Always Been Yours Chapter 1523(Finale)

Feng Shenjin fought to get a grip. “Don’t squeeze me.” “Who guessed my foot.” “Ouch, it’s going to fall.” The crowd laughed and joked, and many fell to the ground. And the bouquet’s ended up in the hands of Xu, … more

Always Been Yours Chapter 1522

“I do.” Wen Shiyu and Gu Shihan responded in unison, then looked slightly sideways at the man beside them through the veil. Perhaps sensing the two men’s gazes, Feng Shenye and Wen Jingchen looked down and locked eyes with their … more

Always Been Yours Chapter 1521

The bright, large red carpet was laid from the auditorium all the way down to the street level. Before it was time for the wedding, countless guests and media reporters had already arrived all around. And all this, Wen Shiyu … more

Always Been Yours Chapter 1520

At these words, the bridesmaids and bridal party around the room burst into laughter. “The young master got that word from the internet, didn’t he, it’s just so cute.” “Seeing the little young master suddenly makes me want to have … more