Super Son-In-Law Chapter 3059-3060

Chapter 3059 Lin Hao felt something in his heart and looked at Ancient Barbarian in confusion. Ancient Barbarian sighed, his tone equally somewhat sad: “There is no need to be upset, the past is the past, our original father is … more

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 3057-3058

Chapter 3057 It seemed that he had indeed obtained an unbelievable chance at the Dragon Bone Abyss. Soon, Lin Hao arranged everything, whether it was the illusionary spirit masters, ordinary people, or his deceased friends, Hua Xia, he had arranged … more

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 3055-3056

Chapter 3055 “Shut up, old thing, what the hell do you want? Just say what god position you want.” Lin Hao cried and laughed, there was no such thing as burying people. Lin Cang Dao and a group of old … more

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 3053-3054

Chapter 3053 The others also began to make arrangements quickly, and because of Lin Hao’s order, the cultivators all tried to avoid being discovered by ordinary people as much as possible. As for the Illusionary Spirit Masters below the fifth … more

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 3051-3052

Chapter 3051 In the middle of Mount Tai, the glorious and magnificent palace complex in the belly of the mountain has suddenly come to life again. Who could have imagined that the entire interior of Mount Tai would be a … more