Super Son-in-law Chapter 2767-2768

Chapter 2767

Lin Yan didn’t dare to refuse, whatever he was so much, or Lin Hao was more to her liking, since that was the case, what was the point of worrying about it?

Lin Yan took two glasses of wine and quickly served ? picking up land picking up Wu Di Jie? floor.

Lin Hao nodded but didn’t say anything, he was waiting, he wanted to know, what the other party was trying to pull.

“Scared you, didn’t I.” Lin Yan walked over to Lin Hao, picked up a glass of wine and handed it to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao took the glass, but had no intention of drinking it, and let out a bitter laugh, “It’s not just scared, it’s simply terrified, they’re too scary!”

“I think they’re quite normal, ah.” Lin Yan couldn’t help but laugh lightly, she could see that Lin Hao was really frightened.

As the saying goes, when a man gets flirty, there’s nothing for a woman, but when a woman gets horny, a man is just as bad as a horse!


A gust of gusty wind came along with a strange shout, Lin Yan subconsciously shrank her neck: “It’s a bit cold, brother Lin Hao, let’s clink to warm up.”

Lin Yan raised her glass and clinked it with Lin Hao, Lin Yan tilted her head and took a sip without any fear, while Lin Hao raised his glass with some hesitation.

But when he thought about it, it didn’t seem to matter, his body strength, if something was really put in this wine, his body strength would be able to carry it, his body would have reached the level of invulnerable to all poisons long ago.

“You’re afraid you don’t want to die, how dare you drink this stuff?”

Lin Hao was about to raise his cup and drink it all, when Wang Sledgehammer’s voice suddenly sounded in his mind, Lin Hao’s movements froze, and before he could react he was suddenly snatched away from his cup by Wang Sledgehammer.

Lin Hao was shocked to find that Wang Sledgehammer had suddenly appeared from nowhere, Lin Hao hadn’t even felt the other party approaching!

Wang Sledgehammer picked up the wine cup in Lin Hao’s hand and clinked his glass with Lin Yan again, “Lin Yan big beauty, cheers.”

Just then, Lin Hao clearly felt that an inexplicable force was rapidly surging in that wine glass, and the glass was gently shaking as if it wanted to break free from Wang Sledgehammer’s hand and return to Lin Hao’s.

“Mud, who the hell is this bastard, coming to spoil things for me at a crucial moment! That guy Lao Ba too, what took him so long to come back!” Deep in the cave not far from the villa, the man shrouded in black mist cursed, holding a copper coin sword and sticking it to a yellow talisman, poofing out a burst of fire, while his mouth started chanting.

A cloud of mist even surged around him, revealing a hideous monster-like appearance.

At this time, the wine glass in Wang’s hand began to shake.

This side of Lin Yan suddenly froze, but there was nothing she could do, this stuff was only useful when given to Lin Hao, and if Wang Da Hammer drank it, wouldn’t it be bad?

But looking at Wang Sledgehammer’s blooming handsome face, there was some hesitation again, it seemed like this Jason was not bad, anyway, Lin Hao was right here, he couldn’t run away at all, it would be better to eat him next time.

“Cheers.” Lin Yan smiled as she raised her wine glass and took a sip.

“Cheers! I’ll perform another magic trick for you!” Wang Sledgehammer smiled heatedly, and after taking a sip of the entire glass of wine, he suddenly spurted out violently towards Lin Yan, the wine spraying all towards Lin Yan’s face!

However, to people’s shock, the wine sprayed into water vapour, turning into a colourful light, and did not touch Lin Yan at all, and then the wine quietly turned into nothingness.

Lin Yan was dumbfounded and looked at Wang Da Hammer dumbfounded, one was speechless this guy robbed Lin Hao’s wine not to mention, but also to spray out, what is this? The other was shocked, was this really magic? How did he manage to make the wine disappear, and he was able to transform it into a colourful light.

If she knew that he was so close to her, she would have to spray her face, but she didn’t even feel the vapour!

To the eyes of ordinary people it looked like this, amazing and unbelievable.

However, in Lin Hao’s eyes, it was very different. Lin Hao was shocked to discover that just now, the moment Wang Da Hammer sprayed that mouthful of wine, there was a hideous and terrifying strange face hidden inside the seemingly colourful glowing water mist, it was an incomparably distorted face!


Chapter 2768

A stream of light, invisible to ordinary people, erupted from Wang’s mouth and swiftly swept towards the back of the villa!

Likewise, the moment Wang Sledgehammer extinguished the monstrous face in the watery mist!

The two big red candles inside the cave, one of them suddenly exploded with a loud bang, luckily the sound was not too loud, otherwise at such a close distance, coupled with the natural amplification effect of the cave, it was impossible for this side of the villa not to hear it.

The big red candle exploded and the old seven, shrouded in black mist, trembled and a mouthful of blood spurted out, all the objects on the table, all stained with the man’s blood!

“Mud, it’s that old son of a bitch! Wang Sledgehammer, you fucking wait for me!” Old Seven’s face was furious and fierce, this wave of spaced out dueling almost instantly allowed him to determine the identity of Wang Sledgehammer!

That son of a bitch family that had been a single lineage from the beginning to the end, but had been fighting against their Heavenly Dao Palace!

Old Seven didn’t dare to be lax, the Heavenly Dao Palace was a huge force, with a large number of people and an even longer heritage. But although the Wang family was a single lineage, each one of them was an existence of the level of a bastard demon king, and he didn’t think he had the ability to fight with Wang Sledgehammer.

He was defeated in just one encounter, so he didn’t dare to slow down and let out a distress signal, then quickly rushed out of the cave to escape quickly, or he would have to stay here!

“Hey, hey, want to run?” Wang Sledgehammer gave a cold laugh and took a fierce step, seemingly just a small step, but in a flash there was no more of his figure.

Lin Hao’s pupils shrank, the technique of shrinking the ground into an inch!

This Wang Sledgehammer did not have the aura of an Illusionary Spirit Master, but this move made Lin Hao gasp in amazement.

Next to him, however, Lin Yan was frightened enough: “He, he, how did he suddenly disappear ……”

Before Lin Hao could answer, shrieks suddenly rang out from below: “Ghosts …… have ghosts!”

“Run, there’s a ghost in this villa, who’s going to save us!”

Lin Yan reacted and also shouted, “Ghost, it’s a ghost, that Jason is a ghost!”

Oh, the acting was quite like that!

At the beginning, Shui Yun Long wanted to use the ghost to control Shen Xiyan, so that Shen Xiyan would die to him, and after investigation, wasn’t that ghost extradited to him by Lin Yan?

This Lin Yan? The spirit of Lin Yan? She was a member of the Chinese government, and she was a member of the Chinese government.

However, Lin Hao wasn’t sure what the situation was on Wang Dahuang’s side yet, so he didn’t intend to expose her for the time being, “Don’t be afraid, let’s get out of here first, I’ll protect you.”

“Thank you brother Lin Hao, you’re so nice, I feel safe staying by your side.” Lin Yan’s face blossomed into a bright smile, coupled with the pitiful look of fear still on her face, it was truly a sight to behold.

Lin Yan even hugged Lin Hao’s arm and her body was trembling gently.

If Lin Yan did not still have some scruples, plus the current situation is not appropriate, Lin Yan afraid can not help but to integrate the whole person into Lin Hao’s body, even so, such a close distance, plus Lin Yan is originally sexy style, today is wearing a different kind of cool, make Lin Hao heart a diarrhea, but also can not help.

“Let’s go down first and see what’s going on down there, you stay close to me.” Lin Hao hurriedly pulled away from the other party a bit and quickly went downstairs.

“Brother Lin Hao, don’t go so fast, I’m scared, wait for me.” Lin Yan shouted several times and found that Lin Hao didn’t even care about her, Lin Yan was so anxious that she stomped her feet, that bastard Jason, even if he drank the wine that should have been given to Lin Hao, he still sprayed it, it was a waste!

Lin Yan had no choice but to follow Lin Hao at a fast pace.

Underneath the villa was already a mess, a dozen women were scurrying around an area like they had encountered a ghostly wall, screaming in terror.

“What’s wrong with them?” Lin Yan was shivering with fear, ready to hide in Lin Hao’s arms again.