A Man Like None Other Chapter 2174

“Hahahaha, I see that you have already moved to kill that boy, right? Just this furnace pot is enough to move your killing heart.” Yao Qing laughed out loud! “Don’t say those useless things, if it wasn’t for me, your … more

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2173

Ben didn’t send resources, nor did he ask for a Yuan Enrichment Pill!” “I know that he won’t be asking for Yuan Enrichment Pills in the future, nor will he be sending resources to your Pill Refining Sect anymore.” Yao … more

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2172

The Pill Refining Sect! At this moment, in Chen Ping’s Divine Peasant Cauldron, the aroma continued to overflow, and soon accompanied by a burst of flame, an Evil Pill Pill had been practiced! Yue Buqun looked at the time and … more

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2171

The Heavenly Thunder Sect! Inside Tong Youcai’s room, his mother was crying in a low voice, looking at her son with a heartfelt expression! “Youcai, are you feeling better?” Tong Youcai’s mother asked in a whisper. “Mom, much better, but … more

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2170

“I have no problem with that ……” Chen Ping nodded his head! “Okay then, I will order someone to prepare a pot for you ……” Pao Yukun said, he wanted to order someone to bring Chen Ping a pot, but … more