My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1947-1948

Chapter 1947

After weaving through the streets of Ningzhou for another half hour or so, the convoy finally came to a slow stop in front of a house.

The exterior of the building was already a bit old, and the facade of the building was already showing a lot of patches, but there were still occupants inside.

At this time of the day, most of the residents had already got up and gone out to work, while the rest were old people and children staying at home.

Xu Laoqi led Li Hang into the building, one after the other, and as soon as they entered, an eerie aura came over them, and the master and disciple looked at each other and had a plan in mind.

“Honey, wait for me!”

Xu Muqing stepped on her high heels and trotted all the way to catch up with her.

Li Hang turned his head sharply and instructed Xu Haoran, who was behind Xu Muqing, “Take your sister and stay well outside, no one is allowed to come in without my order.”

Xu Haoran had never seen Li Hang speak to him so seriously before, and the first thing he did was to pull Xu Muqing’s arm, “Sister, brother-in-law must have something big to do, let’s just wait at the door.”

Xu Muqing also knew that she could no longer be capricious, and with a worried glint inside her eyes, she nodded her head heavily.

“Sister-in-law, don’t worry, my big brother is very capable, plus the master is also very powerful, the two of them will be able to be invincible with their two swords together.”

As soon as he spoke, Xu Muqing’s worries were mostly lifted.

At this time, Li Erniu and Yang Shanqi’s gang had already surrounded the entire building with a large group of brothers.

Although Li Hang had not instructed them to do anything specific, these men had been trained by Li Hang to be very independent and autonomous after a long time of doing things under his hand.

Now, Xu Muqing and Xu Haoran were brought to a very safe area by Li Erniu and a few of them and focused on protection.

At this moment, Li Hang and Xu Laoqi’s master and disciple had arrived at a loft on the top floor of the foreign building.

This attic looked very small and ordinary people would have turned around and left at first sight.

Because the door of this attic was only one metre high, it was impossible for an adult to stand upright and walk in.

“Kid, can people live here?” Old Monster Xu asked with an incredulous look as he wiped his beard.

Just now, the two of them, master and disciple, had followed that unidentified black gas all the way over, and the last place where the black gas disappeared was this attic that was uninhabitable even for a human being.

Li Hang’s face was calm as he gently placed his hand on the door panel of the attic, and immediately, many strange spots of energy light appeared above the door panel.

Inside these light spots, there were also some strange written symbols, and Old Monster Xu could not help but exclaim, “Could this be the Pharaoh’s Curse of ancient Egypt?”

“What Pharaoh’s Curse?” Li Hang frowned slightly, and at that moment, a burning tingling sensation suddenly came to his palm.

Xu Laoqi was the first to squeeze his palm and opened Li Hang’s palm that was resting on the door panel.

In an instant, a black hole was burnt in Li Hang’s palm, and a small cloud of black gas “slipped” into Li Hang’s palm like a snake.

Immediately afterwards, the black hole in Li Hang’s palm disappeared.

“Master, what’s going on?”

When he was studying with Old Monster Xu, Li Hang was not very interested in the art of Qi Men Dun Jia, so when he saw this unexpected situation in front of him, Li Hang was also baffled.

Chapter 1948

However, at this time Old Monster Xu had a grave look on his face, “Disciple, if I am correct, you may have been struck by the Pharaoh’s curse.”

“What will happen after being struck by the curse?” For Old Monster Xu’s gloom, Li Hang acted much more calmly, just now he had been lightly defeated, then the consequences were what he had to bear.

Old Monster Xu sighed, “After seven, seven, seven, forty-nine days, if you don’t find a way to undo the spell, you won’t be able to save your little life.”

As he spoke, Old Monster Xu couldn’t help but give himself a fierce knock on the head, “It’s all Master’s fault for not thinking things through, this time it’s really a gutter. How could I not have thought that such an advanced spell as the Pharaoh King’s Curse would appear in a place like Ningzhou?”

From the door of the attic room, an eerie laugh came out.

Xu Laoqi passed the door open with a kick, only to see a swarm of oozing bats flying out from inside.

He squeezed his knuckles and cast a fire spell, and the bats that were flying around in the sky were instantly turned into ashes.

Xu Muqing and Xu Haoran also saw the strange objects flying out of the sample building and couldn’t help but tilt their heads to look over.

“Sister, what the hell are all those things flying in the sky? Why do they look so big?”

Xu Muqing’s eyebrows were furrowed tightly, and for some reason, she felt a tingling sensation inside her heart as if she had been stabbed by a needle, feeling very uncomfortable.

Xu Haoran sensed that something was wrong with Xu Muqing and hurriedly held Xu Muqing up, “Sister, are you alright?”

“No, I just felt a bit uncomfortable in my heart just now, it’s much better now.”

As she spoke, Xu Muqing had already turned her head to Li Erniu and said, “Erniu, take a few people inside the foreign building to check it out, I’m a bit worried about my husband.”

“Sister-in-law, big brother has instructed that no one can go in without his order, I dare not disobey the order.”

Xu Muqing took a deep breath, and at this time, she directly slashed her long and slender white legs to break through the layers of protection to enter the inside of the foreign building.

Just at that moment, Li Hang and Xu Laoqi walked out of the ocean building.

“Honey!” When Xu Muqing saw Li Hang come out safe and sound, she rushed up to him and pounced into his words regardless.

After checking up and down to make sure that Li Hang did not have any injuries, Xu Muqing breathed a long sigh of relief: “I was scared to death, so many strange bats flew out of the foreign building just now, I thought something had happened.”

Xu Laoqi was just about to speak when he was stopped by Li Hang, Xu Laoqi could only secretly swallow his words back.

“Master, are you alright? Nothing happened inside the ocean building just now, right?” Xu Muqing noticed the look on Old Monster Xu’s face and asked thoughtfully.

“Wife, let’s get out of here first.” Li Hang interrupted coldly, just now inside the foreign building, he had already made a good agreement with Old Monster Xu that the matter of him being under the Pharaoh King’s curse would be kept secret for the time being, so that Xu Muqing as well as others would not know.

Xu Laoqi flung his sleeve and said nothing, sitting back inside the car in a sulk.

“Brother-in-law, is there something wrong with this foreign building?” Xu Haoran asked gossipingly.

“Let’s go back and talk about it.”

Li Hang finished his sentence and directly helped Xu Muqing back into the car, after which, the entire caravan left the Western-style building in a vast manner.

Meanwhile, on top of the ocean building, a man dressed in black, binoculars in his hand, the corners of his mouth curled up in a grim smile, “Li Hang, you think you can be reckless just because you’re the Red Sea God of War, humph, next, your time to die has come.”