A Man Like None Other Chapter 2558

At this moment in Chen Ping’s room, Princess Isha was also there and Chen Ping looked a little nervous! Whether it was Princess Isha or that Elder Pei or that Huben, they were all highly powerful, and the strength of … more

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2557

Patriarch Hu nodded, then stepped forward and just looked at the girl, before nudging her forehead three times with his hand! “This woman has been ill for so long that it has entered her bones, and her body is too … more

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2556

Feeling the killing intent from Princess Isha, Chen Ping could only leave resentfully and return to his room! Lying on his bed, Chen Ping digested the contents of the beast book he had just read and unknowingly fell asleep! Early … more

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2555

Only this explanation from Chen Ping was also a bit far-fetched, and Isha’s face still held a bit of disbelief! “Princess, the books within this collection are all written in our beast clan’s script, which humans cannot read.” At this … more

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2554

You know this is the Demon Emperor City, the land of the beast race, and even if Chen Ping, a human, was led in, he even sneaked into the Book Depository in the middle of the night! “Don’t get me … more