My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1953-1954

Chapter 1953

All of a sudden the wind rushed and lightning flashed.

It was as if these strange visions were under some kind of pulling force, and they all surged towards Xu Haoran’s palm in unison.

Xu Haoran was now standing on the lawn, and the aura around him changed dramatically, his hair stood up, and the clothes he was wearing bulged up like a balloon.

It was as if the whole person was filled with hydrogen gas and slowly floated into mid-air.

The original neat formation of those dozen black shadows was suddenly dispersed along with the moment Xu Haoran pushed out the stance in his hand.

Some of them fell heavily on the grass, some crashed into the villa’s fence, and some even flew over the fence and fell directly to the outside of the villa.

The painful screams were incessant, these originally very powerful and arrogant black shadows were now as if they had been dismantled, unable to stand up like limpets.

When Xu Haoran saw this, a smile of excitement immediately appeared on his face.

He said loudly to Li Hang, “Brother-in-law, I did it. This move that you taught me is really a masterstroke! This group of grandsons can’t even get up after being beaten by me.”

“Big talk!”

Just as Xu Haoran was gloating, a Yin Li’s voice suddenly broke through the air.

Immediately afterwards, Xu Haoran’s body, which was suspended in mid-air, seemed to be struck by a powerful force, and his whole body flew out with a whoosh.


Xu Haoran screamed out in panic, and Li Hang immediately flew up, only to see his body spinning in mid-air and catching Xu Haoran, who kept falling backwards, with great speed.

“You stand by the side, let me take care of the rest.”

Without waiting for Xu Haoran to speak, Li Hang had already directly confronted the mysterious man who had suddenly appeared.

As the four eyes met, a strange spark was created in the air, and not only that, it was as if the temperature of the surrounding air had risen by several degrees.

It was clearly the early winter season, but Xu Haoran, standing next to him, could feel the heat waves that only a hot summer day could have.

“Sister, who do you think will have the upper hand now when brother-in-law goes up against this man?” Xu Haoran asked Xu Muqing at this time.

“Your brother-in-law is definitely the best.” Xu Muqing now sort of figured out why Li Hang would spend time farting with Xu Haoran in the garden, when in fact he was deliberately exposing himself to outsiders.

In the garden, the mysterious man and Li Hang were fighting hard, and the two were neck and neck.

Xu Laoqi was also the first to rush out after hearing the commotion.

“Kid this move to lure a snake out of a hole really works well.”

“Master, what do you mean by that?”

Xu Muqing heard the meaning beyond words from within Old Monster Xu’s words, and hurriedly asked Old Monster Xu.

Xu Laoqi looked at Xu Muqing for a few moments, and when he thought of Li Hang’s words about not letting Xu Muqing know about the Pharaoh King’s curse, Xu Laoqi could only hold his mouth and find a random excuse to pass it off.

Just as Xu Muqing wanted to continue to question Old Monster Xu, Li Hang and the mysterious man exchanged palms in the air.

Immediately afterwards, a very powerful wave of qi exploded out of the sky, which directly affected more than a dozen villas in the surrounding area, and also alarmed the surrounding residents.

When these people saw Li Hang and the mysterious man fighting in the air, they all let out shouts of surprise.

Chapter 1954

“What is this, does the legendary Superman really exist?”

“Isn’t that our guardian god of Ningzhou?”

The mysterious man sneered disdainfully at Li Hang at this time, “Li Hang, you have been struck by the Pharaoh King’s curse, if you are sensible, you should ask me nicely, maybe I will be able to help you get rid of the curse on you if I am happy.”

“Tell me, what is the purpose of your appearance in this place in Ningzhou? The Pharaoh’s curse that you speak so proudly of is but a mere child’s play before me.”

“Humph, the Red Sea God of War is reduced to bragging, it is really ridiculous, the Pharaoh King Curse is lifted by the person who cast the curse himself, as long as I don’t lift the curse for you, you will definitely die!”

In the face of the threat, Li Hangren was on cloud nine, unconcerned.

But Xu Muqing, who had been watching from below, was already anxious, and she hurriedly shouted at the mysterious man, “What exactly do you want?”

As the words fell, the mysterious man could not help but turn his gaze towards Xu Muqing.

Too late, Li Hang’s body flickered in the midst of the air, and in the blink of an eye, he was in front of Xu Muqing.

“Honey, why didn’t you say anything to me? What exactly is that Pharaoh’s Curse? Isn’t it very dangerous?”

Li Hang reached out his hand to Xu Muqing and gently patted her shoulder, “Don’t worry, wife, I can handle this matter on my own.”

“I know you’re great, but you can’t joke around with this kind of stuff.”

“This man is coming from a bad place, don’t fight him hard yet, I’ll see what he wants, as long as he has something he wants, just give him what we have.”

“As long as our family is in harmony and together in a reunion, it’s more important than anything else.”

“Yeah, right. Brother-in-law, you are the backbone of our family, nothing must happen to you.” Xu Haoran also interjected from the side at this time.

Xu Laoqi seized the opportunity to persuade Li Hang, “I say, kid, since everyone knows about it, you don’t need to hide it.”

“The other party has spent so much effort and come around in such a big circle to count on you, there must be something in mind.”

“Let’s just lay down with him and sit down and have a good chat.”

“If we can agree on the terms, we don’t need to make a big deal, it’s not a good deal as it takes time and effort!”

Hearing Xu Laoqi’s words, Li Hang could not help but blink twice, originally he wanted to fight hard with this mysterious man, because in his dictionary there was no such thing as compromise.

But the eager eyes of his family and the people he cared about made Li Hang waver.

Or maybe compromise is a victory!

At least the people around him could live a comfortable and solid life, which was the most important thing to Li Hang.

“You have discussed for so long, is there a result? This seat doesn’t have that much spare time to spend with you guys.”

A cold wind, which kept reverberating in the villa’s garden, the mysterious man stood tall and continued to speak to Xu Muqing, “When I came here, I heard that Li Hang was a strict wife and obeyed his wife, a hundred times better than one.”

“Xu Muqing now is also the time to use your abilities.”

“I’ll tell you the truth, your husband has fallen under my Pharaoh’s spell and only has seventy-seven to forty-nine days to live, oh no, strictly accurate taking out today, there should only be forty-eight days left to live.”