DYM Chapter 1900

Some Immortal Emperors had already seen that this was Immortal Emperor Qie Yu’s magic treasure, the Semitransmitted Tendon Banner. Although it is a semi-divine weapon, once it is displayed, even an immortal emperor with a weak mind will be confused … more

DYM Chapter 1899

The whole venue fell silent, and no sound came out. None of the people who came to this auction were simple characters, and there were even many Immortal Emperors and Immortal Dignitaries in the boxes. However, Ye Mo’s slash caused … more

DYM Chapter 1898

When this Great Luo Fairy finished speaking, she held up a small palm-sized seal, which seemed to have a faint mist surrounding it. It also revealed an extremely mysterious aura, so that one could tell at first glance that this … more

DYM Chapter 1897

“Senior sister, how come this Ye Mo is so rich, giving you an extremely high quality immortal weapon right out of the gate. I think he should be thanking that Nie Shuangshuang that you saved him back then, right?” Yu … more

DYM Chapter 1896

Immortal Emperor Nong Yan was an old man, and when Ye Mo heard the slight movement in his expression when he heard the High Grade Immortal Spirit Gra*s, he had already sensed it and immediately said what Ye Mo had … more