My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1935-1936

Chapter 1935

At this moment, Gan Xingba changed his previous woeful dodging in front of Qin Gao and faced Wang Xiaoqi’s incoming attack directly.


Gan Xingba’s casserole-sized fist directly met Wang Xiaoqi’s fist holding the hilt of his sword.

Both of them took a half step back at once.

“Old Gan, you’re feasible.” A cool smile appeared on Wang Xiaoqi’s face as he tilted his neck and said.

“Of course I can do it! To deal with a little chicken like you, old man can handle it with one hand.”

Having been chased and beaten by Qin Gai before, Gan Xingba had absolutely no room to fight back, and now, Gan Xingba was also holding his fire, and as he spoke, he had already taken the initiative to strike at Wang Xiaoqi.

“Clash clash clash!”

The two men exchanged a dozen strokes in quick succession in the air, and the fight was so good that the men watching them clapped their hands and shouted in approval.

While Gan Xingba and Wang Xiaoqi were fighting, Li Hang came into the central control room.

When Yang Shanqi and his men saw Li Hang enter, they hurriedly shouted respectfully in unison, “Big brother!”

“Big brother, what brings you here? Has that bitch already left?” Gan Xingba was the first to turn to Li Hang and asked.

“Cut the crap and give me back my wife book.” Wang Xiaoqi took advantage of Gan Xingba’s wandering, and with a move of finding the moon at the bottom of the sea, he probed directly towards the lower part of Gan Xingba’s two legs.

“You damn well want me to cut off my children!” Gan Xingba jerked his legs back, his body bounced to the ground, cursing in mid-air.

Wang Xiaoqi, however, rubbed his nose cheaply and said with a provocative face, “Whoever made you cause me to lose my wife’s book, then I’ll let you be a bachelor like me.”

In the central control room, Li Hang watched Gan Xingba and Wang Xiaoqi flickering back and forth in the air, fighting for fun, after a long time, he finally spoke up, “Xiaoqi, you’re almost done, Zhaodi likes you as a person, she will marry you whether she has money or not.”

Ever since Tang Zhaodi and Wang Xiaoqi had seen eye to eye, their relationship had been like glue and was heating up rapidly.

As their family backgrounds were similar, the relationship process was not particularly difficult, and apart from some personality adjustment periods, the relationship process was smooth and easy.

And every time they quarrelled, it was Tang Zhaodi who beat Wang Xiaoqi down, so the pattern of getting along between the two became whoever had the bigger fist listened to him.

“Brother! You can’t say that, this Gan Xingba usually looks fierce, but when it comes to women, he is actually a soft shrimp, so if we go out on a mission in the future, and the enemy is also a group of women, then won’t that be a bad thing?”

“Just now, you saw what happened. Gan Xingba is squirming and squirming like a woman, he can’t even fight with a woman, what else can we expect from him in the future?”

In response to Wang Xiaoqi’s words, Gan Xingba had his own thoughts, he was the first to retort, “You don’t need to talk nonsense in front of big brother, I, Gan Xingba, am not that kind of a wimp.”

“If all the enemies we encountered were women, these people would not be women at all in my eyes, they would be nothing more than my opponents.”

“Heh, that’s easy for you to say, then when Captain Qin fought with you just now, why were you like a shrinking turtle, doing nothing but hiding or dodging?”

Gan Xingba disliked him with a puff of anger, “That’s different.”

“How is it different? Captain Qin was also your opponent at that moment, so what’s different?”

Wang Xiaoqi asked aggressively, but Gan Xingba strained his neck and said stiffly, “I can’t say, it’s different anyway, it’s just not the same.”

Chapter 1936

Dropping his words, Gan Xingba sat straight down on his butt, his head cocked to the side, his face full of aggression.

“Here, take this.”

Li Hang casually took out a black card from his pocket and handed it to Wang Xiaoqi, “Aren’t you short of wife books, I’ll make it up to you, don’t be ordinary with old Gan.”

“Brother, this card is a black card, there is a lot of money in it, how can I take it?”

“Don’t you have to report it to your sister-in-law? In case sister-in-law finds out, will you kneel down on the rubbers, yikes!!!”

Wang Xiaoqi was halfway through her sentence when she saw Li Hang’s hand holding the bank card flicked down, and the card instantly turned into a strong wind and flew into Wang Xiaoqi’s mouth with a “whoosh”.

At this time, Li Hang rolled his eyes in a good-natured manner, “Twenty million dollars can’t even stop your foul mouth, huh?”

“What! Twenty, twenty million!” Wang Xiaoqi was dumbfounded, his monthly salary was only 200,000 and he only earned at most two million a year, 20 million would take him ten years to earn, “Big brother, you’re giving me that much money at once, is this to buy out my entire next ten years?”

“Big brother, I’m definitely with you for the rest of my life, but there’s no need to give me so much at once?”

“No, no, I can’t accept this money.”

Wang Xiaoqi’s mouth was saying no, but his hand was clutching the bank card tightly, and the light inside his eyes was as bright as it could be, so obviously he was saying what he wanted.

“Come on, don’t buy a good boy even after getting a bargain, when has big brother ever been stingy to us people, let you take it, if you’re really embarrassed, consider it an advance on your salary for the next ten years with big brother, won’t that be the end of it?”

The funeral dog was already [Pen Interest Island] beside him and couldn’t look at it anymore, coldly interjecting a sentence.

The words fell, Wang Xiaoqi’s eyes immediately lit up, and he was just about to say that he would do as Mourning Dog said, but then Li Hang suddenly said, “The thing I cherish most in my life is you brothers.”

“Not to mention twenty million, even if it’s two hundred million, two billion, as long as you brothers can find your happiness, it’s all a piece of cake.”

Hearing these words, Gan Xingba, Yang Shanqi and Mourning Dog were all extremely moved.

But soon, Li Hang turned his words around, “But then again, you guys are not too young, why are you both single dogs, Old Gan, you are even more outrageous, why do you shiver when you see a woman, I am ashamed for you.”

“Brother, I don’t want to, I get upset when I see a woman, I can’t help it.”

Gan Xingba hung his head in despair, he didn’t dare to have the slightest retort to Li Hang’s squeeze.

“Mourning Dog, what good proposal do you have to solve the personal problems of these brothers?”

In this group of brothers, it was Deathstroke Dog who had more experience, and before he followed Li Hang, he had always done things that were unseen under the table.

Deathstroke Dog’s eyes rolled and he immediately spoke out, “Big brother, otherwise I will drag the brothers to a place to have an in-depth understanding of women’s bodies first, after they become skilled, it should be easier to find a wife.”

Regarding the place where the bereaved dog said to conduct an in-depth understanding of a woman’s body, Li Hang reacted at first, and his face skin twitched slightly.

In the end, Li Hang didn’t say anything and shook his head helplessly, “Forget it, you watch what you do.”