My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1941-1942

Chapter 1941

Everyone had always known that Li Hang was a loner, and never knew that Li Hang actually had a master.

Xu Laoqi’s appearance instantly raised all the curiosity of Xu Muqing’s family, especially Xu Haoran, who immediately flew down from the first floor when he saw Li Hang returning home with an immortal old man.

“Kid, I see that you have clear bones and are a good material for martial arts training, do you want to learn kung fu from me, Xu Laoqi?”

Without waiting for Xu Haoran to say anything, Xu Laoqi had already taken the initiative to ask Xu Haoran to accept him as his disciple, which made Xu Haoran happy: “Brother-in-law, this old man is interesting, he is very discerning, he knows that I am a martial arts training genius at a glance.”

“Come on, don’t be poor. Let’s invite the guest in first.” Liu Yufen shouted from the side at this time.

The family sat down in the living room, Xu Haoran sat down directly next to Xu Laoqi, and the two of them chatted directly in front of everyone.

During this process, Liu Yufen and Xu Xiaoyang also heard a lot of information.

It turned out that Xu Laoqi had taken Li Hang as his head as his disciple at a very early stage, and the two had later separated due to some matters.

Of course, the things that Old Man Xu said would naturally not be anything serious, they were all some flings that he owed back then, and because the woman was looking for him, that was why he had to go out to avoid the situation.

“Then according to that, old man, are you also coming to our house now to avoid those peach debts, so you purposely came to my house to avoid the wind?”

“If that’s the case, then don’t worry old man, what about our family? Nothing else is special, but there is one thing that is best, and that is being safe enough.”

“You don’t know that my brother-in-law has placed an unknown number of bodyguards outside three layers inside and three layers outside to protect our safety, not to mention someone coming in during broad daylight, even a fly can’t fly in.”

Hearing Xu Haoran say this, Xu Laoqi couldn’t help but sigh with relief. In fact, he would suddenly appear in front of his disciple, and it was really to avoid that affair he had had more than ten years ago.

He was embarrassed to say this to Li Hang for the sake of face, but of course, the two of them were already getting along rather shamelessly, so if he really said it, Old Monster Xu would definitely be squeezed to death by Li Hang.

As a master, he still wanted to save face.

“Master! How long do you plan to stay in Ningzhou this time?” Xu Muqing asked brittlely at this time.

He looked at Xu Muqing with a burning gaze and did not say anything for a long time, but there was a smile in his eyes.

Xu Muqing was a little embarrassed, thinking: “I was driving with my husband in the underground garage, it was really too humiliating, what should I do?

“I say apprentice daughter-in-law, you’re too thin, you need to eat more, otherwise how can you have a doll?”

She stood up from the sofa, spread her long jade legs, and ran up to the third floor with a thump.

“With a loud bang, Xu Muqing hurriedly closed the door of her room and pressed her back directly against the door, panting heavily. Her slender and soft body rolled back and forth on the bed.

At the same time, Li Hang had already sat down in the position Xu Muqing had just taken, and he was directly facing Xu Laoqi, so he couldn’t help but lower his voice a bit.

Chapter 1942

“Master, your sudden appearance in Ningzhou this time should not be as simple as just to see your apprentice’s daughter-in-law, right? If I’m not wrong, you should have other things to do.”

As the words fell, Xu Laoqi’s smiling face turned serious as he blinked twice and said to Li Hang, “Disciple, in the end, you still understand my master.”

“Master has actually come with a mission this time, do you still remember the time you took your daughter-in-law through the timeline and back in time before?”

“Back in time? Travelling through the timeline? What kind of stunt is all this?”

Xu Haoran jumped up beside him, he felt that he had already had enough of an eye-opening experience following Li Hang around all this time, but now that he heard Old Monster Xu say such things, Xu Haoran was even more excited as a whole.

Although he had always known that Li Hang’s ability was very powerful, travelling through time and space was really too shocking for Xu Haoran.

For the next ten long minutes, Xu Haoran was not able to speak at all, and it was all Xu Haoran alone who was chattering and asking some very, very strange questions.

Liu Yufen couldn’t take it anymore, so she picked up a chicken feather duster and hit Xu Haoran a few times, before Xu Haoran stopped in pain: “Mom, why are you hitting me?”

“If I didn’t hit you, you would have gone to heaven. If you don’t want to listen, go back to your room.”

After being beaten up by his mother, Xu Haoran immediately became honest, but his eyes still twinkled with very bright little stars, and he scowled at Li Hang.

Xu Haoran was always expressing a message to Li Hang, that is, “Brother-in-law, tell me quickly, when did you travel through time and space? Can you take me along to get high too.”

“Little Hang, since the last time you travelled through time and space and changed some things, the direction of many things have changed substantially.”

“I rushed back to Ningzhou from outside this time because I wanted to warn you that all these changes have been moving in an unpredictable direction.”

“And there is a good chance that you, as the originator, will be reversed by these forces, so you must be prepared in advance.”

Xu Laoqi’s words weren’t that clear, and although Liu Yufen and the others didn’t really understand the stakes, they all couldn’t help but start worrying about Li Hang’s comfort.

“Oh, I see, brother-in-law, did you just deliberately set my sister off?”

In response to Xu Haoran’s question, Li Hang did not answer directly, but smiled at Old Man Xu and said, “Master, it is not unreasonable for your old man to be worried.”

“But you should also know that your apprentice is not a frugal light either. If these forces are tired of living, they could have come to Ningzhou to make a mess.”

“I’ve been idle lately anyway, so I can just take this opportunity to move my muscles.”

When they heard this, Liu Yufen and Xu Xiaoyang let out a long sigh of relief, and Xu Haoran, the second-rate person, even volunteered to follow Li Hang and go into the world, to see what this world of light and strange really looks like.

At this time, the villa doorbell rang.

“Strange, how could I have someone coming to our house at this hour?” Liu Yufen said in some wonder, and as she spoke, she had already stood up from the sofa and walked outside to open the door.