Creation Gate Chapter 180

Twelve Superior Qi Return Pills, Ning Cheng breathed out, his first time refining pills and he had produced twelve Superior Perfect Qi Return Pills. This was not because of how high his dan refining level was, nor was it because … more

Creation Gate Chapter 179

More than ten days later, Ning Cheng and Yang Hong Hou once again returned to the inner sea of the JIA Continent Yixing Sea. Calm had long since returned to this area, the battle that had taken place back then … more

Creation Gate Chapter 178

Jing Ji didn’t even have time to think about it, and directly sacrificed his Twin Elephant Pagoda to blast at the red-faced Xuan Dan cultivator with all his might, really not caring about the red-faced cultivator’s Six Gate Blade. Before … more

Creation Gate Chapter 177

“Not good, there’s a low level air ban ban. Immediately put away your flying magic treasures, spread out and rush, wait until we break the ban before offering up your flying magic ……” The red-faced XuanDan cultivator sensed the air … more

Creation Gate Chapter 176

All seven XuanDan cultivators entering the killing formation was the maximum number of people Ning Cheng considered. If there were only fewer people entering the killing formation, then his killing formation would last longer. As for the outside of the … more