His Secret Lover Chapter 1998(End)

But Jing Yufei smiled, “No, you don’t have to worry, he’s at his grandmother’s house, he was going to come too, but considering that there are too many people here and the child is not well, he didn’t come.” “So.” … more

His Secret Lover Chapter 1997

With the children gone and the New Year over, it’s quiet on the Observatory. Once it was quiet, the couple, who had both had a busy New Year, were ready to take a good rest or even go over to … more

His Secret Lover Chapter 1996

After the 15th, the new year begins and everyone will be busy again. The first is the newly married Huo Yin and Lan Shanshan two, ready to sixteen this day on the departure to Southeast Asia, Huo Yin is now … more

His Secret Lover Chapter 1995

When Wen Xuoxu saw that, he tugged the man in his hand over again. Surprisingly …… was a small mound of earth with nothing on it, however, a very rare Bodhi tree was planted, and he was growing right next … more

His Secret Lover Chapter 1994

Evening. Wenqing Temple. Just from that noisy grand wedding scene to here, the silence of the mountain forest, for a while let Wen Shu Shu and Huo Sijiu both not quite adapt. Until, that twilight bell chime finally rang out … more