My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1929-1930

Chapter 1929

“Yi Gui Chen Yi Pavilion Master, is that how sullen your chosen partner is?”

Li Hang spoke casually into the air at this time.

“Li Hang, who the hell are you? Why do you know this Pavilion Master’s name?”

“Not only do I know your name, I also know that you had a beautiful fiancée when you were young, and that back then your fiancée pushed for your life to stop you from going astray, but unfortunately you were obsessed and ended up with a fragrant death.”

“Shut up! You shut up!!!”

Halfway through Li Hang’s words, the Linglong Pavilion Master, who had been hiding in the shadows, let out an uncontrollable roar.

Qin Gao cautiously approached Li Hang’s side and asked in a lowered voice, “How do you know so much? Did you investigate their details long ago?”

“These things were originally rumoured to be prevalent in the Jianghu, as long as one is a Jianghu person, they all know.”

Hearing this, Qin Pick could not help but roll his eyes, “I am not a Jianghu person, besides, is there really a Jianghu in this world?”

“Cui Tianzhi, I don’t want to know what kind of deal was made privately between the two of you and Court Master Yi.”

“But I’m warning you for the last time, if you still want to continue to be a lackey of the Sword Pavilion, then honestly get out of the Ningzhou territory and stop making waves, otherwise, I will make your life worse than death.”

Li Hang’s face was cold, and as he spoke, his hands drew a Taiji circle in the air.

Immediately afterwards, something magical happened, only to see a strange fluctuation of true qi manifesting in the air, and the entire confined space began to become distorted in a form visible to the naked eye.

“Pan Mountain!”

With a shout from Li Hang, the four walls of the entire confined space suddenly collapsed, and with that, Cui Tianci and Yi Guichen, who had been hiding behind the walls, were exposed.

Qin Gao immediately shouted, “I’ve been looking for them for a long time, but I’ve found them without any trouble! At last, we’ve caught you two vicious thugs!”

As she spoke, Qin Zai had already taken a step and quickly rushed towards Cui Tianci and Yi Guichen.

However, she was only halfway through her run when Cui Tianci and Yi Guichen quickly disappeared right under her nose.

“What’s going on? Where is everyone? I clearly saw them right here just now, how come they disappeared in the blink of an eye!

Qin Gao ran to where Cui Tianci and Yi Guichen were before, looking east and west, muttering why inside her mouth.

Li Hang walked up and swept his eyes around, he spotted some wires and broken cameras in the cracks of the crumbling wall.

“These should be the truth about how quickly they escaped.”

At this moment, Qin Picking looked at the broken wires Li Hang was holding and his brow furrowed as he asked, “What is this?”

“They should have used hologram technology to project their image in front of us, in reality, their people should be in another place.”

After hearing Li Hang’s explanation, Qin Gao suddenly understood, and she hurriedly asked, “So we haven’t surprised the snake this time? They must have escaped now, so it will be much harder to catch them next time!”

Looking at Qin Jie’s chagrined face, Li Hang’s rigid and handsome face showed a confident smile, “I told you to arrange for people to guard the outskirts of the museum, so I believe they should get something.”

“You mean, you expected that they would come up with this trick to hide the truth?”

Chapter 1930

Li Hang did not answer Qin Gai’s question directly, but led her quickly out of the ruins; they did not leave through the main entrance of the museum, but flew out from the north.

Without saying a word, Li Hang directly took Qin Gai and flew out of the museum.

Qin Gai had just stood still and the man hadn’t even reacted when a group of physically fit and uniformly dressed men suddenly rushed over in front of him.

“Big brother!”

Two men, Li Erniu and Wang Wang Xiaoqi, each led a large group of men towards Li Hang and Qin Gao.

Wang Xiaoqi was the first to report to Li Hang, “Big brother! You told us to bring our men to ambush outside, and it was really a divine plan. The two of them, Cui Tianzhi and that Linglong Pavilion Master, just tried to pull off a golden trick, but we caught them red-handed.”

“You actually caught that Linglong Pavilion Master?” Qin Pao asked impatiently.

However, Wang Xiaoqi didn’t pay any attention to Qin Gao and continued to speak to Li Hang, “Brother, the one in charge of those two guys is Gan Xingba, do you want us to put those two guys to death or take them to our base and torture them severely?”

The corners of Li Hang’s mouth hooked up and a bad smile appeared on his face, looking at Wang Xiaoqi and Li Erniu, they knew that every time this smile appeared on their big brother’s face, someone was going to be unlucky!

“These two people are in cahoots, if that’s the case, let’s treat them well.”

Wang Xiaoqi and Li Erniu looked at each other in disbelief, knowing that they were in for a treat.

This time, Li Hang had not been in Ningzhou, but Li Erniu and Wang Xiaoqi had not stopped their maintenance work in Ningzhou. This time, Li Hang’s family had been able to return to Ningzhou without any problems, thanks to Li Hang’s earlier a*signment to Wang Xiaoqi.

Now that the entire Ningzhou was under Li Hang’s control, Li Hang said to Qin Picking, “Does Captain Qin want to join us?”

“Of course!” She was curious as to what method of “proper greeting” Li Hang was talking about.

After all, she had seen many methods of interrogating vicious criminals during her years of service at the court, but for some reason, Qin Zai felt that Li Hang always did things that were so unexpected that one could not help but want to get to know him better and get closer to him.

Half an hour later, Qin Gao followed Li Hang to a building on the outskirts of Ningzhou.

The façade of this building looked rather cold-toned, with a steel and concrete structure that was all exposed to the outside.

But it was not like those rotten buildings with drab walls that looked old and dilapidated.

Quite the opposite, the building looked like someone had deliberately decorated it to look like this, with a very uniform design throughout, full of a strong industrial style.

“Doesn’t it seem like a cool building?” Wang Xiaoqi muttered with particular pride next to Qin Gai.

Without waiting for Qin Zai to say anything, Wang Xiaoqi already said to himself, “This building was designed by our sister-in-law, isn’t it particularly awesome?”

“Who is your sister-in-law?”

“No way, how can you, a woman, not even know who our sister-in-law is, how can you still be in the Ningzhou area?”

Wang Xiaoqi said with a staggering expression, “Do you know the Lingxiao Group? My sister-in-law, this Lingxiao Group.”

With that, Wang Xiaoqi gave a thumbs up to Qin Zhaoge, that was called pride and proud.