My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1949-1950

Chapter 1949

“Lord Black Eagle, our men have finished ambushing at the outskirts of Ningzhou, and are then at your disposal.”

On the top floor, two men suddenly emerged from the otherwise empty environment, their faces with strange uniform tattoos, if you didn’t look closely, you wouldn’t be able to see exactly what these men looked like.

Moreover, the tattoos on their faces looked like a vulture on wings, hideous to the point of horror.

“At 12 o’clock this evening, using the blue fireworks in the sky as a signal, when the fireworks rise to the sky, that’s when Li Hang and his family will rise to the sky.”

When Li Hang returned home with Xu Muqing and Xu Haoran, the two elders, Liu Yufen and Xu Xiaoyang, had been looking around inside the courtyard for several hours, and the first thing they did when they saw their children returning was to run up and ask Li Hang.

Only after Xu Muqing and Xu Haoran’s repeated explanations did the two old men reluctantly put their minds at ease.

“Master Teacher, you still need to take more care of our Little Hang, this child doesn’t tell us anything and often sneaks around alone to get things done, we as elders are still worried about his well-being.”

While eating the exquisite food prepared by Liu Yufen, Xu Laoqi nodded in response, “Don’t worry, I will definitely take care of this kid. He’s also my only disciple, there’s no way I’ll watch him fall into danger.”

After finishing dinner, the first thing Old Monster Xu did was to pull Li Hang inside his room.

“Hurry up and take off your clothes, I’ll try to undo the spell for you.”

“Old man, didn’t you say that the Pharaoh King curse is not that easy to undo? If you mess around like this, in case you touch some taboo, then your apprentice brother I won’t just hiccup.”

“Blah blah blah! What are you talking about? Am I such a messy person, your master? Before during the day, your daughter-in-law was around and I couldn’t say much, but now that it’s just the two of us, master and disciple, I definitely need to nag you properly.”

Li Hang had by now slowly sat down in front of Old Monster Xu, he blinked his eyes and said to him, “Master, then you can talk, I’ll listen.”

“You kid don’t hang around all day long, you only have forty-nine days left to live now, we have to hurry up and try, otherwise, when the time comes, the Great Luo Gods really won’t be able to help you.”

Li Hang shrugged unconcernedly, in his opinion, this kind of unstructured act of unlocking the spell would only lead to his body being overly consumed in the end.

In the middle of his thoughts, Li Hang said directly to Old Monster Xu, “I think the most urgent task now is not to undo the curse, but to find the source of this Pharaoh’s curse.”

“What do you mean?” Old Monster Xu asked solemnly, his brows locked.

In his opinion this disciple of his was very cautious and careful, in fact, it was quite strange that Li Hang would be under the curse.

“Ningzhou is just a small third-tier city with no reputation, although the economy has been developing very rapidly in these recent years, but there is absolutely no way that such an ancient spell that is tied to ancient Egypt would appear in such a small place for no reason.”

“The only possibility is that there is something in Ningzhou that has attracted these mysterious forces. The immediate task now should be to follow the vine and wipe out these forces before we can ensure that the people of your state live in peace and prosperity.”

Hearing this, Old Monster Xu could not help but shout, “Kid, don’t tell me you deliberately let yourself be under the spell.”

Chapter 1950

“You boy are so crazy! Even if you want to uncover these forces hiding behind you, you can’t joke with your own life’s safety.”

“If you have this plan, you can tell Master directly, Master can help you fake some illusion of being under a spell.”

Li Hang was touched by Xu Laoqi’s concern, and he said with a bland expression, “Master, I know you have the ability, but in that situation during the day, I could already feel that someone was watching our every move in this attic.”

“If I hadn’t exposed myself to them then, it would have been difficult to lower their guard.”

“But your move to lure the snake out of the hole was too big a risk to take, in case they weren’t lured out by you. Or if they are lured out by you but still don’t have a way to find a way to undo the spell, what’s going to happen then?”

Li Hang had gotten up from the sofa by this time, and he walked over to the huge floor-to-ceiling glass window as if in thought, “I’m sure that everything will go according to plan.”

“You kid, I really don’t know what to say about you.” In the end, Old Monster Xu could only let out a long sigh, he was really at his wit’s end with this disciple of his.

“Duk Duk Duk!”

There was a knock on the door of the room at this time.

Immediately afterwards came Xu Muqing’s inquiring voice: “Honey, mum has prepared a fruit platter, do you and Master want to eat some?”

Hearing that there was something to eat, Xu Laoqi opened the door of the room in a hurry at first. He was just about to take the fruit platter from Xu Muqing’s hand, only to see Xu Muqing enter the room directly with a deft dodge.

Xu Laoqi froze for a moment, he did not expect that his apprentice’s daughter-in-law, who looked soft and weak, actually had this kind of skill.

“I say, apprentice daughter-in-law, when did you train this skill? How come I didn’t notice it at all?”

Xu Muqing smiled at Old Monster Xu, “Master, don’t tease me, this little bit of kung fu of mine was taught to me by my husband.”

“Moreover, he didn’t teach me for long, I usually don’t have the chance to use it at all, the move I used just now, I can even pull it off with five fingers.”

Hearing these words, Xu Laoqi’s eyes could not help but stare in disbelief, that move of Xu Muqing’s just now was a masterpiece of the Tang Sect, and it would take at least ten years for an ordinary person to learn it.

But from Xu Muqing’s mouth, Xu Laoqi knew that she had learnt it with ease, without much practice at all.

He turned his head to look at Li Hang and couldn’t help but pull his voice up and say, “I said [Pen Interest Pavilion 520] disciple, this daughter-in-law of yours is not bad, this martial arts training qualification is almost on par with yours.”

As he spoke, Xu Laoqi had already enthusiastically waved at Xu Muqing, with the implication that he was asking if Xu Muqing was willing to learn a few moves from him.

At this time, Li Hang coldly interjected, “Master, if you are so enthusiastic about your disciple’s daughter-in-law, what would happen if the master’s mother found out?”

Xu Laoqi raised an eyebrow and said to Li Hang without good grace, “Brat, you need not threaten me with the Master Mother.”

“You haven’t even straightened out your own affairs yet, and you keep making fun of your master me, believe it or not, I’ll flip out with you?”

Xu Muqing hurriedly said to Old Monster Xu, “Master, don’t be angry, that’s the way my husband talks, in fact he just doesn’t want me to practice martial arts, it’s too hard.”