My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1957-1958

Chapter 1957

While Xu Muqing was rushing to find out what was going on in this, the doorbell of the villa suddenly rang.

Xu Haoran was the first to run to the villa’s door and opened it, and couldn’t help but shout out in surprise, “Why did you come back from abroad? Are you coming to our house now to smash the scene?”

Wu Qingmo was wearing a haute couture formal red suit today, with seaweed-like wavy hair and exquisite make-up, and her body oozed a queenly demeanour.

She glanced at Xu Haoran with her afterglow and craned her neck proudly, “I’m here to look for my brother.”

Another one came to look for her brother, just after a Persian princess had left, another childhood friend came.

Xu Haoran spat in his heart, but on the surface he didn’t dare to nag any more, because he could already feel the gaze his brother-in-law was casting over.

Xu Mu Qing also turned her head in surprise at this time, and the moment she saw Wu Qing Mo, she also cast a questioning gaze over, as if to ask why Wu Qing Mo would come to their house at this time of the day?

Wu Qing Mo directly crossed Xu Haoran and walked to Li Hang and Xu Mu Qing: “Let’s talk about any problems inside, it’s not nice for a group of people to stand outside.”

As he spoke, Wu Qing Mo walked into the villa as if he was going back to his own home and walked in boldly.

Li Hang and Xu Mu Qing both looked at each other, the two of them had a tacit understanding and also directly followed Wu Qing Mo into the living room.

Xu Haoran tried to follow in a fart, but his arm was directly pulled by Old Monster Xu.

“Master, what are you pulling me for?”

“They’re talking about something there, so you shouldn’t go and get in the way.”

“What’s in the way? Master, you are late, you may not know about this Wu Qing Mo, she is very powerful, I am worried that my sister won’t be able to handle it.”

As he spoke, Xu Haoran was already impatient to enter the villa, but Xu Laoqi still tugged at his arm and wouldn’t let go.

“Master! Do you want to watch your disciple’s daughter-in-law being bullied by this fierce woman?”

“You don’t know that when she first appeared, she was all kinds of antagonistic to my sister. Later, it was only when my brother-in-law stepped in that this woman was dissuaded.”

Hearing Xu Haoran’s words, Xu Laoqi’s pale eyes did not have a hint of cunning inside them as he blinked twice and said to Xu Haoran, “You have said that your brother-in-law was able to dissuade her, with your brother-in-law around, you are still worried about your sister being bullied?”

“That’s true, but an unexpected guest has suddenly arrived at home, and it’s also my sister’s love rival, so I, as a younger brother, must go and stand up for her.”

“What’s the point of standing up for her? If you have the time, you might as well learn a few more kung fu moves from me, there’s a tough battle ahead.”

As soon as he heard that there was going to be a battle, Xu Haoran immediately came to life, just now Lucifer suddenly appeared inside this ordinary world, still made Xu Haoran feel very shocked.

Although he had already seen many strange things, the appearance of such legendary figures in real life still made Xu Haoran feel very fresh and exciting.

He hurriedly approached Old Monster Xu’s side and asked with a gossipy face, “Master, since you won’t let me go in to join in the fun, why don’t you simply tell me about the one called Lucifer, what’s the deal?”

Xu Laoqi’s eyes rolled slightly, regarding the Pharaoh King’s curse on Li Hang, someone still needed to be around to help through.

After considering it for a while, Old Monster Xu then told them all about Lucifer.

Chapter 1958

The first time I heard this, Xu Haoran’s eyes grew brighter and brighter: “Then according to you, this devil’s son Lucifer he actually just ate enough to have nothing to do and came out to play with the earth.”

“Strictly speaking, one can say this [penchant].”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

“Who let your brother-in-law’s reputation be known.”

Xu Laoqi’s remark directly amused Xu Haoran, and he clapped his hands together and said, “According to you, my brother-in-law is the proverbial pig.”

“What pig?”

“Isn’t there a saying that people are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strong, my brother-in-law is so famous that he is treated as that pig by Lucifer, because my brother-in-law is at the mercy of others.”

Hearing Xu Haoran’s analogy, Xu Laoqi felt that it made sense and could not help but nod his head.

At this time, the sound of Wu Qing Mo speaking came from inside the villa, and Xu Laoqi and Xu Haoran, both one large and one small, could not help but perk up their ears.

“I came back from abroad this time to help my brother, Xu Muqing although the ability you have on you is not bad, but to stand beside my brother and match his ability, it is still far from good.”

“I have been watching the battle between you and Lucifer just now, and that ability lurking in you is not stable.”

“If the two sides really fight, there is still a chance that you will become a liability for your brother.”

“So if you have self-awareness, it is better for you to retreat to the second line, so that brother will not have to worry about killing in front.”

Wu Qing Mo’s words came to a halt and she blinked her beautiful eyes as she continued, “Of course, I don’t mean anything else. The words may not sound too good, but I hope you can listen to them.”

“The situation is urgent, my brother has the Pharaoh’s curse on him and it must be lifted in the next month or so. Otherwise it will be a ticking time bomb.”

“If you don’t want your brother to ……”

The latter words, Wu Qing Mo could not continue because Xu Mu Qing directly interrupted her, “I know what you mean, don’t worry, I am not the kind of person who is unreasonable.”

As she said that, Xu Muqing looked at Li Hang with a burning gaze, “Honey, I think Wu Qingmo has a point, if we must form a strong team to resist this devil’s son on Lucifer, then it must be you and Wu Qingmo as the leaders of our team.”

Li Hang’s eyes darkened: “Wife, you ……”

“I’m fine, the most important thing now is to lift the Pharaoh’s curse on you, everything else is unimportant.”

Xu Muqing stopped Li Hang from speaking in the first place.

Because she knew that Li Hang would definitely consider her feelings first in everything, that’s why Xu Muqing took the initiative to interrupt, she didn’t want Li Hang to keep giving, this kind of giving was too heavy for Xu Muqing.

What Xu Muqing wants is for Li Hang to be safe and sound, that’s all.

The two old men, Liu Yufen and Xu Xiaoyang, had finished watching a small movie in the audio-visual room, and the two old men happily walked up from the basement, and when they saw Wu Qingmo appear, they couldn’t help but freeze for a moment.

“Xiao Hang, what’s wrong with you guys?”

“Mum! Wu Qingmo has just come back from abroad and is visiting our house?”