My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1951-1952

Chapter 1951

“Otherwise, with my husband’s skills, he would have taught me more powerful martial arts long ago.”

“But look at me like this now, I don’t know a few masterful moves in total.”

“Back when we were fighting that group of zombies outside, I was always well protected by my husband as well.”

“This Misty Stance alone, you can see that I am now very skilful at using it, but in fact, my husband went to a lot of trouble when he first taught me.”

“In order for me to be able to master this escape technique proficiently, my husband got up early in the morning and got up in the dark every day, lifting me out of bed and forcing me to practice.”

Li Hang took Xu Muqing’s waist at this time and said to Xu Laoqi, “Old man, you fruit eat first, I’ll go out with my daughter-in-law for a while.”

“Go go go, I’m too lazy to bother with your young people’s affairs, an old man like me.”

“But there is one thing, you must draw attention to yourself, never make unnecessary waiting.”

Xu Muqing was a little ambiguous about what Xu Laoqi had said, and the two couples sat down face to face in the back garden of the villa.

Xu Muqing asked Li Hang impatiently, “Honey, what did Master’s words mean just now? What are you waiting for?”

“During the daytime, I saw a very strange black aura on top of that ocean building and there were those very scary bats that flew out of it.”

“You must tell me if there is anything, you must not hide it from me.”

At this time, Xu Haoran wandered over, and he casually grabbed the grapes on the table and threw them into his mouth, “Sister, just don’t worry, brother-in-law, he is very powerful.”

“I’m afraid that no one in this world who can hurt brother-in-law has been born yet.”

“Let’s just put our hearts in our stomachs and live well, and you, just get well and give brother-in-law a big fat boy next year.”

“Xu Haoran, if you keep talking nonsense, do you believe I will sew your mouth shut?!”

Xu Muqing felt extremely embarrassed every time she mentioned giving birth to a doll for Li Hang.

Originally, the matter of preparing for pregnancy was a matter between the two of them, but now it was causing the family to hang on to it every day, which made both to feel very pressured.

So she jerked up from her chair and chased Xu Haoran around the courtyard, squealing and screaming.

Xu Haoran’s superpowers were all forced out at the crucial moment, only to see Xu Haoran flying up and down over the villa like a bird.

Of course, Xu Muqing was not that easy to bully.

Although her superpower was a powerful healing ability, Li Hang had secretly given Xu Muqing a heavy dose of Li Hang’s special ability in her body in order to give her enough self-protection.

Under normal circumstances, Xu Muqing’s ability would not be triggered if she did not have a heartfelt desire to clean up after a person.

Just as Xu Haoran was complacent, Xu Muqing, who had both feet on the ground, suddenly had a powerful burst of incoming Qi emitted from her body.

Immediately afterwards, it was as if her entire body was held by a powerful force, and her entire body slowly levitated in mid-air.

This time, Xu Haoran was dumbfounded by the sight.

Before he could react, Xu Muqing suddenly shouted out, “Xu Haoran, watch the move!”

As Xu Muqing’s slender palms accelerated in the air, Xu Haoran felt a very powerful energy fluctuation on his face as her palms came closer and closer to him, causing his entire facial muscles to tremble uncontrollably.

Chapter 1952

It was too late, but Xu Muqing’s powerful slap just slapped Xu Haoran’s cheek, and Xu Haoran’s entire face was slapped askew, as if his body had been given a huge push, and he crashed into the high wall of the villa.


Xu Haoran’s scream, with an almost mournful sound, suddenly rang out over the villa.

It startled Liu Yufen and Xu Xiaoyang, the two elders who were watching a movie in the villa’s audio-visual room, and likewise the unknown force that had been guarding the outside with the intention of attacking at any moment.

“What’s going on? Why did I hear our son’s screams?” Liu Yufen looked out of the window in confusion.

Xu Xiaoyang also got up from the sofa and quickly walked to the entrance of the basement patio and looked up to see his son Xu Haoran’s entire body flying overhead.

“The son was sent flying!” Xu Xiaoyang shouted.

“What?!” Liu Yufen hurriedly walked up and saw Xu Muqing running hurriedly through the courtyard, and there was Li Hang following behind.

“What’s all the fuss about these kids?” Xu Xiaoyang said with a worried look on his face.

Liu Yufen was more calm than Xu Xiaoyang, as she had Li Hang watching, so her mood that was still worried was immediately relieved.

“Don’t worry old man, with Little Hang around, nothing big can happen, let them make a fuss, we old folks don’t have to worry about it.”

As the words fell, a dozen black shadows of unknown origin suddenly appeared in the courtyard.

When Xu Xiaoyang and Liu Yufen turned around and continued to devote themselves to a good movie, Li Hang was already fighting with these black shadows.

In the courtyard, Xu Haoran and Xu Muqing, who were chasing and playing with each other, also stopped their movements, and the two of them looked in amazement at the dozen or so black shadows that were tangled up with Li Hang.

Almost at the same time, Xu Haoran shouted to Li Hang, “Brother-in-law, do you need my help?”

Li Hang slapped a black shadow away just in time and then said to Xu Haoran, “Didn’t I just hand you a few moves two days ago, take this opportunity to practise.”

Hearing this, Xu Haoran was excited, knowing that he had been looking forward to fighting for a long time.

As soon as he said that, Xu Haoran roared and rushed straight towards the pile of black shadows.

“Volleying Mountains and Pouring Seas!”

He saw Xu Haoran make a very beautiful movement with his hands, carrying a powerful qi that was like waves of the sea, as if he was about to swallow those black shadows that were recklessly launching attacks at Li Hang in the next instant.

Those black shadows were no slackers either, and almost at the same time, they dismantled the moves Xu Haoran attacked with.

“Thunder Formation!”

One could see that these black shadows were very well trained, and with a shout from one of the leaders, a dozen or so black shadows that were originally beaten and disorganized immediately formed up and blocked Xu Haoran’s move.

“Brother-in-law, these guys have good tactics, shall I give them a bigger move?” Xu Haoran asked to Li Hang at this time.

Previously, Li Hang had taught Xu Haoran a deadly move to kill the enemy, but Li Hang had then told him that he should never use it until the last resort, because this move had a large ripple effect and was extremely powerful, and if he used it, basically there would be no more living beings wherever he passed.

“Use it.” Li Hang replied dryly, he was now trying to force out the mastermind behind this group of black shadows.

“Amazing!” Xu Haoran shouted excitedly.

Immediately afterwards, the heavens and the earth changed colour, dark clouds rolled in, and the entire sky produced an aberration.