No Matter What Chapter 42

“The immortal dao is about immortal destiny, if you really don’t want to, I won’t force it. But with your immortal cultivation qualifications, it’s too bad …… not to go cultivate my stuff,” the white-haired man shook his head as he spoke, looking a bit sad in general.

Lu Xiao Wan’s gaze fell on Di Jiu who was not far away, to be honest, the main purpose of her coming this time was to take Di Jiu away. If this wasn’t Yan Da Martial Academy, she wouldn’t have used any petty tactics like proof of qualification at all, but instead, she would have just chopped Di Jiu’s hands and feet and forcibly taken him away.

At the entrance of Yan Da Martial Academy, even if her master couldn’t come under false pretenses, he wouldn’t dare to move strongly.

But now she hadn’t even taken Di Jiu away yet, she had met her chance first.

Lu Xiaowan was not a fool, she knew very well that this kind of chance could not be found. If she refused this chance today, there might never be a next time. No matter how good her qualifications were, the chance of immortality would never favour her a second time.

Her current master had not taught her much, and she had still crossed over into the ranks of Xuan-level martial artists in a very short time. So she herself was clear that her qualifications were remarkable.

Di Jiu felt Lu Xiaowan’s gaze fall on him and his heart just jumped. When he first saw Lu Xiaowan, this woman was a shy girl with extremely thin skin. She could say a word to him and her face would blush to her ears.

But at this moment, her face was changing and there were only sharp psychological fluctuations, where was there any shyness or blushing? Di Jiu even saw a hint of resignation in her eyes.

Di Jiu suddenly thought of how he had previously lamented that he was lucky to have happened to meet Lu Xiaowan who could enter the martial arts academy. Then it happened that Lu Xiaowan’s ID card was not with her …….

Di Jiu took a deep breath, where in this world are there so many coincidences? If Lv Xiaowan removed that small character in the middle, wouldn’t she be Lv Wan. He had heard Ruan Shou say before that Fake can’t send Green Wan to clean him up, so it seems that this Lu Xiao Wan is Green Wan is correct.

Having experienced the destruction of his own family, he actually lacked that sense of crisis just because he had come to Earth, which made Di Jiu blame himself. Lu Xiao Wan had no killing intent towards him, only resentment, it was very likely that this woman was going to bring him back to the fake not to kill him with her own hands.

“My disciple, Lu Wan, is willing to follow Master and cultivate with him. It’s just that there are still some hang-ups in the red dust, please also ask master to cut off the hang-ups for me ……” Lu Wan had already turned her thoughts in this instant, she couldn’t go back, she had to leave with the white-haired man anyway and go to cultivation.

Before Jia Lead was also good to her, before leaving, let her master strike and finish off Di Jiu before saying anything. With an existence like her master, who was almost equivalent to an immortal, it should be easy and stress-free to finish off a mere Di Jiu.

The white haired man smiled faintly and nodded in satisfaction, “Just say it, I will definitely meet your request.”

Di Jiu immediately knew it was no good as soon as he saw it and hurriedly went forward to salute and said, “Senior, are you an innate powerhouse? Such tactics are simply beyond my wildest dreams.”

The white haired man looked at Di Jiu, when he first saw Di Jiu before, he seemed to sense something mysterious and mysterious in Di Jiu, but now when he looked again, that feeling had long disappeared. This should have been a mistake at his first glance.

Di Jiu had stood with his disciple Lu Wan before, so naturally he was considered a familiar person, at this moment when Di Jiu asked, he seemed to recall something from a long time ago, and only after a while did he say, “Once I also thought that an Innate was a top-level strong person, but now I realise that an Innate is not a strong person, a truly strong person flies into the sky and transports the earth, calling the wind and rain, this is the dao that my generation needs to pursue. ”

“Master ……”

Lu Wan had just called out again when she was interrupted by Di Jiu, “Xiao Wan, are you leaving? I, I ……”

Di Jiu looked at Lu Wan’s clear face, his tears were almost inside his eyes, just short of saying, you don’t want to leave.

No one would doubt Di Jiu’s expression, Di Jiu and Lu Wan seemed to be very close outside the door before, so it was evident that the two should be lovers. Now that Lu Wan wanted to leave, Di Jiu was naturally reluctant to do so.

Lu Wan was about to say that she should ask her master to help her cut off her mundane ties and let her cultivate at ease, but she suddenly paused at the end of her sentence. She had a feeling in her heart that Master would not do as she wished. Especially when Di Jiu’s eyes were rolling with tears when she spoke just now, she felt some fluctuation in her master’s eyes.

It looked like this Master of hers and Jia Lead were two completely different types of people, and this Master of hers was somewhat mercurial. If she asked her master to destroy Di Jiu now, it might be counterproductive.

Thinking of this, Lu Wan opened her mouth slightly, looking at Di Jiu in some disbelief, “But, but I’ve only known you for a short while, how, how did you ……”

Di Jiu was stunned, he got it wrong? This person is not the green wan that Jia Lead sent to kill him?

The thought was only a fleeting one before Di Jiu came to his senses, he was definitely not mistaken, the other party seemed to have suddenly changed his mind about finishing him off. It seemed likely that Lu Wan was worried that the white-haired man wouldn’t make a move on him, or even change his mind about Lu Wan. Whatever was going on, it was a good thing for him.

Wiping the tears from the corners of his eyes, Di Jiu shook his head, “To you maybe we’ve only known each other for a short while, to me we’ve known each other for a long time and I’ve always had you on my mind. I didn’t expect that we haven’t done more than that and you have to leave …… I know, I can’t stop you, go and cultivate well, if one day in the future you are successful in cultivation and still remember me, come and see me ……”

Speaking here, Di Jiu paused for a moment, looked at the enrollment certificate in Lu Wan’s hand and said again, “Before this enrollment certificate you must give me, I don’t want it, I only hope you can enter the martial arts academy to learn martial arts. Now I am instead taking the initiative to ask for it from you, I am afraid that one day, you will be too far away from me and I won’t be able to keep up with you. Don’t worry, I will work hard and try not to be left too far behind by you …….”

As Di Jiu spoke, he took a step forward and was about to take the Martial Academy registration qualification from Lu Wan’s hand.

The first thing that happened to her was that she saw her newly worshipped master looking at her with a smile on his lips, and her heart immediately calmed down. If this was not handled well, she would definitely leave a bad impression in her master’s heart.

Taking a deep breath, Lu Wan handed the enrollment certificate in her hand to Di Jiu of her own accord, “This is for you, this is what my father got in exchange for selling most of the family’s properties. I didn’t know that we had only met for a short while and you were already so nostalgic about me. I am going to follow my master to pursue the Great Way, so earthly things will turn into smoke and clouds along with this registration qualification, take care of yourself, everything has nothing to do with me anymore.”

Sure enough after Lu Wan finished speaking, she saw the Master nodding to her, “Good, the Dao I have obtained is to forget the past, not to hold on to it. Any hang-ups and dust in your heart must be let go and be let go of. Whether you are in love with the other person or not, the fact that you are able to put an end to everything they have done to you through this Martial Arts Academy enrolment is a Dao in itself. From today onwards, you will travel with me to Fairy Star to pay your respects and then follow me to learn the Dao.”

“Yes, Master.” Lu Wan obediently fell to her knees. The displeasure of giving Di Jiu the registration qualification for the Martial Academy just now was now cast aside by her.

“Congratulations to senior for receiving a good disciple!” After Lu Wan confirmed her worship, all those who followed the white-haired man out bowed to congratulate him.

“Good, today is finally a worthy trip, see you later.” As soon as the white-haired man brought his hand, Lu Wan, who was kneeling in front of him, was directly brought up, and then Di Jiu saw him slide with a false step, directly gliding across the big lake at the entrance of the martial academy, and then disappearing in the shade of the forest.

“This man is so strong.” Di Jiu was even more in awe in his heart.