Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5773

Lin Yilu disappeared into thin air in an instant, causing Wu Feiyan’s entire being to be extremely appalled. She hadn’t thought to understand at first what exactly Lin Yilu’s disappearance into thin air was due to, and only after a … more

No Matter What Chapter 110

Xiang Tian Yi was confused, and he subconsciously turned back to ask who was Di Jiu. “It’s true that they killed my nephew’s grandson.” Instead of waiting for an answer, Xiang Tian Yi heard Ouyang Mufei’s gnashing of teeth. “Peak … more

No Matter What Chapter 109

“At that time, Fang Ling was doing another thing with two Foundation Establishment cultivators, which allowed that Qi Practitioner cultivator to catch a chance and sneak up on Young Master Shao ……” Without waiting for Qi Wenbin to finish his … more

No Matter What Chapter 108

The Swamp Sea Forest gets its name because, for one thing, most of the area is a dense forest of trees, with no boundaries. Secondly, the forest here is different from other places, in that any place in the Marsh … more

No Matter What Chapter 107

At the same time, the middle Qi cultivator who followed along also reacted and grabbed a long sword, followed by rolling up several sword maces and wrapping them towards Di Jiu. Di Jiu was even more upset about the longsword … more