My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1945-1946

Chapter 1945

After Xu Muqing’s softly-vexed approach, Li Hang could only compromise and take her out with him. As a result, when Xu Haoran found out, he also clamoured to go along.

Thus, what Li Hang had originally planned to do with just the two of them, Xu Haoran, became a group action.

Not knowing when Xu Muqing had secretly called Wang Xiaoqi and the others, by the time Li Hang was about to go out with Xu Laoqi the next morning, the two of them had just walked out of the villa gate when they saw Wang Xiaoqi with a group of brothers standing respectfully in a row at the entrance.

“Good morning, big brother!”

“Good morning, Master!”

A group of big men with beefy biceps shouted in unison, directly shaking the entire villa area to its core.

Li Hang couldn’t help but freeze for a moment, and without waiting for him to say anything, Xu Mu Qing had already smiled and said to Wang Xiao Qi, “You guys are right on time.”

“If sister-in-law has a command, we are definitely obliged to do so.”

Just as Wang Xiaoqi was about to gush and brag about himself, Li Hang violently rolled his eyes and interrupted him.

Wang Xiaoqi then felt a cold wind whistling above his head, and shivered as Li Hang passed him by.

“What the hell? Is there something I’ve done wrong?” Wang Xiaoqi scratched his scalp and asked Yang Shanqi who was next to him.

Yang Shanqi still had that mute look, he who had never said much, just looked at Wang Xiaoqi quietly and said, “Big brother doesn’t like us to follow.”

Hearing this, Wang Xiaoqi instantly quit: “How is it possible? Sister-in-law herself Feng instructed us to wait at the door for big brother to come out at seven in the morning.”

“Big brother has always obeyed his sister-in-law, so if we listen to her, we are listening to big brother.”

“Besides, big brother didn’t say anything just now, how can you, a fool’s brain, see that big brother doesn’t want us to follow?”

Without waiting for Yang Shanqi to say anything, Li Erniu, who had been standing nearby watching the fun, interjected in a jarring voice: “You two should stop arguing, big brother and sister-in-law have already gone far away.

Li Erniu had always been thick-headed, he never tried to guess what Li Hang was thinking, he would just ask whenever he thought of something, he never cared if what he said would make Li Hang unhappy.

At this time, Li Erniu had already opened his sturdy legs to follow Li Hang’s footsteps.

“Brother! Don’t we have to follow you?” Li Erniu asked directly to Li Hang.

Xu Muqing, who had been holding Li Hang’s hand, heard Li Erniu’s question and was the first to grab it, “Of course we have to follow. And you guys have to be in good spirits, there is still a possibility that you might encounter some dangerous situations today.”

Li Erniu turned his questioning gaze to Li Hang, who was standing next to him without speaking, and saw Li Hang blink twice at him.

Without saying a word, Li Erniu turned directly towards Wang Xiaoqi and Yang Shanqi who were walking towards them and approached them with quick steps.

“Erniu, what did you say to big brother just now?” Yang Shanqi asked with great interest.

“Big brother, let us follow stealthily and not travel so loudly as a group of people.” Li Erniu said to himself.

“What is big brother taking us to do here? Have you asked yet?”

Chapter 1946

“Didn’t ask, but there’s no need to ask, we just have to follow big brother and do a good job of protection is right.” Li Erniu was a little annoyed and showed a slightly impatient look at Wang Xiaoqi.

Wang Xiaoqi deflated his mouth and said no more, he knew very well that if Li Erniu’s bull temper came up, it would be enough for him to drink.

The group set off from the villa area and drove through the streets and alleys of Ningzhou.

At the beginning, Xu Muqing and Xu Haoran both wondered where they were going.

Xu Haoran also asked Li Hang several times in succession, but the answers he received were ambiguous.

In Li Hang’s words, he himself was not sure and it depended on the circumstances.

“Just wandering around the street like this, I’m getting sidetracked.” Xu Haoran couldn’t help but complain.

As a result, Xu Muqing directly stretched out her slender hand and gave Xu Haoran’s brain a gentle poke, “I told you not to follow, but you insisted.”

“Now that you’re bored, why don’t you just get out of the car and stop fooling around in the car?”

Xu Haoran looked aggrieved, “Sister, why are you like this? Don’t tell me you’re not dizzy, I clearly saw you surreptitiously patting your chest and swallowing hard just now.”

It was true that Xu Muqing was also a bit dizzy, but she didn’t pamper herself by saying how she felt, like Xu Haoran.

For Xu Muqing, being able to quietly accompany Li Hang and not create any trouble for him was the best company.

Now Li Hang and Xu Laoqi were sitting in the same car, Xu Haoran and Xu Muqing were sitting inside a car, and the distance between the two cars was kept at a distance of two to three metres. Therefore, there was no way for anything Xu Haoran said to reach Li Hang’s ears.

At this time, Li Hang’s questioning voice sounded inside the car’s intercom, “Wife, if you’re not feeling well, you should go home with Xu Haoran first.”

“The two of us are going to do something, I’ll be back soon when we’re done.”

Xu Muqing immediately picked up the intercom and said stubbornly, “Honey, I don’t want to be separated from you.”

“There’s nothing wrong with my body, I have to go wherever you go today, just like that there’s no room for negotiation at all, otherwise I’ll get angry.”

To be honest, this was the first time Xu Muqing had shown such an unreasonable look to Li Hang.

Li Hang at the other end of the intercom was also crying and laughing at this time.

“Brat, you’ve married a good daughter-in-law, she even knows that it’s dangerous for you to go out this time and has to follow you around, so don’t refute her good intentions.”

“Old man, if it was Shifu who wanted to follow you on your adventure, would you be willing to do so?”

“That depends on the situation, if this adventure is nothing life-threatening, consider it as taking your Shifu-niang outside for a break and looking for excitement.”

Without waiting for Xu Laoqi to finish his sentence, Li Hang said coldly, “But the matter we are going to do this time is not that simple, and I am worried that Mu Qing will be in danger if she goes along.”

“If you let her go back to the villa and wait, she won’t be able to eat or sleep well, and in the end she’ll sneak over on her own as usual.”

“At that point, I’m afraid your daughter-in-law will be in even greater danger.”

“And, boy! Do you have so little confidence in yourself? If you bring your daughter-in-law with you, you won’t be able to do anything, and you still claim to be some kind of Red Sea War God, shamelessly?”

In terms of sophistry, no one would dare to admit that he was the second best master, and even Li Hang sighed to himself.