Super Son-in-law Chapter 2771-2772

Chapter 2771

“King Sledgehammer! If there’s a way in heaven, you don’t leave, but there’s no way in hell for you to barge in! Letting you escape last time was a disgrace to my Heavenly Dao Palace, if you are truly looking for death, I don’t mind making it happen!” A voice like thunder boomed from the sky, and there was a constant roar all around.

The moment the voice fell, the thunder roared in anger above the sky, and the flashing silver arcs of lightning seemed to go into a frenzy in an instant, the frightening cold light intertwined and blossomed into a blinding silver light!

“Rubbish.” Wang Sledgehammer summoned the large and small ram’s horn hammer and held it against his shoulder, disdainfully raising an eyebrow, as if he did not put the other party in his eyes at all.

“Go, don’t be silly, you can’t do them, take those two things away and go back and you know what to do yourself.” Wang Sledgehammer was disdainful and unbearable on the surface, but secretly he suddenly transmitted a voice to Lin Hao, telling him to hurry up and get lost, staying here would only add to the mess or even get beaten up, there was no need to stay and suffer this at all.

Lin Hao froze for a moment, and then felt a bit tearful, seeing how arrogant you were just now, I thought you were a bully, but it turned out to be a pretence.

Since Wang Sledgehammer was pretending, Lin Hao couldn’t possibly continue to dwell on it. He directly threw the man on the ground into the car, together with the unconscious Lin Yan, and threw him up there as if he was throwing away rubbish.

“Oh, Wang Da Hammer, you think he can run away? Ridiculous, just run away, today I will kill you first, Wang Sledgehammer, and then take care of that kid later.” An illusory figure slowly appeared between the thunderbolts, standing with his hands behind his back, surrounded by thousands of thunderbolts, how imposing he was.

The corners of Wang’s mouth twitched, not giving a damn about the other side, but in his heart, he was praying, “Brat, brat, you have to fight? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. The air ah, but must see the good things I left for you ah.

“Not saying anything? Then take that as a tacit agreement, King Sledgehammer! I have come to learn the art of hammering that has been passed down from your lineage, today I come to learn it, come, hammer the old man!” The illusory black shadow in the void laughed recklessly, mocking the other party mercilessly!

“Hey, this violent temper of mine! Who am I, Sledgehammer Wang? I’m nicknamed the Hammer God! How do you understand the meaning of “Hammer God”? It means that if you ask for a hammer, you get a hammer! I will hammer you until you doubt your life!” Wang Sledgehammer was instantly blown away by his opponent, and he struck out with a hammer of eighty!

The ram’s horn hammer was violently thrown out by Wang Sledgehammer, soaring hundreds of times into the wind, a terrifying black sledgehammer, fiercely hammering at the shadow in the sky.

Click, click, click!

Dozens of thunderbolts of silver light converged in one place, wildly blasting at the ram’s horn hammer that had soared a hundred times, a terrifying roar that resounded throughout the entire Jinling, many people were awakened by this terrifying roar, but had no idea what was happening.

The entire range of the great mountain had been arranged in a huge array, even the illusionary spiritists could not see the fight here, most of them thought it was an explosion somewhere, I guess.

Lin Hao was in the rear-view mirror, but he saw the scene clearly, Lin Hao was stunned, how could they still fight like that?

The fight between the two sides didn’t even let Lin Hao feel the slightest fluctuation of aura, these two people didn’t even use the slightest aura, and the power of the comparable fight was even comparable to the terrifying power of a seventh grade illusionary spirit master!

A strike that shocked the heavens and the earth, a landslide!

The terrifying lightning light fell, the sledgehammer was flung back, and the European-style villa on the hill was instantly turned into flying ash.

Lin Hao was a little anxious, thinking that Wang Sledgehammer had just been defeated, but who knew that an even more blinding silver light than the thunder in the sky would appear at first glance.

“Hahahaha, old thing, do you think you’ve won? Wanna fart and eat! Look at my Yi Tian Sword!” Wang Sledgehammer emerged with the blinding silver light, and thousands of thunderbolts became the accompaniment!

At this moment, he was the master of thunder!

Lin Hao’s eyes were wide as he stopped his car and looked at this scene on the mountain with dead eyes, Lin Hao really couldn’t believe that someone without the slightest bit of aura could control such magnificent power!

Wang Sledgehammer had just sparred with his opponent, not to attack, but to use his sledgehammer to gather thunder, thus completely using it for himself!


Chapter 2772

With his hand, he plucked a hundred meters of thunder and turned it into a heavenly longsword, a blinding silver light flashing in his hand, standing proudly in the air and competing with the gods, this was too handsome!

Lin Hao could never have imagined that it was possible to fight like this!

The silver light cut through the void, the whole sky was covered by silver lightning, the wind, rain, thunder and lightning all converged at once, the sky and earth changed at every turn, in an instant the sky could be broken, the mountains could be overturned!

“If you had run faster, I would have left long ago.” Wang Sledgehammer’s angry curses rang out abruptly, violently pulling Lin Hao back to reality.

Embarrassed, Lin Hao hurriedly got into his car and skipped away.

Instead of going straight home, Lin Hao drove straight to the Jinling Special Warfare Zone, once the training base for the Dragon Group’s reserve, the special warfare military zone that was currently guarded by Zhu Zhu.

Lin Hao’s license plate number seemed to have been recorded long ago, and the journey was unhindered, no one dared to stop him at all.

“I got it!”

Vermilion Bird heard the briefing and personally went downstairs to greet Lin Hao, only to have just opened the car door for Lin Hao, when Lin Hao gave a violent and strange shout and slapped his hands hard on the steering wheel.

This startled Zhu Qi, what’s wrong with him? What do you know in the middle of the night, you know?

Only at this moment did he understand why those two people, who obviously did not have any aura on either side, could explode into a heavenly and earth-shaking power at every turn, with the wind, rain, thunder and lightning all obeying the orders!

“This is what a bull is like, he has truly interpreted with his actions what it means to be compared to a god in a mortal body!”

Lin Hao finally figured out that the two people who had just waged an earth-shattering battle in the sky with the might of thunder were clearly two ordinary people, with no aura fluctuations and not the slightest cultivation.

But their amazing battle was so astounding that it was like a god!

They interpreted what it means to be a god with a mortal body!

They were all borrowing the power of heaven and earth, the laws of all things, the laws of nature were all available to them!

This was the reason for the amazing battle they had just fought.

“General, what’s wrong with you?” Vermilion Bird frowned and looked at Lin Hao in the driving position.


Lin Hao froze for a moment, didn’t Vermilion Bird always call himself the chief, or call Lin Hao brother in private?

But Lin Hao didn’t think much of it, this was a military area, it didn’t seem like she was calling herself a general? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get the best out of their own home. Wrong, rather it was Zhuque who had an imperceptible flash of panic in her eyes when Lin Hao was fuming just now.

“Nothing, just got lost in thought just now, didn’t you guys build the strongest special prison here? I need to use it for a bit.” Lin Hao opened the back door and dragged the two unconscious guys out of the car.

Vermilion Bird hurried over to help, “General let me help you, just leave this to me, I’ll just interrogate them and make sure that everything is perfectly resolved for you.”

Lin Hao thought about it and didn’t refuse, after all, it was better to leave such matters to the professionals.

“Fine, but I’ll interrogate this female myself.” Lin Hao pointed at the unconscious Lin Yan, this woman was not simple, although she might not have access to the core information, but through her, it might be possible to uncover a big net.

“General, this won’t work, will it? If Madam finds out about this, she’ll have to be at odds with you.” Vermilion Bird, on the other hand, shook her head and refused, “Leave it all to me, I can handle it and will definitely give you a satisfactory answer, General.”

It was strange, it was understandable to call out General Lin Hao, but how could he call out Madam Shen Xi Yan? There was nothing wrong with shouting that, but Zhu Que had never called Shen Xi Yan that way, he always called her sister-in-law or sister Xi Yan.

Lin Hao instinctively felt that something was not quite right with Zhu Que today, and subconsciously refused Zhu Que’s request, “No need, I’ll explain myself about Xiyan, I must interrogate this woman myself.”