My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1943-1944

Chapter 1943

When she opened the door and saw Gu Yanxi standing outside, Liu Yufen’s eyes couldn’t help but light up and she hurriedly walked forward enthusiastically, grabbing Gu Yanxi’s hand, “Girl, why did you have time to come over?”

“In a few days, I’m going to have a concert at the Ningzhou Stadium, so I came over specially to give a few tickets to my aunt.”

“You’re going to see a concert, Gu Yanxi! Wow! To think it’s been centuries since you could open a concert, I never thought we’d have the chance to see the big star Gu Yanxi live in concert in our lifetime.”

“Don’t be silly.” Liu Yufen rolled her eyes at Xu Haoran without a smile.

“This girl, old man, I see that your red luan star is moving, have you been haunted by peach blossoms recently?”

Xu Laoqi’s pair of old-flowered eyes were staring at Gu Yanxi who entered with a sneaky gaze, revealing two rows of slightly yellowed teeth as he spoke.

Gu Yanxi saw a strange old man suddenly made inside the living room, and a touch of doubt surfaced on her face.

Li Hang spoke out in time to explain, “This is my master.”

Hearing this, Gu Yanxi couldn’t help but realize, she hurriedly said to Old Monster Xu respectfully, “Hello Master, my name is Gu Yanxi, I’m Li Hang’s good friend.”

“Good friend?” Old Monster Xu’s eyes twinkled twice and he looked at Li Hang with a glint of understanding in his eyes, “Kid, as expected of my disciple, you’re quite lucky with peach blossoms.”

Although everyone could see his mouth moving, they couldn’t actually hear what he was saying, only Li Hang could hear it clearly.

With this special way of communication, the master and disciple went back and forth for several rounds under the eyes of the crowd. Finally, Li Hang couldn’t help but compromise and said to Old Monster Xu, “Master, just stop causing me any more trouble.”

“I’ve only recently managed to sort out these cut-throat character relationships, so you mustn’t make any more mess for me.”

“Or else I, the disciple, will be in a hurry with you.”

Xu Laoqi had never seen his unbeatable disciple look like he was begging to be spared, which greatly aroused his curiosity. Without saying a word, Xu Laoqi beckoned to Gu Yanxi: “Come, little girl, sit beside Master.”

Gu Yanxi did as Old Monster Xu said and sat quietly over, at this time Xu Haoran asked directly to Old Monster Xu, “Master, then again, didn’t you just say that my brother-in-law took my sister back in time and changed the timeline, what specific words would there be some strange things that would happen?”

“If you tell us in advance, we will be able to prepare in advance, so as to save us from being caught off guard when the problem comes.”

The smile on Xu Laoqi’s eye face gradually tightened up as he said solemnly, “The sudden outbreak of zombies some time ago was actually a product of the changes that occurred during the event.”

“Originally, I didn’t have much of an idea, but after this zombie incident, I can probably imagine what other terrible things will happen in the future.”

“Natural and man-made disasters, major catastrophes are nothing but these two.”

Xu Haoran hurriedly said, “Then according to you, the zombies are a human disaster, and there is a possibility that a natural disaster will happen next?”

In response to this conjecture of Xu Haoran’s, Xu Laoqi did not deny it, and he said directly to Li Hang, “Disciple, since you have returned to this place in Ningzhou, you must make Ningzhou an iron barrel in the shortest possible time.”

Chapter 1944

“The lives of the 20 million people of Ningzhou are all in your hands now, if you are strong enough to face the various contingencies that will occur in the future, then the people of Ningzhou will live in peace and prosperity.”

“On the contrary ……”

Without waiting for Xu Laoqi’s later words to continue, from the third floor suddenly came Xu Muqing’s firm voice: “My husband will definitely be able to guard the safety and security of the entire Ningzhou.”

As she spoke, Xu Muqing had already come down quickly from the third floor, she saw Gu Yanxi at a glance and very enthusiastically took Gu Yanxi’s hand and said, “Do you want to accompany me to the kitchen to prepare some fruit plates?”


In the kitchen, Gu Yanxi helped wash the fruits, while Xu Muqing cut some peeled fruits into pieces next to her, the two girls talking to each other while doing their chores.

“Mu Qing, will you blame me for leaving without saying goodbye?”

“Why would you, you’re a big star, you belong on stage originally, staying inside the small four-sided world every day doesn’t suit you, you were born to hang in the sky like a star, for everyone to look up and see.”

Hearing Xu Muqing’s affirmative words, Gu Yanxi’s eyes did not have a touching glint inside, she turned her head to Xu Muqing and said seriously, “Actually, there is something I have never confessed to you.”

“That is ……”

Then halfway through the words, Xu Muqing but gently covered Gu Yanxi’s moist red lips: “Don’t say it out, it’s meaningless to say it out.”

The two people stood facing each other, four eyes facing each other, and at this moment no one spoke again.

But both knew that their hearts had never been closer than they were now.

“Pfft,” Gu Yanxi suddenly burst out laughing.

Yes, she was being stubborn again, let bygones be bygones, why bother to bring it up?

“Yanxi, promise me that no matter what happens in the future, we will look out for each other.”

“Mm, definitely.” Gu Yanxi nodded her head heavily.

“Honey, what are you guys doing?”

Li Hang poked his head into the kitchen, startling the two girls.

“Honey, what are you doing, walking without a sound scares the hell out of me.” Xu Muqing threw Li Hang a thousand charming white eyes without good humour.

Li Hang smiled brightly, “Sorry, next time I’ll make a louder noise.”

As he spoke, Li Hang even threw a winks at Xu Muqing, making Xu Muqing think, she always felt that the decent things Li Hang said in his mouth sounded a bit immodest.

“This rose grape tastes good, Yan Xi you take some to your friends and staff when you go back later.” Li Hang said coldly.

Gu Yanxi jerked back to her senses and gathered her emotions to respond, “Okay.”

If it had to be this way of getting along, so that she could see the man she loved from time to time and have verbal communication with him, Gu Yanxi was willing to accept it.

Li Hang did not know what Gu Yanxi was thinking when she looked at herself, he just said to the two girls, “I have to go out with Master tomorrow, so you must take care of yourselves during the time you are not at home.”

“Honey, are you going away again? Where are you going this time?”

Xu Muqing now had a conditioned reflex, whenever Li Hang said he was going on a trip, she felt that Li Hang must be going to do something very dangerous and would instinctively worry.