HC Chapter 1065

Fu Beijiu hurriedly went to the hospital again. Ye Yunla’s hands and feet were cold. Zhuang Mingfeng helped her into a nearby cafe and only after she took a sip of coffee did she finally feel more comfortable. She didn’t … more

HC Chapter 1064

“I don’t know anything ……” Nurse Yu shivered and said. Fu Beijiu did not care whether the other party was male or female, he directly reached out and twisted Nurse Yu’s wrist. When that child, in the beginning, went through … more

HC Chapter 1063

“Let her vent.” Fu Beijiu said in a light voice, “After three years of muddling through, she needs to vent.” Four years ago, just to be alone, she went to the beach and went on a cruise. She accidentally lost … more

HC Chapter 1062

“This matter, none of you are allowed to reveal it!” Old Lady Rong said coldly as she sat atop the main seat. “This is the biggest secret of our Rong Family, whoever dares to reveal a word of it will … more

HC Chapter 1061

Only then did the four children react. Fu Ziling said with some disbelief, “Mummy, are we having a younger brother or sister?” Ye Yunla recalled for a moment. It should be a girl. She said in a slow voice, “It’s … more