My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1955-1956

Chapter 1955

“If within these forty-eight days, your husband does not find someone to lift the spell on him, then he will die.”

“Xu Muqing, do you wish to see your husband go to his death?”

She struggled to restrain her anger and spoke out stubbornly, “Tell me what you want, don’t waste your time here.”

“That’s what I want, that’s the attitude.” The mysterious man showed a winning smile and said to Li Hang, “Your wife has already made a statement for you, now you can hand over the Morrowind Eye.”

“Senluo Eye, you greedy dogs, how dare you want my disciple’s Senluo Eye, it’s too much!”

Old Monster Xu was the first to jump out upon hearing this and roared out at the mysterious man.

The Moro Eye was a very special existence for Li Hang, who had a special ability in his eyes since he was born.

Later on, after following Elder Xu’s kung fu training, it was Elder Xu who discovered the more powerful function of Li Hang’s eyes.

During the period of time when the master and apprentice were learning the art, Old Monster Xu tried to use various internal martial arts techniques to unlock the potential of Li Hang’s Moro Eyes.

Over time, Li Hang himself developed a set of methods to cultivate the Senluo Eye.

But the longer this Moro Eye stayed inside Li Hang’s body, the greater its ability became, and the more it had an effect on Li Hang’s eyesight.

The Moro Eye could see everything in the world, and as long as Li Hang wanted to know and understand, he was able to discover and pinpoint the exact location through the Moro Eye.

Therefore, to a certain extent, whoever possessed the Morrowind would be able to possess the secrets and wealth of the entire world.

The fact that this mysterious man wanted Li Hang’s Morrowind as soon as he opened his mouth indicated that he must have a very powerful plot brewing.

“Kid, we absolutely cannot let him have his way.” Old Monster Xu lowered his voice in Li Hang’s ear and warned.

Li Hang frowned slightly, after more than ten years of cultivation, the Morrowind Eye had long since fused with him, and if it was stripped from his body without permission, it was impossible to estimate what serious consequences it would cause.

“Husband, if you hand over this Morrowind Eye, will it have an effect on your body?”

Xu Muqing was the first to also ask Li Hang, to Xu Muqing, nothing was more important than Li Hang’s health.

Li Hang’s face was calm as he said to Xu Muqing, “Wife, if I say that I might go blind in the future, will you still love me as much as you do now?”

“Husband, what are you talking about, no matter what you become, you are still my favourite husband.”

“Also, if handing over the Moro Eyes will make you blind, then I would rather the two of us spend these last forty-eight days happily.”

As she spoke, Xu Muqing had already stood on tiptoe and printed her moist red lips on Li Hang’s thick lips.

Then she said solemnly, “I don’t want to be born on the same day of the same year and month, but only want to die on the same day of the same year and month.”

“From the day the two of us got married, I have secretly vowed to live and die with my husband, to advance and retreat together, to be together forever and ever, regardless of poverty and wealth, sickness and health.”

Li Hang burned his gaze and looked at Xu Muqing for an instant.

“You two couples don’t have to show your love, I don’t want to eat this. Li Hang, hand over the Eye of Moro, or we won’t have to talk anymore.”

The mysterious man had already waited impatiently and gave Li Hang an ultimatum.

Chapter 1956

However, without waiting for Li Hang to speak, Xu Muqing’s body suddenly flew up, only to see her slender body slowly turn transparent at a speed visible to the naked eye, to finally disappear completely in the sight of the crowd.

“Sis! Sis!” Xu Haoran looked so anxious that he shouted into the air.

But after shouting for half a day, he did not wait for Xu Muqing’s response.

“Brother-in-law, what’s going on? Where is my sister? Where did she go?!”

Xu Laoqi said with a grave expression at this time, “Disciple, your daughter-in-law wouldn’t be the legendary president of that mysterious Time Control Society, would she?”

“This kind of spell to make oneself disappear is only known to that president who often misses work and doesn’t work, ah.”

“But that’s not right, the chairman is obviously a man, how come he’s a woman?”

Three questions in a row made Xu Haoran look baffled, while Li Hang was much more calm, he had always kept his mouth shut about the huge secret hidden behind Xu Muqing’s identity.

If this mysterious man hadn’t pushed Xu Muqing to the brink a few days ago and stimulated all the potential energy inside Xu Muqing’s body, Xu Muqing wouldn’t have been able to reveal her true power.

“How dare you bully my husband, go to hell!”

Suddenly a delicate voice came out, followed by Xu Muqing, who had disappeared into the air, suddenly appearing to the right of the mysterious man.

The mysterious man was completely unaware of the approaching person and was unable to dodge in time, so his left shoulder was directly pierced by Xu Muqing’s sharp sword!

Blood dripped down the sharp sword from the air and finally fell onto the gra*s, the moment this mysterious man’s blood touched the gra*s, the originally tender green gra*s directly withered.

When Li Hang saw this, he immediately said, “Lucifer, you, a thing that crawled out of hell, do not deserve to live in this sunny world.”

“A word of advice to you, before my wife gets angry, hurry up and go back to your eighteenth level of hell.”

“Otherwise, when she beats you back home, when that time comes, your face won’t look so good back there.”

Xu Haoran was also shouting at the man at this time, “You are Satan, the son of the devil as recorded in the Bible.”

“Holy sh*t, what a long time to live, I didn’t think there was really such a character as you.”

“What are you doing here in the human world instead of staying in hell?”

“Don’t think we humans are easy to bully, with your skills, you can just hang around in hell, don’t come out and make a fool of yourself!”

Lucifer, who had been exposed, was enraged, he suddenly opened his hands and stirred his cloak so hard that for a moment, a demonic wind of unknown origin blew incessantly over the whole villa.

“Li Hang, the Pharaoh curse is not something you can solve on your own, since you treasure the Moro Eye so much, then this throne will fulfill you, you can just hold your Moro Eye and wait for death, hahaha!”

With an arrogant laughter, Lucifer went into the centre of the vortex of the demonic wind and disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye.

The courtyard was filled with wreckage and the lawn, blackened by Lucifer’s blood, was still visible.

Xu Muqing fiercely jumped into Li Hang’s arms and said with tears in her eyes, “Honey, I was scared to death just now, tell me quickly what the Pharaoh’s Curse is all about?”

“Why did this Lucifer come to you? What exactly happened in between?”