal something.