My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1937-1938

Chapter 1937

“Okay.” When Mourning Dog received the order, he immediately dragged Gan Xingba, Wang Xiaoqi, Yang Shanqi and Li Erniu’s group of brothers away with him in a frenzy.

“If you let Mourning Dog take them to solve their personal problems, aren’t you just waiting for a wolf to lead a pack of sheep into a wolf’s den?”

“I’ve dealt with Mourning Dog a few times before, and his style of action is completely out of order.”

“Apart from being able to take them to a place like a nightclub, where else could those brothers of yours go?”

“Now this big brother of yours is trying to help the brothers below find wives and solve their marital problems, what you’re doing is completely blind.”

At the door of the central control room, a graceful woman’s voice suddenly rang out.

The moment Li Hang turned around, he saw a noble face reflected in his eyes, “Aren’t you abroad? Why have you suddenly returned?”

“I haven’t seen you for a long time, and this is all brother Hang can talk to me about?”

Wearing a haute couture Chanel [Lian Cheng] suit, Wu Qing Mo crossed her long legs covered in black stockings and stepped on her spiky limited edition high heels as she walked towards Li Hang step by step.

“You must be up to something when you suddenly appear here.”

“If I remember correctly, you’re a girl who always cares about efficiency, as for the red tape of pleasantries and courtesies put it until after we’ve sorted out the problem, it’s not too late.”

As Li Hang’s words fell, a faint smile could not help but appear on Wu Qingmo’s serious face, “Brother Hang, you’re still the same as before, you’re not gentle with me at all.”

“I’m really curious, how do the two of you and Xu Muqing get along with each other in private?”

Suddenly pulled on Xu Muqing, Li Hang’s eyes couldn’t help but float a touch of worry inside, at first, Wu Qingmo and Xu Muqing had a period of competition in business, and then because of something happened to the Wu family, Wu Qingmo would leave the country.

Things had changed and Wu Qing Mo had returned to Ningzhou again, Li Hang really couldn’t imagine what would happen next?

“Brother Hang, are you wondering if I will continue to work against Xu Muqing?”

Half an hour later, a luxuriously decorated private restaurant in Ningzhou.

“I just arrived in Ningzhou and heard that a private restaurant has been particularly hot recently, so I specially booked a place to invite you two couples to come and have a taste.”

Wu Qing Mo had a faint smile on her face, and at this moment, the words she spoke to Xu Mu Qing were particularly cloudy.

The two of them fought quite fiercely at first, and now they feel quite childish when they look back on it.

“Eat first eat first, fill up your stomach.” Li Hang said coldly.

The waiters came over one after another with all sorts of beautifully plated dishes, and the table was already set with a dozen dishes of beautiful food.

Wu Qingmo and Xu Muqing looked at each other and did not say anything, but also accompanied Li Hang to taste the food.

“Honey, this sweet and sour pork tastes good, try it.”

Li Hang picked up the golden coloured meat and put it into Xu Mu Qing’s bowl, “You are too skinny, you need to eat more, otherwise when will our little baby be able to come out?”

“Honey, what are you talking about?” Xu Muqing’s cheeks immediately reddened, her stomach was empty now, there was not even a single word in the eight words, it was too shameful to say such things in front of outsiders.

Chapter 1938

Wu Qingmo was holding a chopstick to clip an asparagus at this time, when she heard this, her movement couldn’t help but pause for a moment.

Soon after, Wu Qingmo easily continued to pick up the asparagus and put it to her moist red lips, gently biting into it: “Such fresh vegetables can’t be eaten abroad, this time I really have to rely on Brother Hang’s blessing to come back to Ningzhou.”

“If you want to eat, you can come anytime, anywhere, this restaurant is owned by my mother-in-law, if you come to eat, the bill will be free directly.”

Li Hang didn’t even lift his head when he spoke, his mouth was full of food inside, and the sound of chewing accompanied his words.

If it was an ordinary person in front of Wu Qingmo, he would have been forked out and thrown outside by the maids under her hand.

A flash of understanding appeared in Wu Qingmo’s beautiful eyes and she said with a smile, “Brother Hang, why are you in such a hurry to draw a clear line with me?”

“I merely missed you a little when I returned to China, that’s why I purposely would take a detour to come and see you and Xu Muqing before returning to the capital.”

From the moment she met Xu Muqing, Wu Qingmo had never acknowledged Xu Muqing as her sister-in-law, even though Wu Qingmo was calling out for Li Hang Hang’s brother in one breath.

Li Hang was just about to say something, but Xu Muqing was very generous and said to Wu Qingmo, “You have been abroad for a longer period of time, so you may not know much about our current situation at home.”

“My husband doesn’t mean that he wants to kick you out, it’s just that recently our Ningzhou is not peaceful, and there was another very big incident some time ago, resulting in the current social security situation is not ideal.”

“I see that you don’t have as many security guards with you as you used to, in case you encounter danger, you won’t be able to cope well as a girl.”

“Brother Hang, did you never tell Xu Muqing about me?” Wu Qing Mo asked Li Hang coldly.

It was important to know that Wu Qing Mo’s kung fu was not weak, usually a dozen strong men would not be able to get close to her when they faced each other at the same time.

“Huh?” Li Hang pretended to be dumb and responded, and without waiting for Wu Qing Mo to continue speaking, he simply stood up and left his seat through the use of urination.

In the seat, there were only two girls, Wu Qing Mo and Xu Mu Qing.

“Brother Hang is always like this, always taking this inactive approach when it comes to women’s affairs.”

“It’s because of this ambiguous attitude of his that causes so many women to pine for him.”

“The princess of the Persian Empire, a well-known big singer, a career powerhouse, all sorts of women surrounding him.”

Wu Qing Mo opened the door and spoke directly from her heart.

As she spoke, she carried a scrutinizing gaze that kept falling on Xu Muqing who was sitting across from her.

“Why don’t you look unhappy at all?”

“Why should I be unhappy?” Xu Muqing asked in disbelief.

Wu Qing Mo frowned slightly, “Brother Hang is so popular with the girls, aren’t you jealous at all?”

“Why should I be jealous?” Xu Mu Qing remained blunt-faced.

“You’re a woman who’s quite good at covering her ears, Brother Hang is so outstanding, aren’t you afraid that he’ll be snatched away by another woman?”

“If I were to worry about that, then wouldn’t I be unable to do anything?”

Xu Mu Qing put her chopsticks down at this time, her fair face written with calmness, and said to Wu Qing Mo, “You may not believe me when I say it, from the day I got together with my husband, I have never worried that he would be snatched away by another woman.”

“Hmph, this blind confidence of yours needs to be corrected.”