My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1939-1940

Chapter 1939

“In the past, those women and brother Hang were all dewy-eyed love affairs. But I’m different, I grew up with him as a child, and I was also considered a childhood friend, and almost had a marriage contract.”

“When I left, I was also forced by pressure, now that I’m back, I will never give up any chance to be with brother Hang.”

Wu Qingmo came back from abroad this time because she thought clearly what she really wanted, so she left behind all her haloes, what with the Queen of Wall Street Finance and the future head of the Wu family, she didn’t want any of it.

In this life, Wu Qingmo only needs Li Hang to be sufficient.

The idea in his heart, Wu Qing Mo unapologetically told Xu Mu Qing, at this moment Wu Qing Mo has already clasped his hands on his chest and pressed his back against the chair, just like this, sternly waiting to see Xu Mu Qing’s next reaction.

However, Xu Muqing still looked as calm as if everything was expected, which made the proud Wu Qingmo feel a sense of defeat in his heart.

“Why? Why can you still be so careless even though I’ve said this much? Are you really that confident in yourself?”

Xu Muqing smiled, those beautiful eyes were like a curved crescent moon, and if you looked closely there was a bit like a small fox, cunning in its purity.

“It’s not that I have confidence in myself, but I have confidence in my husband.”

“If you could have taken him away from me, you could have done it.”

It was just a very calm sentence, but it was full of provocation in Wu Qing Mo’s ears, and almost at the same time Wu Qing Mo slapped his hands on the table with some control.

The “pop” sound was particularly abrupt in the quiet dining environment.

At once, all the customers around the table looked towards the direction where Wu Qingmo and Xu Muqing were.

Wu Qing Mo’s face changed slightly, as she was from a large family, she always maintained her elegance and calmness on all occasions and at all times, she had never been in such an ungraceful state while eating like this.

She took a deep breath and lowered her voice as she asked, “Xu Muqing, I just don’t believe that you will always be this confident.”

“Just now I heard from Brother Hang’s words that he is eager to have his own children, but you, as his wife, have never been able to fulfill this wish of his, don’t you feel ashamed?”

At the mention of “children”, Xu Muqing’s eyes changed slightly: “This is a matter between us as a couple, it’s none of your business as an outsider.”


Wu Qing Mo was furious, but she lost her anger in a flash, and a winning smile appeared on her face, “I told you, all those words just now couldn’t tear your light-hearted face apart, but I just didn’t get to your sore spot.”

“I can tell you very clearly now, I will definitely conceive brother’s child before you, when the time comes, I want to see whether brother will choose you or me?”

After saying that, Wu Qing Mo directly got up and left the restaurant, surrounded by a group of maids.

“Hey, we haven’t even finished serving our dishes yet, why is Qing Mo leaving already?”

Li Hang slowly wandered over at this time, and seeing Xu Muqing’s face seemingly not looking too good, he hurriedly asked Xu Muqing, “What’s wrong? Did that little girl say something too much to you?”

“Don’t take it to heart, she has been used to being overbearing since she was a child, and she always wants to be first in everything.”

“As long as it’s something she wants to get, she’ll do whatever it takes.”

Chapter 1940

“If she says something that makes you unhappy, wife you can just take it out on me, don’t hold it in your heart, if you suffocate your body, it won’t be good.”

Xu Mu Qing stared at Li Hang with a burning gaze, and did not speak for half a day, Li Hang was so stared that his heart was a little hairy, he could not help but scratch his scalp, “Wife the way you don’t speak, I’m scared.”

The Red Sea God of War, who could affect the whole world with the stomp of his foot, would actually feel scared because his wife was unhappy. If outsiders knew about this, they would probably fall through their glasses and be dumbfounded.

Li Hang even bitchily put his mouth up at this time and kissed Xu Mu Qing on the cheek.

“Let’s go home.”

Suddenly, Xu Muqing stood up from her seat, causing Li Hang’s thick lips that he kissed over to go straight to empty, and her body almost flopped onto the chair due to lack of support.

Li Hang blinked twice, “Honey, I haven’t even eaten a few bites of anything, my stomach isn’t even full yet.”

“What kind of food, I’ll give it to you when you get home.” Xu Muqing said to Li Hang without good grace, and then, as if there was a beast chasing her behind, she paddled her long legs and hurriedly fled.

Li Hang first froze for half a second, and then his whole body was as excited as if he was hit by chicken blood, his wife was inviting him to fight for three hundred rounds hey! Coconut silk!!!

“Honey, let’s hurry home and do a little more exercise before dinner.”

Li Hang was mouthing off while his palms were already rubbing shamelessly back and forth on Xu Muqing’s body, and once the two couples returned to the car, they crackled like a lit firewood.

And, the less there was, the more ferocious it became!

Inside the stretch Hummer, the fog was thick and suddenly, a white hand slapped against the glass window of the car and then slowly slowed down.

Li Hang hugged Xu Muqing, and his thick lips were printed on her bare forehead: “Wife, how did you agree to do it inside the car?”

“Didn’t you say before that you would be seen and not happy about it?”

Xu Muqing’s cheeks were scarlet, and when she spoke, her voice darkened as she blushed and whispered, “This time, this time.”

“What? Honey, I didn’t hear you clearly.” Li Hang asked wistfully to Xu Muqing.

“Oops, you’re so annoying!”

“Honey, don’t you just like me like this.”

“Duk Duk Duk!”

Suddenly, the Hummer’s car piercing was knocked on, scaring Xu Muqing into Li Hang’s arms.

Li Hang also froze for a moment, just now he had clearly cleared out all living things in a few kilometres radius, not even a fly would be able to fly in.

“Young man, doing such strenuous exercise in broad daylight, can your body stand it?”

An old voice came in from outside, and when Li Hang heard this voice, a light flashed in his eyes.

Almost at the same time, Li Hang leapt out of the top sunroof of the Hummer with a whoosh, and with his upper body bare, he directly fought with the strange old man opposite.

Xu Muqing hurriedly put on her clothes and poked her head out of the car with blushing cheeks, “Honey, be careful!”

Now Xu Muqing was completely confused, she just watched Li Hang fight with a strange old man, and moreover, that strange old man’s moves were actually the same as Li Hang’s, which made Xu Muqing feel very worried.

“Master, why did you have time to come looking for me?”

“If I don’t come looking for you brat, have you left me, a bad old man, to the clouds?”