My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1959-1960

Chapter 1959

Xu Muqing said, and Liu Yufen glanced at Wu Qingmo in disbelief before finally being dragged up to the first floor by Xu Xiaoyang.

“Why are you pulling me? This Wu Qingmo I’ve heard is Xiao Hang’s childhood friend, the two were quite close when they were kids.”

“I heard that our in-laws preferred Wu Qingmo as their daughter-in-law.”

“Now that this Wu Qingmo has suddenly appeared in our family, it’s not like she wants to have any intentions towards our son-in-law, right?”

Hearing his wife’s words, Xu Xiaoyang couldn’t help but scratch his scalp, “That shouldn’t be very likely, our in-laws are also very happy with Xu Muqing now, so she should really have something to discuss with the two children when she appears at our home at this time.”

“Just you think so well of all people, don’t forget, the Li family in the capital is a famous family, and now only Xiao Hang is left without offspring in the whole Li family.”

“Maybe the in-laws don’t say anything on their lips, but in their hearts they’re always mindful that our daughter hasn’t given the Li family a child or two.”

Xu Xiaoyang couldn’t help but freeze for a moment, he felt that his wife’s analysis seemed somewhat reasonable.

But then, thinking of Li Hang’s usual affection for Xu Muqing, he felt that this speculation was a bit nonsensical again.

“Oh, let’s stop guessing! It’s already a young man’s world now, let’s just live our own lives as old people and leave the rest to the young people.”

As he spoke, Xu Xiaoyang had already stretched out his hand and put his arm around Liu Yufen’s waist.

“Old man, what do you want?”

Liu Yufen was startled and couldn’t help but dislike Xu Xiaoyang in a cheeky manner.

Xu Xiaoyang shamelessly said to Liu Yufen, “Wife, that pose we saw inside the movie just now, or else let’s try it?”

Upon hearing this, Liu Yufen’s charming face couldn’t help but be tinted with a blush: “Old man, you’re getting more and more undignified.”

As night fell, the villa was lit up and Wu Qingmo was left behind by Xu Muqing for dinner, and the family sat around the table to have dinner together.

Li Liu’er gave Xu Haoran a cold kick, she had just returned from work and felt a strange atmosphere in the house.

Xu Haoran was picking at his rice when he suddenly received a kick and almost lost his rice bowl.

“Why did you kick me?” Xu Haoran asked, inclining his head towards Li Liu’er.

Li Liu’er whispered, “What’s going on at this point? A love triangle? The ex-girlfriend killed the current one inside the house and showed off her power?”

Xu Haoran saw the fire of gossip burning in Li Liuye’s eyes, and suddenly, he had a plan in mind.

“So what, what do you have to say to me in my room, it’s not a good influence if we bite our ears in front of so many people.”

Li Liu’er looked at Xu Haoran suspiciously, but from inside Xu Haoran’s eyes, she couldn’t see any signs of making a bad move, so she agreed.

“Mom and Dad, I’m full.” Xu Haoran was the first to leave from the table.

When Li Liu’er saw this, she also greeted Liu Yufen and Xu Xiaoyang and Li Hang, and then hurriedly followed Xu Haoran’s footsteps as well.

“This Li Liu’er is quite good looking and her personality suits Xu Haoran.” From Wu Qing’s ink-moist red lips, a sentence slowly spat out.

Li Liu’er, who was halfway down the lane, stumbled on her feet, “What’s a good match for Xu Haoran?

Chapter 1960

At this time, Xu Haoran, who had already returned to his room, probed his head and glanced towards the outside of the corridor. When he saw Li Liu’er standing in a daze not far away, he hurriedly hooked his hand at her.

Li Liu’er looked at Xu Haoran’s hand that kept waving at her, and her beautiful eyebrows raised slightly. She had already decided that if Xu Haoran dared to put his hands on her when she entered the room later, she would directly scrap Xu Haoran’s third leg.

As soon as she entered the room, Li Liu’er was grabbed from behind and was thrown over her shoulder.

“Bang!” There was a bang.

Xu Haoran was thrown high into the air and landed heavily on the ground!

“Aigoo, my mother, when did you learn this move?” Xu Haoran had wanted to surprise Li Liu’er, but he didn’t expect to be subdued in one move, it was too humiliating.

Of course, Xu Haoran would definitely not use his super powers on Liu’er, his own daughter-in-law would not give up.

Li Liu’er clasped her hands to her chest and looked down at Xu Haoran, who was rolling around on the ground in a bitchy manner: “You don’t have to pretend, hurry up and tell me what is going on downstairs?”

“It’s just what you saw. With my parents around, nothing serious can happen.” Xu Haoran sat up straight and patted his side, “Otherwise, sit down next to me and let’s have a good chat.”

“Nag you, my ass!” Li Liu’er knew that Xu Haoran was always trying to trick her into coming into the room, but he was actually trying to make a move on her.

With that, Li Liu’er turned around and was about to leave.

“My brother-in-law has been struck by the Pharaoh King’s curse and only has forty-eight days to live.”

Suddenly, Xu Haoran’s dull voice came from behind her.

Li Liu’er jerked her body to a halt and asked incredulously, “How is that possible? Your brother-in-law is the Red Sea God of War, the most powerful man in this world, how could he …… have been set up.

“He deliberately put himself at risk, what could we have done to stop it? At that time, Master Xu was right next to him, even he didn’t notice, how could we have noticed?!”

Xu Haoran disliked Li Liu’er in a good-natured way, and as he said that, he simply lay flat on the floor with his hands on the back of his head, “During the daytime, we had a big fight with that Satan’s son Lucifer.”

“My sister was the one who fought off that guy who crawled out of hell.”

“I was thinking that my brother-in-law’s physical abilities might have been affected after he was struck by the Pharaoh’s curse, otherwise he couldn’t have needed to tangle with Lucifer for so long.”

What Xu Haoran said was actually his own guess, he had been secretly observing Li Hang’s speed of moves before, and always felt that Li Hang’s ability was definitely above Lucifer’s.

“Have you ever mentioned this matter to anyone else?” Li Liu’er asked as she crouched beside Xu Haoran.

Xu Haoran turned his head and blinked his eyes twice, “I’ll just talk to you alone, daughter-in-law.”

“Xu Haoran, I’ve said many times that it’s okay for the two of us to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but if we really talk about marriage, it’s really inappropriate.”

“Where is it inappropriate?” Xu Haoran sat up violently.

Li Liu’er took a deep breath, in fact, she had thought about it a lot during this period of time, although getting along with Xu Haoran was easy, the other half she wanted was serious and responsible and responsible, like a man like Li Hang, not an overgrown child.