My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1933-1934

Chapter 1933

Li Hang briefly told Qin Gai about the exact workings of the sight they were seeing, and listened as Qin Gai’s eyes were filled with different colors.

“What you’re saying is that what I’m seeing in front of me is all projected through the images produced by my cerebral cortex, and in reality, there’s nothing in front of me?”

Qin Gao asked in a very serious manner, and as she spoke, she kept rubbing her eyes, wanting to go and confirm whether there was really nothing in front of her eyes, just like Li Hang had said.

At this time, the shouts of Cui Tianci and Yi Guichen fell into Qin Zai’s ears, and she subconsciously turned her head to see Yi Guichen and Cui Tianci chained together, and as if they had received some great stimulus, they were shouting and screaming like mad.

Seeing that there was no trace of the icy cold stimulation on Cui Tianci and Yi Guichen, Qin Gao began to believe that Li Hang was not fooling her when he said that.

“Big brother! These two guys are not built to withstand, we just casually gave them some brainwave interference and they were scared into this bear-like state, what should we do next?”

Gan Xingba walked up to Li Hang with a tiger’s head and grumbled at him.

Qin Picking looked at Gan Xingba’s sturdy figure and a glint of appreciation could not help but appear inside his eyes, “What’s your name? Are you interested in coming to work for our government office?”

“I say, Captain Qin, my people are over here, so you are digging up my men without any scruples, this is not good, right?”

As soon as Li Hang said this, Gan Xingba immediately said to Qin Pao, “I say, why don’t you have some insight, don’t you see how much I admire my big brother?

Gan Xingba said as he waved his hand at Qin Pao, “Go, go, go, little girl, you don’t know anything, don’t get involved here.”

“Hey! I don’t like what you’re saying, what do you mean by “little girl”? I’m the national sparring champion, let’s have a match if you dare.”

Qin Pick originally admired Gan Xingba and was thirsty for talent, wanting to recruit some knowledgeable people to the government office.

Especially when he saw that Li Hang had many capable people under his command, Qin Zai naturally wanted to poach one or two of his useful talents back to the team.

But Gan Xingba’s refusal made her very uncomfortable, and as she spoke, Qin Zai did not care whether Gan Xingba was happy or not, and whether he wanted to fight her or not, so she directly swung a fist at Gan Xingba.

As soon as she said that, Gan Xingba’s big, strong body bounced off the ground, only to see his body doing a 360-degree spin in mid-air, perfectly avoiding the punch swung by Qin Gai.

“Li Hang, you let your underlings fight me, otherwise he thinks I’m a vegetarian.”

“Brother, this b*tch is unreasonable, I want to withdraw first.” Gan Xingba spoke up coldly at this time.

“Just stay with Captain Qin for a couple of moves.”

Li Hang’s words directly caused Gan Xingba’s face to collapse and he couldn’t help but say glumly, “Big brother, I don’t fight women.”

“Arrogant and C*cky fellow, it’s not certain who will beat who, watch the moves!”

Qin Gai considered herself to be uncommonly skilled, she appreciated Gan Xingba’s strong physical qualities, but that did not mean that her kung fu was inferior to Gan Xingba’s.

Between the wind and the lightning, Qin Gao rolled a harsh and powerful wind and made a continuous move against Gan Xingba.

Chapter 1934

At first, Gan Xingba still took an evasive stance, as he did not like to come into contact with women.

But this way of response from Gan Xingba was something that directly ignited the small universe in Qin Pick’s chest completely.

“Li Hang, you tell your men to make a move! Otherwise, I’ll shoot him dead!”

“I can’t help it if he doesn’t want to fight, it’s still up to you to do something like a match.”

Li Hang said already with his arms around his chest, a posture of watching the show surfaced on that small handsome face.

Gan Xingba was now secretly screaming in agony, if he had known he would not have snatched out with Wang Xiaoqi to report to his big brother, he regretted it.

Meanwhile, inside the central control room.

Wang Xiaoqi, Yang Shanqi, Mourning Dog and the rest of the group were all excitedly lying in front of the monitor on the centre console.

A few big men were staring at the screen with nervous faces.

“Go on! Old Gan, go on! What are you afraid of, it’s just a woman!”

Wang Xiaoqi shouted excitedly, watching Gan Xingba dodging left and right on the screen, refusing to fight Qin Zhaoge, making him want to scratch the wall!

“What’s your hurry? Old Gan, he’s called a gentleman.” Mourning Dog disliked him in a good-natured manner.

“Bullsh*t! How can he be a gentleman when he’s so big and burly? If we talk about gentlemen here, Yang Shanqi is the only one.

Yang Shanqi, who was suddenly named, had an expressionless face and the corners of his eyes suddenly twitched.

“Old Yang, come and judge, isn’t this Gan Xingba a bit of a wimp, being chased and beaten by a p*ssy like this, isn’t it a disgrace to our team?”

Yang Shanqi cleared his throat and pointed at Gan Xingba who kept dodging on the screen and said, “Old Gan knows what he’s doing.”

“Holy sh*t, all you’ve done is give me this fart!” Wang Xiaoqi jumped to his feet in a frenzy, his foot was directly on the stool and he said to the crowd, “I don’t care, the bet we just made doesn’t count, let’s start again.”

All said and done, Wang Xiaoqi acted so excitedly, but in fact, he was all upset about the ticket he had just bet, knowing that he had placed high hopes on Gan Xingba, and had even put down his wife’s money.

Who would have guessed that Gan Xingba would be a guy whose legs go weak at the sight of a woman?

“No more fighting, no more fighting, it’s no fun at all!”

Qin Gao chased after Gan Xingba and threw shots left and right, only to have them all dodged one by one by Gan Xingba, who was now panting heavily with her hand pressed against her towering mountain range.

Gan Xingba’s eyes flickered twice, women are tigers, and it’s true, the way they pant is like ghosts that want to hook their souls.

Gan Xingba hurriedly asked Li Hang, who had been standing next to him without speaking, “Brother, if there is nothing else, I will go back first.”

Li Hang’s eyes flashed with a smile, looking at Gan Xingba’s virtue of being on the verge of tears, he could not help but laugh and said, “It’s hard for you, you tell Yang Shanqi to come over.”

“Yes, big brother!”

Receiving the command that he could retreat, Gan Xingba immediately twisted around and walked back, his footsteps were much lighter as a result, and he had finally escaped.

“D*mn, you’re so big, you can eat all the way to the bottom of two pressure cookers, but why do you become a weakling when you see a woman? You gave me back my money! I still have to use the money to get a wife!”

Wang Xiaoqi attacked Gan Xingba, who had just stepped through the door of the central control room, cursing at the same time.

He swung his twin swords at Gan Xingba’s lower body.