My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1931-1932

Chapter 1931

“Wang Xiaoqi, stop messing with Captain Qin and hurry over to help me!” Li Erniu coldly yelled in the distance at this time.

“What are you shouting for, it’s not just coming!”

Qin Gao looked at Wang Xiaoqi’s distant back, the feeling in her heart gradually became complicated, for some reason, she now had a very strong curiosity about this Xu Muqing, she was eager to understand what kind of divinity was this woman who could stand beside such a powerful man like Li Hang?

After entering the building, the overall decoration style became very modern, or to be precise, it should be more technological.

Li Hang led Qin Gai down the revolving staircase to the ground floor, passing through an unknown number of flights of stairs on the way, Qin Gai felt like he was going down the whole way: “Where are we going?”

“How much longer do we have to walk before we get there?”

Li Hang did not directly answer Qin Gai’s question and asked back with a smile, “Is Captain Qin afraid that I will sell you?”

Hearing this, Qin Gao’s ears reddened unnoticeably, she wasn’t shooting to be sold, she was just a little scared.

She had experienced a lot of things since she was a child, and her family’s elders were all involved in criminal investigation, so she had seen many horrific events since she was a child.

But it was the first time Qin Zai had ever encountered something like this, where she had to walk along the ground as if there was no end to it, and she was more or less terrified.

But this kind of worry Qin Zhaoge did not want Li Hang to see it, she could not help but hold her head high, raise her chin and say with a strained neck: “If you talk nonsense again, I’ll cut you, believe it or not!”

“Alright, well, no more jokes, five hundred meters further down and we’ll be there.”

“What? Five hundred metres!!!”

Qin Gao’s whole body jumped in surprise, knowing that she had just walked all the way down and she was already counting silently in her own mind. Now they were already at least 100m underground, never imagining that they would have to walk 500m underground along the stairs.

In between her thoughts, Qin Gao was already impatiently sending all sorts of questions at Li Hang.

“Just how many metres have you dug into the ground for this building?”

“What exactly do you want to do by digging so deep into the ground?”

“Besides, digging so deep into the ground will definitely have some impact on the stability of the whole building. In that case, in case Ningzhou encounters any earthquake, your building will definitely be in danger.”

A succession of questions were thrown at Li Hang like a barrage of bullets, but Li Hang was quite bashful, walking forward while explaining to Qin Picking, “Originally when I was building this building, I only intended to dig down about two hundred metres.”

“It was mainly my wife, who told me that since we were going to do it, we should do the best we could, so that’s why we temporarily changed the design plan and carried out the maximum depth of digging down into the ground for this building.”

“The whole design draft from the first draft to the second engagement to the final draft, all of them were fully responsible by my wife, including the construction process of this building, all of them were done by her together with the design team.”

Hearing Li Hang’s words, Qin Jie couldn’t help but roll his eyes, “After hearing you talk so much, why do I think it’s all nonsense, you still haven’t answered my core questions?”

“You can save these questions for my wife, I’m just a hands-off person in the group, I don’t care about this.”

Chapter 1932

Qin Pei froze, “I didn’t expect you to be a strict wife.”

It was clearly a remark that would have made people unhappy, but Li Hang laughed heartily at it.

And not only that, he even admitted in front of Qin Gao that he was a strict wife.

Qin Jie took a deep breath and lost all thought of continuing the exchange with Li Hang.

At this time, the two people also arrived at a location five hundred meters underground, and immediately two junior brothers handed up two heavy down coats.

“Put them on, we’ll be entering a more extreme environment inside later, it’s not easy to catch a cold with them on.”

Hearing this, the puzzled look inside Qin Pick’s eyes as he looked at Li Hang became even more obvious.

Now that they were 500m underground, the temperature had dropped, but not to the point of wearing down jackets, Qin Gai really couldn’t imagine what kind of place it was that could make them have to put on down jackets.

“Li Hang, you said before that you would treat Cui Tianzhi and Yi Guichen well, you wouldn’t have dropped them off inside that kind of icy weather, leaving them naked, unable to wear anything, with tears and snot frozen into popsicles, and without the strength to even beg for mercy, would you?”

Li Hang didn’t say anything, but directly pushed the door and entered another space.

The moment she entered the room, she felt a whirlwind, as if her body had suddenly lost its gravity and fell towards the ground.

Li Hang stretched out his long arms and wrapped his arms around Qin Gao’s waist, holding her steady: “We have just made a space jump, this is the first time you have entered this other dimension, it is normal for your body to be unable to adapt at once.”

When these words came out, Qin Gao’s pretty eyes couldn’t help but stare much wider, for the words coming out of Li Hang’s mouth were unheard of to her.

But everything in front of her kept reminding her that Li Hang was not joking or bragging with her, she was really in a different dimension at this moment.

In front of her eyes, there was a blanket of white, snowflakes flying all over the sky, just like the Arctic and Antarctic seen on TV.

In the midst of the snow and ice, there were two people snuggled together, and when Qin picked up her eyes, she shouted, “Cui Tianci and Yi Guichen! It’s them!”

“Yes, it’s them.” Li Hang said, already picking up the walkie-talkie in his hand, “Have these two guys frozen to death yet? If they’re not frozen to death, let them make a noise, and by the way, let us invite the big captain to see our high technology.”

“Yes, brother! I’ll take care of it.” Wang Xiaoqi’s excited response came from the other end of the walkie-talkie.

Immediately afterwards, the icy ground in front of them immediately changed its scene, the snow and ice melted away, everything revived and came to life, and the two people who were originally about to freeze to death, Cui Tianci and Yi Guichen, their bodies suddenly started to move as if they were summoned by some kind of power.

“What the hell is going on here? All this I’m seeing, it shouldn’t be real, right?”

“I’ve known a bit about holographic technology, but this is the first time I’ve seen something as realistic as this.”

“Li Hang, does your Lingxiao Group have a powerful scientific research institute that specialises in those high-tech technologies, so tell me instead, what other amazing technologies do you have that you haven’t debuted to show people?”

Qin Gao’s eyes flashed with astonishment as she looked into Li Hang’s eyes, her expression became very complicated, she was really becoming more and more curious about this man in front of her.